Xbox One to pc with HDMI

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” s up guys um today. I ll be showing you how to actually connect get get xbox or playstation to your computer monitor so that way you don t have play on your tv. I actually change to the setup. So that way i m not my tv s a little too big for where else in then this is my computer s clearer than my tv and my gaming is actually way better around here so i m going to show you how to switch that over and check these out hanging out from to a coal plant gotta get that r34 legalize it legalize them alright first off you need your xbox or your playstation.

4. Hdmi cord monitor that s hdmi compatible. Now if you have an older model. They do sell hdmi adapters like between 10 and 20 dollars you might even find them less than ten dollars depending on where you re looking online.


So alright. So i ll have all your wires your power already know how that is hdmi. Port. And there s a connection locks of ports for your external speakers.

If you do have some speakers. I got one but it doesn t work so i actually got it unplug at the moment alright so on my desktop right now so on this is this is a dell all in one computer. So my hdmi to switch. It over is on the right side of the computer over here with these three bundles apart.


Linda right here. It s clicking once i m going to take me right to the xbox and i get that one nathan kilos on and kate in the kilter and you re playing actually watching netflix both of them. So just switch it back over if you re just sitting here chilling you want to get on a computer. That s on them up button hit it twice you know you see we re gonna hit it here you can either hit that because one touch like what ever wonder like this by you know that easy that easy that s um now like i say if you don t know if your computer s hd.

Markup at home and just see. If i have the hdmi port. That s pretty much it and you need a cord and xbox. You know using some got more control here stop it hit okay now with your volume.


The one thing with your mom is you can t control it from here or anything had to literally use come back to your screen and adjust your volume. That s the only thing. I have mine set at 44 or 45. That s pretty good i can hear it clearly that s pretty much it man.

It s that easy that sample now again. This is all in one dale because your button over here to be switching it over now there s our song now maybe down here they re still coming across it might be some back here on this side or something. But that s pretty much it that easy that simple hope you enjoyed i hope this helps you out better. Then actually working on next break down the heads at first the sound.


Didn t come on give it a few minutes like five minutes or so and the sound will come through is just catching all the you know all the good stuff. But other than that see you next video. ” ..


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