Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry ?

windows 81 embedded This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry ?. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“We ll install this video. N lite version of eight 81. It is rumored that that this is the most n fast windows. For today.

She is considered to go. Many haters dozens since her support has been extended. N until july 11. 2023 we will install 81 embedded pro in parallel n.

The windows. You are currently working on. It is convenient for painless n. Transition.

Rather. Big. Video in description n. There.

Are time codes let. s get started for installation. We need the usual n flash drive with a capacity of 8 gigabytes. Or more and free space on n.

Hard drive firstly in order to create a partition n to install a second system and of course in order to download n. Iso file with windows. We will install both operating n systems to one physical. Hard drive such an installation is suitable for a laptop.

N so for a stationary. Pc we need to download windows. N 81 embedded pro it can be done completely n legally from microsoft and i prepared for this n direct link right under this video which n. You are watching now full n.

Description reference. 1. I press n on her as you can see i have a download n started automatically 64 is loaded by default n bit version if necessary download n. 32.

Bit then you can click n to this link select bit depth n. The system can choose n both at once and click on the button n try again. I recommend downloading n. X64 version.

If you have old n a computer and you are not sure that it supports n. 64. Bit system then at the end of the video a little ninstruction the download appeared here because n. What i use google chrome let the file for now n loading.

We will download the program that we will be n burn windows to a usb flash drive. Today. We will use. N.

Rufus open new n. Tab i go to the site n rufusie. We go down to n words download and click here n to this link right now i have here n rufus version 38. When you download maybe n version number will change.

But it is fundamentally n nothing changes just push n to the link and rufus sways n. Also let the file load while n. I will minimize the browser in one of the previous videos. I installed n to this windows 10 1903.

Computer and now i want to install windows 81 n embedded second system to test it rate it n and the convenience of working in it as i said we will install it n to the same physical disk we. Need to allocate a place n on this disk in order to install n second system. We need to open n drive management in windows 10 here it is n very easy to do right key on n. Start button drive management opened before us n.

Drive management here. You see that i have n. One physical disk. Except hidden sections.

That n are here. I have a drive c. On. Which ninstalled windows as well as the section n.

Under. Files we. Can allocate a place n to install the system either on one or on the other n of these sections. Let s in this case n.

Select a place here for this of course. It must n. Be it s a free place. Here in explorer.

You can clearly see that i have n files. Section. Is almost empty. There are very few n occupied place close n conductor to allocate free space just n.

I press. The right button on the section. And in the context menu n. Choose compress tom.

How much space to allocate for n. Installed. System. In order to just n test system in principle.

A gigabyte of 20 n. Should be enough. If you are going to work n in this system. Then of course.

It s worth highlighting n. More space. I will do for example n 25 gigabytes. I entered such a number and click n per button compress files section n.

Quickly shrunk and i got such a free place n. Which is called not distributed. We will not create any section n. We will do this during the installation process since we opened n drive management.

Let s see right away n. Partitioning of this disk. I click on the disk header n. Right key select item n properties choose here n.

Tom point. And we see here n. Such an inscription this suggests that my drive n. Tagged in the style of gpt if.

You have here n here. Is such an inscription . It means your disk is marked up n in mbr style. Remember this information n close all windows file meanwhile n downloaded open the folder n downloads and we see that here i have n is a file with windows so long n.

His name and program n. Rufus you can run the program directly n from here from the downloads folder just double click n run it click here n yes let rufus check n updates click yes i will close this window so that nit did not bother us rufus program. N. Opened device field is empty because.

I n i. Have not connected my flash drive yet . I. Am now n i.


Will do i plugged in a flash drive it immediately n appeared in the device field. I warn you right away n. That if you have a flash drive some n files you need then be sure to save n. Them somewhere.

Because the flash drive will be n formatted in. Addition if. Suddenly you n some. Kind of flash drive connected at the moment n to computer.

I recommend disabling it so that n do not accidentally format that is leave connected n. Only that flask which we will n burn windows. Close n. This window.

So in the device field n flash drive next you need to click n select button as you can see i have immediately n opened downloads if it happened to you otherwise then downloads n. You can choose here eg n. So this computer n downloads. We need to select the file that we n just downloaded from microsoft iso file with n windows.

