Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: How To Make Money Early In The Game!

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“This is movies with a another which three video this time. I m continuing the the theme of a death match water sport. This one s about making money in early game. Now one of the things that people often ask on reddit and also on my youtube videos is how i have so much money when i m playing on the game or how to make money in general you can see here that i m buying the temerian armor.

I ve gone back to white orchard. And although i ve just bought that and it costs about a thousand crowns. I still have two thousand crowns left over after that so the way that i do this is be by being quite conservative. But also having a couple of ground rules and interesting things to look out for to make money in the early game.

One of the most important things is that if you re playing the game in order you normally go to vellum first. But there are lots of good things to do in novigrad before you can carry on the story and belen go to this area just outside of novigrad. There are lots of honeycombs that you can loot for free. There s a couple in the field just over from there as well and honeycombs can be solved to alchemists for pretty good profit.

I also spend about half an hour through an hour and a half depending on how bothered you get i ll bothered you can be an hour board. You get one new round nova gut now it s best to go around at night. When there are less guards and you can loot things to your heart s content you get lots of things like hard alcohol. Which is useful for meditating and wrists to be punished in your stock.

But you also see things here like i get the demonic runestone and alchemy paste and alchemist powders. And there s a lot of things that you can sell you also end up getting a lot of alchemist and dwarf and spirit. So much so that you can sell some of those later now on the earliest places that i will go to is this novigrad square. Here in the middle of novigrad now it s very convenient because there s a lot of very interesting merchants and other people.

And that you can do a lot of good stuff with to make money first of all is me me vivaldi. The banker and as well as getting the vesemir card from him and gwent you can also take a loan from him. Now as i mentioned in one of my other videos you can take this loan for a hundred crowns and at the start of the game. 100 crowns is quite a lot.

It s about a tenth as much as the temerian armor. So you want to enter the way. There with that and you can pay it back for 130 crowns and there s no interest for it being longer or anything. Like that and 130 candles later in the game will be absolutely nothing one of the other things you can do is you can pick up oren s and florence wit.

Two different types of currency can t do anything with them in y or chose. But normally you would get two novigrad later in the game. But if you come into here straight away with the without the intention of doing any quests you can just come and speak to vimy vivaldi and it doesn t matter. What your level is you can just swap them.


As you see. When you have a look here i get six hundred and fifty crowns and again that s the bulk of buying the tamarian armor set or bulk of buying whatever else you want the our armor is in oxenfurt and this armor here on norfolk red square are the ones who saw things for the best prices so if you want to sell things to them they will give you the best prices for them you sell armors to armor to the armors and non sword weapons like axes and clubs and there s a blacksmith in oxenfurt and a blacksmith in just south of this square in novigrad and they give the best prices early in the game for sword weapons. So you can sell your swords to them a lot of the things that you want to get like leather and you can get by dismantling items and dismantling your junk and things like that and it s cheaper to dismantle junk than it is to dismantle the weapons or armor. So you re better off selling the armor and to make more of a profit on that and then dismantling junkin.

You should end up with if you re dismantling things like candelabra and all random junk like that you ll get iron ingots and steel ingots and things like that and then you can sell the weapons because you get very slightly more for the weapons in armor. There are loads of people in this novigrad square who are useful and you can sell a different type of thing to each of them and making money so you get lots of random junk here anytime. You ve looked at these maps that will start on which your quest as long as you ve just read any maps or start or read. Any books you ll have the information in the form of either the quest.

Having started or the books being kept in your journal. So that you can read the content. Whenever you want and i will start the mission. If there is a mission associated with them so once you ve read the books.

They re actually a source of income as well so things like norma s pranks and the book and there are ones about redania and tameria and various of the books. She who knows. Which has some background about one of the missions once you ve read them and you ve got the information you can sell these books. And there is this merchant here who is just near the armor.

And there is all coastal marcus. And he is a book shop owner just off on the square. As well so when you ve read all these you can see here. I m just gonna check that i ve read everything and it all has the in green.

Telling you that you ve read it and then when you ve done that you can sell all of these books. And they make excess income as well some they re only a couple of crowns. But you don t need them for anything else and so you might as well sell them and some of them can actually walk quite a lot and so if you re selling those you can make a decent amount of profit. So as you can see here i ve already got the 650 crowns from bheema and we re just selling these books.

And we re already up to about two thousand two hundred so you can always get quite a lot of crowns and it should be quite comfortable to be able to buy the dlc armour and also to go to skele if you want to go to scaliger if you watch my skill good early video. Where it shows you how to get this gelger as early as level four depending on how you want to do it even on death march. And you can also get these thousand crowns back by looting. The captain s body.

So you don t have to worry about that so when you ve sold all these you can sell any any other things like if you have spare hides and things like that one of the other people you watch out for is this alcohol. Merchant here. I ll come to him in just a minute and there s also two herb lists in novigrad. So there s one on this square.


And there s another on the circular pathway on the lower part of novigrad so going from dandelion stash. There s a circular road there and on the top half of that there s an alchemist store that you can find out and that s where the second alchemist is now they ll sell things like they ll buy things like food for a reasonable price. But the thing about alchemist is they will have buy a few things for more crowns from you than other people will so honeycomb can be used as a source of food. But it s like one of the lower healing sources of food.

But to alchemists. They ll buy them for four each. So if you ve looted that place that i showed you on the map right at the start of the video. You ve got some extra ones.

