Xbox One Kinect Unboxing HD 2015

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“Welcome today. We ll be doing a quick unboxing of the. Xbox one kinect retails retails for for 9999. About 520 with tex.

It s brand new still to have opening yet. I just bought it right now this console includes already the espn the youtube netflix skype and all the cool stuff you can do features with the kinect in the box. It shows you it does have the of course. The xbox has a kinect sensor.

The control shock and like the hdmi and other little cables you get the headset in plus. The wireless network capability. So there you have it alright let me break the seal and get this open mmm. I always have a hard time opening the seals.


So bear with me sometimes. These seals are pretty pretty hard to open. There you go alright pull this down just like that and i ma take it like this and open. It the other way okay.

It s from the top now okay alright and i ll put this on the side. As well. So i can move the xbox out of the way all right so this the xbox comes with all these little things protected really well uh hmm. There you go okay.

I m gonna start with this which is the headset that s the headset right there nice little headset. Then this is going to be the the manuals for the xbox one dance central spotlight and get equipped and all these other that nobody ever reads and uh. Nobody ever reads that to be honest is a. I believe this is the power.


The power supply. This is a big break wow look how big this is it s enormous that s for the power supply and put it on the side as well over here. And i believe this is the hdmi yep. You can see the hdmi port right there pretty nice and here you have your controller you see that sexy new control.

You see that whoa check that out sexy control. Right. There xbox did a good job with this new xbox. One remote.

It s pretty awesome alright enough with the control. Oh and then inside. Here. I believe you have some batteries let me double check.


Yeah. I think you do come on clout. There you go there they are i put the remote back in here put it in the side this right here will be the other part of the power supply to turn it on and put that over here too and this big thing right here of course to connect check it out see yep take it out of the bag to show you guys how it looks there you go nice look at that really really nice hex box right there focus all right you guys can see that right there. There you go all right so let me get all this stuff out of the way.

That s the xbox right there start by taking off this plastic hmm. I hate how they wrap all this thing. So hard you can t even open this thing. Okay.

I m just gonna take it out from here put it like that get this out of here. This too right there. So much uh. So much um tape all over it sometimes.


It s kind of knowing all right. There you go there. It is there you have it right there to get that really really nice little glossy finish glossy on this side so just kind of like a little stripes and then the dysport right there the other side like for the usb eye things you want to charge the back is just the power the wi fi thing the hdmi port the power. I then it out and on the other side.

There s nothing so yeah guys um. There you have it that s the xbox right there um. Let me know what you guys think about this uh. What are you an xbox fan or a playstation.

4 fan so here guys. That s which is my unboxing quick unboxing thanks for watching and you ll ” ..

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