Windows 7 taking too long to restart or shutdown

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“This video. I m gonna show you an easy way to make your computer restart restart or shutdown quickly in like less than 10 seconds. Because sometimes after you have windows for some time you face the problem of having to wait four or five minutes before the system shuts down or restarts. And this problem is basically happening.

Because the windows or system is trying to dump the data stored in the paging file. Which is like the ram stored on your hard drive to make your system faster so when you try to turn off the system by shutting down or restarting. It takes this time to dump the data. So what you need to fix this problem is you need to be an admin of your windows or at least a user with the privileges of the administrator.


So you can have access to the registry editor to open. The registry editor. All you need is to press. The wing key.

Which is located on the left side of your keyboard. When you look between the alt and ctrl a ctrl button you will find the wind key is the one between them so you just press it and at the same time press. The letter r on your keyboard. So winkey r.


You get this run dialog and you type in its reg edit. This way niblick enter after this you need to navigate to some keys. That you will find in the description box of this video. So here is the first key that you need to change let s navigate to it through this tree.

It s here inside the current user let s open it and then go to control panel then to desktop and we will find way to kill app timeout. You will find by default if you just installed windows and then do any modification by default. It s set to 4000 or 5000. So first thing you need to do is to change it to 1000.


And then hit ok. The second key that we need to change here is this one it s called hung gap timeout. We double click it and do exactly the same that we ve done with the first key set this value through 1008. Okay.

The second key that we need to change is inside. The local machine let s go to system then current control set. We will find control and then we will find such a manager after this we go to memory management and we will go to this key here. It s called clear page file at shutdown let s double click it and set it to 0.


By default it s set to 1 the last key we need to change is also inside this tree. Which is the local machine system current control set control and we will find the key here. It s called way to kill service timeout. Let s double click.

It and also change it from five thousand four thousand two one thousand this way all the necessary keys to be changed are done this method worked for me and if it does work with you i hope you can spread it and share this video with your friends don t forget to subscribe to my channel. If you like these quick tips and tutorials see ” ..

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