X399 Threadripper Motherboards…. WHICH is the BEST at What?

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“Amd released their thread. Ripper cpus. Especially the 1950 x. Which is a 16 core.

Core. 32. Threaded beast. The motherboard manufacturers had to bring out something to match that so today.

I m going to be doing a comparison between three different motherboards from three different companies. That is the gigabyte or as gaming. 7. The x 399 as raw professional and also the zeus zenith rogue extreme and the differences between these motherboards are actually more than meets the eye and there s also some little bizarre problems that we encountered when testing all these three motherboards out not just simple things like included wireless and rgb lighting.

But also going into the bar and checking out the overclocking settings vrm temperatures. After stress test and also audio crosstalk levels. So let s get into it welcome back to jack yes. It is brain camber to you guys.

Today with a comparison of three behemoths motherboards. Now before we get on with this comparison. I will say that all three of these motherboards are quite expensive. They will definitely set you back a little bit.

But they are amd s top of the line x. 399 high end desktop enthusiast. Motherboards that are designed mainly for people who definitely want to utilize 16. Cos 32 threads and overclock them so what we have here is three different boards.

The vrms on all three are very good eight phase power design on the gaming. Seven also the asrock professional and the azouz rogue zennith. The stream for the mosfets how of the as rock and the zeus motherboards are using a true eight phase design so they re not doubled and they re using ir35 560 amp. Mosfets.

Now in practice these did a really good job of providing all the ample power needed for overclocking. The 1950 x. On all three of these motherboards. I managed to get four gigahertz quite easily on a corsair h100.

I coulis so that s not the best all in one cooler. Especially if you re using a 16 or 32 thread. You may even want to step it up to a 360 mil radiator on that thing then we look at the gaming. 7v rm that is also a true 8 phase power design.

However they re using slightly different mosfets. So using the ir35 v. 6. Which is actually 50 amps as opposed to 60 amps.

However with that they are reported to be slightly more efficient which we did see in the test. When we overclocked all these three cpus to around about four gigahertz that s 13. 4. Volts.

We saw that the power was slightly better on the gaming. Seven averaging around about 257 watts direct power draw in i to 64 and we compare that to the azuz and the asrock they were leveling out at around 270 watts. There was a slight benefit to the gaming sevens vrm..


However that all three of these were providing clean stable power at 4 gigahertz on the 1950 x. Now what about the vrm temperatures. Which is equally as important as the actual overclocks themselves. If you have the rms that are running too hard you could blow up your motherboard for example.

Which has happened to me in the past so looking the vrm temperatures. This is where i will give the nod of approval to the zeus rogues zenith extreme. Which has an active cooling solution. Which is a 40 millimeter fan.

Actually stuck on to the left side of the heatsink. This actually reduced the temperatures of the vrm heatsink down to a whopping 52 degrees versus. The as rock. Which had 64 degrees and in the gaming.

7. Horas. Which scored at 71 degrees. This is all after a 10 minute stress test in i.

264 at 4. Gigahertz at around 13. 4. Volts.

Though on that note of overclocking when it comes to getting the settings right we have to look at the bios and the features included in that bias. All three have a great interface to choose different settings for i will say that the zeus is just loaded with so many extra features that i couldn t even imagine myself using. However the asrock and the gaming. 7.

They also get the feature set right and always look at things like load line. Calibration control. Phase. Control.

And also face frequency. Switching and all three. Did. Provide these settings.

And also all three had great controls when it came to setting the fan speeds. I like to put it on full speed of course. When i m overclocking to get a great apples to apples to apples in this case. Comparison.

So all three the biases of feature packed also with the zeus and the azeroth boards. You can update the boss within itself with an internet connection so it does save a lot of time. Very easy to do no all three motherboard manufacturers with their motherboards featured here today do advertise audio. Very strongly on the boxes.

So i did put all three to the test. And what i found was on the zeus and also the asrock motherboards. The frequency response was exceptional very close to being perfectly flat. And this is what you want if you re editing videos the gigabyte or seven.

However did have a bump in a weird strange line going from around 200 hertz to 2 k. So. That s where voices will be strong in this area..


So i d like to see that rectified in the future. However what about crosstalk levels. Which is something for me that makes the audio experience really good especially. When you ve got headphones on and this is where all three motherboard manufacturers did score really well extremely low crosstalk levels.

Though one really bizarre problem on the asrock and also the zeus zenith extreme was that after the volume level was over 90. So 90 and unders actually. Okay. Crosstalk is gonna be amazing.

Though after 90 as you went over the volume level of 90. There was actually the left channel leaking into the right channel in little bursts. And it s something that i d like to see fixed in the next revisions of these motherboards. However for you guys using headphones.

What this means is if you re on either of these motherboards just simply keep the volume 90 or under. And you ll be absolutely fine. Now. Another thing that i have been talking about with motherboards and especially in 2017 is cosmetics.

And it does weigh a very important role when purchasing a motherboard and especially at this price segment. I d also imagine people are doing custom water loops and just wanting to display their motherboards and show them in the best light possible and this is where i will give the nod to the gaming. 7. From oris.

I thought this thing looked absolutely amazing even when the rgb led lights were off. But when you turn them on especially at night. It gives off a really nice effect and you can change the settings in the software as well you can change the lighting to whatever color. You like also has different effects as well so it s great to see that the aura.

7. Was really doing well in the cosmetics department and then we move over to the zenith rogue extreme. Which is a little more subtle. But it had aura lighting on the right side of the board also the bottom heatsink and also on the left shield.

