Xbox One AfterGlow Prismatic Controller Unboxing & First Look!

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“Your water you tubers me papa g. From what sir barney today. I m going going to be unboxing. And also giving us a first look at the brand new prismatic controller for the xbox one so feels already for this video.

Please make sure to like this video. And um. Let s get this going so. Here.

We do have the brand new afterglow prismatic controller for the xbox. One now this controller right here does reach over fifty dollars. And it is compatible with pc. And xbox one just in case.


If you guys want to buy one. So don t fray do let s get this going. As you can see in the front. We do have a nice cover look at there that looks simply amazing look at that color right there.

So you do have three different colors. You can actually choose from so you got the green. One the blue one and also the red one which looks amazing like it that is haha so of course xbox. One that is nice afterglow prismatic controller designed for xbox one so there you go that it s the front of the box.

Now taking a quick look at the side nothing on the back. We do have a couple of features about this controller basically tell you you can actually adjust the brightness and adjust the color. If you want to as well and on some other things as well. But i m there you go that is the back and the other side and i m back to the front.


So now let s open this bad boy out so i do have my knife. Let s cut this open just like that alright so into the box. We do have a couple of things over here in the top. We do have your quick start guide and also questions basically something happens to control contact them you do have your afterglow prismatic controller xbox.

One on quick start manual. Which you do have a bunch of pages just right there. And you also get a 10 gift card towards a pdp so if you just want to buy any products from pdp. You do get 10 off so you can actually use this code.

If you want to go ahead and buy this controller and i ll get 10 off. So you also get a cable for the controllers of course this controller is now wireless. It s actually wired which kind of sucks because for 50 bucks. I expect a wireless controller.


But whatever but i m here we go that is the keyboard right there and inside all we have left is just so controller so let s take this up alright just like that boom and inside. We do have the controller look at that wow that is pretty awesome right there. I wish this controller was actually wireless cuz. It will look much much better.

But just look at that it s awesome. And wow feels great as well it does say after going in the middle. That is beautiful look at all those things inside got the xbox one logo the back. We do have your triggers your port as well it looks nice really really nice controller and you can actually adjust this as well.

Which is kind of cool does have a couple of buttons on the back as well pretty nice glossy finish controller wow looks awesome so now let s plug it onto the xbox one and let s see what kind of lighting. We get with this controller alright. So this how it looks like once you have it turned on for the first time which looks amazing. And i believe you want a different colors you actually have to program.


The controller. But as a now you do have that blue led going all around that is nice especially in the night where your gaming something look amazing. But um. There you have it just a quick unboxing for you guys on the brand new afterglow prismatic controller for the xbox one so please make sure to like this video pretty look at the dust me a bunch letting the comment section down below.

What do you thing about this controller. We just pick it up for 50 bucks let me know. But only you have it just a quick. But if you guys please make sure to like this video for this workers at us.

I m a bunch and ” ..

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