I choose it just n clicking on it and press the button n open in the next field. We n do not choose anything leave the default standard n. Windows installation further the section scheme. There is n two options mbr and gpt.

We have already seen that my nthe disk is marked precisely in gpt and we will install windows on this n. A computer. That runs on uefi or as it is more often n called. Uefi.

So. If. Your drive is also n marked up in gpt and your computer or laptop boots up n. Using modern uefi.

Then leave it the same n. How did i in principle. We are ready for n to create a flash drive can already click n on start button. I before doing this usually n.

Change. The volume label here to make it clear right away that. N i connected to the. Computer let s write n like this windows 81.

X64 n. Russian gpt everything is ready. I press n. Start button.

Here we are warned that everyone n data on the flash drive will be deleted. We are already with you about this n. Talk click ok. Rufus.

Program writes a usb flash drive n waiting. For the end finally my flash drive was recorded n. You can close rufus to install windows on computer n with a disk marked up in mbr. I will write more n.

One flash drive i already connected it n to computer she appeared in the field n device i press the button n select. I choose an image n windows. I press the button n open now in this field n. I choose mbr leave this setting n default well here you can write n anything ready you can click n.

Start button. Here we are again warned that everyone n files on the flash drive will be destroyed. We ourselves have already talked about this n. I click ok.

Now i have two flash drives n for different disk. Layouts i can install windows 81 n second. System to the computer on which n disk. Is mapped to gpt and the laptop on which the drive has n mbr master boot record you will likely be enough n.

One such flash drive why in today s case the. Installation. N windows second system i. Recommend recording it nsuch separate.

Flash. Drives for different n. Markup through n. Rufus.

Everybody is here n. Simply often users especially on their n gaming. Computers and laptops. Don t store any n.

Necessary files. During normal reinstallation of the system n. If such an error occurs. Installation of this section is not possible n the.

Selected drive has and so on such a user can easily remove n. All partitions from disk and re partition the disk n in the right style windows installer will do n. It automatically in our case. We knowingly leave n.

Sections with the first system and install n second windu therefore. We cannot n. Reallocate disk. And it s important to make a flash drive nwith the correct markup.

The explanation turned out n slightly confusing. But if you do everything step by step how n in the video. Then there should be no errors well now we proceed n to install before starting the installation. I want to warn n.

Especially. Novice users now we will install windows n. Second system. The way.

We do it standard n simple and it works very stably. But as a result of your n wrong actions your computer or laptop can n stop loading this can happen with any n reinstalling system to make sure i recommend you n backup system and in my videos. I showed how to do it n standard windows tools as well as using popular programs n. Akronis and aomei backupper find links in n.

Description. After creating n. Such a backup. You can in case of failure.

N. Restore your system in the form in which they created n. This backup. Don t neglect n.

By this backup is great n. Way to hedge all responsibility for the fact that you n do. With your computer . And laptop you n take on and now n.

Continue so install n windows 8 embedded pro second system to this n desktop computer. I have it n switched off windows flash drive n. Connected for entering uefi on this computer. N f7 key answers i turn on the computer n button and click on n.

F7 key opened before me n here is the boot menu choose boot n. Device. Bootable. Here n.


Devices of this computer. Windows boot manager. Comes. First n.

Windows boot manager. If you select. It then the computer n. Boot.

From hard drive. Which is here n. Registered. In this case.

Nme. It s ssd in second place. N. Usb.

Flash drive this as is understood by the first letters is a device n connected to the usb port of the computer. This is mine n. Boot. Flash drive on this computer is missing n drive therefore in this menu are displayed n.

Only two devices in third place entrance n to setup mode choosing which we get n in uefi settings. We won t do it now n. We have a different theme video. If you select the second item.

Boot menu then n. The computer will immediately boot from. The usb flash. Drive.

Boot menu is convenient n also. By that that we do not change. Anything in n. Uefi or bios settings.

But just once n boot from flash drive what to install windows n quite enough in this case. After n windows installation no need again n log into uefi or bios to return the settings to n. Initial condition. Let s do this n will do i move to the item with a flash drive n.

And press enter computer boots up n from a flash drive a menu opened before us n windows installer in this window. As a rule russian speaking n users do not select anything press n. Further. Click.