There you also meditate using hard alcohol and the order of the hard alcohol that it will take to restock your potions and bombs is alchemist and dwarven spirit. And then after that is the in the hierarchy is to marion wright and nilfgaardian lemon. Now you ve normally end up with so much i ll cast and and spirit especially if you lieutenant novigrad that you can sell then of guardian lemon as well as some of the honeycombs like you see here and you can get money that way. So you can sell some of the tamarian right and nilfgaardian lemon and even if you re quite some conservative can keep a few like i do you can still make a pretty decent amount of money that way one of the important things and i ll show you this when i come to the alcohol vendor in just a moment is that there are two types of items called alchemist powder.

And alchemist paste. Now what these are for is for crafting the high level potions. So we ll come back to those in just a minute because you can sell excess of those that s markets. The bookstore honor and again you can sell books to him there s a mini quest.

There that will get you a tiny bit of experience on some crowns and then you can actually sell the books that you ve just stolen from his store back to him or a more money. So that s good as well. Innkeepers are also a good source of income so any highs. That you don t want to be dismantling.

I normally do a balance of dismantling hides and selling them so i sell about half and dismantle half and if you ve got extra food you can see if they give the vendors give a good price by comparing what they give for items like ever loose. And if they re giving sort of ten crowns per ever loose that one at the top left. They re normally a decent person to sell to and you can sell excess food and hides and things like that the cunny of the goose. The seven cuts in and olivia.

They all give pretty good prices. If you go to scale go. The scale go innkeepers give even better prices because normally there later in the game. So if you have some hides when you got to scale your and you do that early they re a pretty good place to sell through as well now.

This is the merchant who is sort of an alcohol merchant. Almost the wine merchant on novigrad square. Now he has things like cherry cordial and mandrake cordial. Which you used to make white go for higher level things.


But that s not something we concern ourselves with early in the game. As you can see even though. I m still a fairly early level here. I ve already got lots of stuff from looting and you will especially whatever regardless of level if you spend time looting in novigrad you will end up with tons of dwarven spirit.

More than you could ever use now you need one for each decoction. But you can end up with like 100. So i ve already got two hundred plus here so again you can sell to this guy. And he buys the nilfgaardian lemon and to marion rai for high prices.

And he also gives seven for per dwarven spirit. Which is quite a lot and as i was saying before there is alchemy paste and alchemist powder. Now alchemist powder. Only needs seven off in the entire game.

As far as i can count. And that is one each for making the superior bombs and alchemy paste. I can use for making master master repair kits. But i don t use those i just use the journeyman ones because they do 40 percent repair.

And that s more than enough. And you get lots of those for free in the game. So you never really need alchemists pace. So you can sell alchemist pastes and alchemy powder.

One of the other things is with those repair kits. You ll pick up quite a lot. And you can use those instead of repairing at an armor early on you can repair with the armor and pay them. Because it doesn t cost very much.

But the higher level you get the more it costs to repair. So start using the repair kits. After your about level 10. You should have a good amount built up and you can just use the repair kits.

There so this is the blacksmith and he is in a slightly different squad. Just south of the main novigrad square. And he s the person that you want to sell a lot of your weapons. When you ve been raiding bandit camps and things and you get lots of swords you can just sell most of them to most of them to him and that will make you a good little prophet as well and then run around the corner and sell the armors to the armors.


The armor who s on the overgrad square. So if you re selling these even though they don t add up to very much individually. When you re selling them all you can get quite a lot now if you dismantle the swords you can get things like iron ingots. But you should get plenty of those from dismantling your random junk like chains and candelabra and things like that so it s better to dismantle the junk.

Because that goes less to dismantle and then sell the swords if there s a sword. That s valuable then you can just maybe smell it sell out or this month. Let as you can see there i just sold a lesser travel rune stone as wealth they sell for a hundred and two and they re a good source of income you get lots of those who can always spare a sell a couple of spares you also want to sell any saddles and extra things you get there and to either the armor or the blacksmith as well because they gave the best brushes for them. So with crafting there are some things you always want to dismantle like shells.

You always want to dismantle into pearls because pills are worth a lot more and you can sell those again to any blacksmith as you can see here. I ve got a lot of skins from killing random loosing and i tend to dismantle about half of those and then sell about half of them you can always keep five of each skin just so that you have them there in case. You ever really need them or you ve miscalculated and then you can always take them out if you just if you keep finally gem and you can dismantle them in order to make stuff if you re really really struggling for money early in the game you can watch my video that i will link in the description. Where there is a hearts of stone glitch where you can just farm pig skins or you can go to the cow farms in hearts of stone as well find those on the map kill a lot of cows and get hides from them.

But if you follow these basic tips. I think that you ll find that you have more than enough money to be able to do that and you should be plenty set up for the rest of the game. As you can see like i had about three thousand crowns before we even got to buy marion armor. And you should carry on making money like this when you end up for upgrading your armor.

I use the viper serpentine swords from my orchard and put a devon a rune stone in each. And i use those pretty much right up until and you get the griffon swords at level 11. So here i ve just crafted the griffon swords and what you can do is after you ve crafted those is you can dismantle the bite. This silver sword and the pipe of steel sword and get the deal on the rune stone back.

And then you can put the divine rune stones back into your griffon sets. So i hope you found that useful. It is quite easy to make money in the game. When you re following that especially with selling the alchemist powder.

And army paste. So i hope this can be used in conjunction with my deathmatch guide. I hope you found it useful thank you for watching. ” .


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