There was rgb lighting in all three locations. But you can change via the software you can change these settings to different effects to suit your needs. And then last up on the asrock professional has the fatality branding and on the south heatsink. You ve got rgb lighting.

That again can be controlled in windows via software. You can also control the lighting in the boss self change. The colors and also change the effects. Too so all three motherboards feature.

Rgb and you can control the different colors. Though talk to you a little bit more about the cosmetics all three of these boards looked really nice out of the box the ozu s rogue zenith extreme is actually more extended and bigger than the other two boards and also on that note. I will say that i do like the color coding on the dimm slots with the zeus wrong. It s one thing that i prefer especially when i m working and i ve got to switch around parts and change things i really love it that it s color coded you can just whack in your four sticks of memory.

And you re good to go without having to read those little symbols and worry about which slot switch. So i do like the color coding even though it s subtle. I think it s the way to go in 2017 now what about augmented benefits and other features that come with these motherboards. This is where the azouz rogue and also the asrock definitely get it right as rock and zeus have included 10 gigabits per second ethernet solutions.

The asrock has it onboard. The motherboard itself. Which is really cool and then the azouz adds it in with an option as an add in n ic..


Card. That you can install into a pcie slot and of course everyone loves integrated wireless added into their motherboards and all three solutions have 80211 ac. But the zeus also has an extra ad solution which does allow the speeds to go up to four point six gigabits per second. Which is insanely good in small areas because the frequencies are higher.

They do last in a shorter range. But you can get higher speeds because of that so great if you re using networking at high fast wireless speeds as opposed to the other two which will do great as internet solutions moving on to other things like onboard features all three of these motherboards have power and reset buttons installed there s also mem test ok buttons and bios reset switches on all three multiple tower. With the azuz. I love it how they ve put them on the rear of the motherboard.

So once you have your computer installed especially in a difficult case. You don t have to open the case up again and press that boss reset switch. There s also the bios change button located on the back of the zeus rogue zennith extreme as opposed to the as rock and the gigabyte motherboards. They have it inside the case.

So i would like to see this on both those two motherboards like the azouz added to the back of the motherboard and now another thing that really set the azusa rogue apart from the other two motherboards was there add in ssd m2 storage card. That works as random access memory. You can put in 2 m. 2.

Drives put this into the ddr slot. And then after that you can add a fan on top and you ve got essentially a lot more memory at your disposal. So this is great for someone for instance editing. A documentary with really high bitrate footage.

I d imagine those people would use up a lot of random access in memory. So. It is cool to see that a zeus have added that feature in and i thought something like this even though it s so niche. It is a really cool feature that i m sure will benefit people who are looking to go to productivity on x 399.

So many guys. It s finally that time of the video to talk about the most scariest thing of all and that is the price tags associated with all three of these motherboards. The auris gaming. 7.

It s currently 390 usd off amazon and if you re in australia 580 australian dollars. So it is the cheapest of the three solutions that i have mentioned here in my opinion. It is also the cosmetic king. I really like the cosmetics.

The overclocking was good. However. It was lacking a few features that the other two motherboards had and also the compatibility with corsair memory. Just wasn t there yet and corsair.

They make very popular memory. And it should be compatible with pretty much every manufacturer out there so i was surprised to see that even to this date. It wasn t compatible just yet though. I m sure it will be in a future bias revision now.

It s time to talk about the asrock x. 399 professional. Which comes in between these two motherboards in terms of price coming. In at 440 usd or 615.

A ud in australia. You get the tang. Gigabits per..


Second ethernet. You also get really good. Overclocking and stability. I ve been using as rock boards for years now.

I feel right at home. This is no surprise everything works perfectly and it works really well. I also like the subtle features the simple. But yet intricate bios has a lot of features available again overclocking on this thing took me next to no time just to find that stable.

4 gigahertz. Overclock. And it s one of my personal favorites with asrock. I really love what they do with their motherboards.

They really give you the feature set the sound the ni c everything s there and honestly if you re looking for a fee japax motherboard. This is definitely the one to get. Though you don t need the tang gigabits per second ethernet you can go for the taiji. Which is 100 cheaper.

So that is a big factor. If you re looking for a motherboard and a savings of 100 for virtually the same thing. 100. Tang gigabits per second ethernet.

Now. It s time to talk about the last solution. The azuz rogues zenith extreme. Which i call it the all options included this thing had everything i could want from a motherboard.

Even that mdot to add in card to use as random access memory. That was really impressive got 10. Gigabits per second ethernet. Adding card.

If you need it and also on that note it comes in at 500 usd or if you re an australia comes. In at 867 australian dollar side kind of like to see. The australian pricing fixed more relative to the us pricing bill if you re in the states. It s a really good pick up if you can utilize those extra options included.

I really like the bios. I really like the vrm and also if you re going for extreme overclocks. It s got to eight pin connectors with very thick pins. So we ll do a good option for people who want to take it to the next level.

Want those manual controls with sensor probes. Which are also included there s a lot of different features. I was just amazed by what this thing was offering also looks really clean also all three motherboard manufacturers have done a really good job here today so if you enjoyed this comparison. Then be sure to give it a big thumbs up and let me know in the comment section.

Below. If you were going for x 399. Or if you re already on x 399. What motherboard did you get or would you get love reading your comments as always and i ll catch you in another tech video.

Very soon ” ..

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