Here n. Install enter key here n to install windows. I introduce n his i entered the key you can retype n him right from here or copy from text version n instructions the link is in the description i press the button n further so i was wrong one digit n entered incorrectly like this now everything is in order. It is necessary here n accept.

License terms i. Press n further. This window n choose. custom windows installation only n for advanced users lower n option here we see the sections that are n on this hard drive.

As you remember we highlighted n. Place. After the files section. This section.

N. Fall below. Unallocated space. Njust click here in order to install windows we n.

We will not create any partitions. The installer will handle it n better with us. I just allocated unallocated space n. And click.

Next started n. Setting. When you first. Restart.

Your computer n. Disconnect. The flash. Drive.

She is bigger n. Need not as you can see has already appeared n. Boot menu. I did not have time n select installer automatically n selected the desired item and installs n windows.

8. Now select the operating room n. The system it can be done either with the mouse or ncursor keys choose n windows 81 in this window you need to set n computer name i will call him n. Like this i press n.

Further. Here you can select standard n parameters with this button or click on the button n tune and select options n. Independently choose home n. Or work.

Networks. Here. I recommend leaving n. Included get drivers.

Applications and ndata for new devices. Automatically. Update. My applications n.

Can also be left on smartscreen service. Controls. Launch n. Unwanted.

Computer programs. If you know what it is and think n. You don t need him you can n turn. It off next item can be left n.

Enabled click next two top points. Especially ndo not affect work. But you can if desired them n turn off too. Microsoft s bottom three items by default n left off we will not change anything n click next these privacy settings n similar to those what we disconnect now when n installing windows 10 can it all be n disconnect the only thing n can leave it improve protection against n malware sends microsoft file data n.

Active protection service decide for yourself what to do with this setting n. I will leave it on i press n. Further here. We are immediately invited to enter n to your microsoft account.

I do it n. I will not in order to skip the entrance n. To your microsoft account you need to click on this button n create new account and in this window click n. Create local account here you need to come up with a name n user of this computer.

I introduce my n name password can be set later n click. Finish we have successfully installed windows 81 n. Second system to this computer let s go on n desktop now you need to wait until nall drivers will be installed from update center. N.

Windows and install if necessary n. Missing. This is dedicated to me n. Several classes you will find the link in the description.


N. This video. Let s reload n. A computer.

Change. The boot order of windows. N. Can right.

Here to turn off n timer. Just press. The key n down. Cursor control.

As you see the timer. N. Disconnected if you work mainly n on windows 10 and on windows 81. You only want n come from time to time it can be set by default n windows.

10 for this we press n right here choose n this item and choose n windows. 10 you can also change n timer value make it like. N smaller click here and select n eg. 5.

Seconds. Come back n back as you can see the settings have changed nwindows. 10. Is now at the top and it will load n default let s go windows 81.

And n make a couple of settings. There as you can see the start is loaded nwindows. 8. Screen.

Most users have more n like desktop let s do it loading n default. Just pick n. Him here on the taskbar click the right n key select properties here we go to the tab n. Navigation and tick n.

Here when logging in and closing n. All applications open the desktop instead n. Home screen apply n. Ok.

Now you can open explorer. Nwindows. E. English and fasten n.

Him here. Here you can see in this n. The system now has three sections local disk. C this is the partition on n.

Which we installed windows 81 local disk d this is a section on n which is installed windows 10 well the files section remained n. Unscathed that is we have stored here n needed files let s reload n. A computer can do it quickly with n keyboard shortcuts. Alt f4 choose.

Nreboot now we have a timer for everything n for 5 seconds. On and windows. 10. Is loading n default.

Now. Let s see n in windows. Explorer. 10.

We. See that here is the local disk c. N. This is a disk with windows 10.

Local disk d. Is the disk on which n. We installed windows 8 and the files section is also nowhere ngone. We have it here that is you must understand that nsystem drives in different operating systems n.

Swap. Now set. The same eight n on this laptop with windows 7 here i have the mbr markup n. And hybrid bios in the first case.

I allocated a place for installation n eights on the section for files. There is such a section here too n. Tagged new home now let s take a seat n at the system partition with windows of course for this drive c must n. Enough free space.

Here it is not so much. But i think n. That is enough end to end. I open management n.

Disks in windows. 7. You can do this by clicking n. Right.

Key on computer. And choosing n. Control. Choose.

Here. N drive. Management let s just in case n check. The markup right key on n disc.

Title properties tab n. Toma. Here you can see that the markup nme mbr close now we need n. Compress section.

C. Click on it nright. Key and select the item n. Squeeze tom.

If this item is not active. For you then try n option with another section or try using third party n partition resizing programs. I have such a video n link in description. I press n.

Squeeze tom here i have a very small winchester n. So i will allocate at least 20 gigabytes. I press n squeeze ready. I didn t have ndistributed disk space can.

Proceed to installation nshutting. Down windows . So i have a laptop n. Switched off.

Flash drive. N. Connected. Here.

I will also use n. Boot menu for entering the boot menu on this laptop. Nescape. Key.


Answers. I turn on the laptop n button. And immediately click n. On the escape.

Key. Appeared. N. Boot menu here again all boot ndevices of this laptop.

This flash drive is branded nmanufacturer sandisk in such cases. Usually the boot menu displays n. Name of manufacturer here n. She i moved to this item ndown arrow key and click on n enter laptop is loading n from a flash drive start of installation is exactly the same n considered option.

I will accelerate n. Little and here in a hurry n. We will not we see the structure of the disk characteristic n. For marking mbr here as a rule.

One section of the bootloader n. And the partition on which windows is installed the one on a loaded system n. Has the letter c. In addition here.

I have a section with ntagged new volume as well as unallocated disk space 0 n. Which. I just highlighted note that on disk nmarked up in mbr maybe only four n main sections that. Way if you already had n 4.

Main. Partitions on the disk create another n will fail. There is an option to create the so called nextended section. But this is separate n history.

So i just highlight the unoccupied n. Space and click n. Further installation started n windows. Upon first reboot n.

Disconnect. The flash drive now stands next to semerka n lite. Eight let s turn off the laptop to nsee boot menu again n. Turn on pay attention.

When we reboot n or finish work from the eight. Then the windows. Selection menu has this n more modern tiled look here we can similarly n. The first fragment change bootable system n default for this we press n.

Here now on the button n choose default os and here. We select that system n. Which is our main let it be n seven can now be changed. N.

Countdown timer. I click i choose n 5. Second. Come back n back and see that seven n now on top let s load the seven n i.

Choose her seven n booted in the first enzyme. I already said n. That drive c in each system has its own that is in seven drive c. Is drive n on which seven is installed and on another section is installed n.

Eight new file volume n. This is the third section reboot again now n already from seven note that when we nreboot from windows. 7. Here is already such an older n os selection menu in this menu seven although it costs n in second place.

But highlighted n. It is she therefore it will boot through n. Five. Seconds.

Timer. Which we only nwhat set up. I put a video n. Pause turn on the timer n.

Went. If. While the countdown is in progress. Change.

Nsystem selection. Then a timer n. Disconnects. Now the laptop will wait.

While we n do not select the desired system and do not click n enter. I chose again n figure eight i press enter she n loading thanks to such n dual boot. You can work alternately n in both systems test. Install programs n games and so on quickly determine if nyour hardware 64 bit.

System can using n little snail link to it is in the description. N. This video in full description. Link.

N. Number. Three click on the utility website. Go down.

Below. The page n. Up to this wide download button on this ad n. Do not push click here n.

This button. I have an internet explorer here nenglish. But okay download the file as usual open ndownloads folder. And just run.

Here is the attention. This is not looking n and look here it says here your processor supports n. 64. Bit operating systems if you see the same thing then n your hardware will pull windows x64 if suddenly you saw n here it is it says here your processor does not support n 64.

Bit operating systems then only n 32 bit windows simple and n fast show the number of incomprehensible n processes or talk for how many seconds. N. This windows is loading faster. Not now n will be i plan to do n.

Separate video. Where i will show an objective. Comparison nall. The most popular versions.

Which set in their n. Recent videos. If you re interested feel free to and n click on like and also comment. So as not to miss these new videos n.

Subscribe to my channel and do not forget to enable n. Bell. If this video was useful to you put n. Likes share videos with friends thanks.

I thank you for watching n. Likes comments special thanks to those n who supports my channel. ” ..


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