Xbox One X : My Recommendation for 4KUHD Video Display Color Bit Output

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“Welcome back everyone. It s me mr. Four cap scalar this video. It s gonna gonna be something that was kind of requested of me even though some other youtubers already done this video.

What i m gonna do here is i m gonna give you my two cents on what type of settings do i recommend for you guys to use on your xbox one x okay. And what type of settings you should output. We re not talking about calibration. We re just talking about xbox one x 4k uhd settings alright first thing first you got to make sure what type of tv.

Do you have okay is it a high end premium tv okay what s the luminous ratio peak brightness nits measurement is it over 1000. Or is it 800 so you have to kind of look at all these things you got to look at your bit color. All of these 4k televisions with hd are there 10 bit okay even though some of them they re measured by the color gamut ratio depending on don t excuse me what s the ratio of your y color gamut. In this case.

Samson ks 8000 has a full white color gamut. Because it has that quantum dot cells built into it that reproduces that richer color alright. So you kind of have to look at both sides of the aisle. You know you cannot just buy.

A xbox one x. And then connect it to a entry level 4k tv. And expect the best possible quality. Okay.

If you buy a very high end premium 4k tv. Like a q. Led or c7 series from lg. Or a 1e or even sony x9o ii.

If you get that all of these high end premium. 4k tvs will definitely take the advantage of your xbox one x alright and the reason i m showing samsung chaos 8000 because at the moment this is what i have as a high end in my home. And as a matter of fact. Samson chaos 8000.

It s really good tv. And this is a very hard tv to find i don t think they sell them anymore they switched to mu version..

Which is a lower than it and they don t have a while full white color gamut as this tv has remember this tv has over 1000. Nits and full white color gamut. My only beef with this tv is the edgelet that s the only thing that stops this tv from being really a great great tv. If it had full array of local dimming.

This would be a great pick hands down you know. But anyway here let s jump into the reason. I have to tell you this and get it out of the way so that way you understand that it works both ways all right you gotta have a really good tv to take the advantage of your xbox 1x. Okay.

I think i mentioned this dozens of times. Yes you can buy xbox one x and the tcl roku tv. But don t expect quality to be top notch. All right you re not gonna squeeze that best possible picture quality as you will with something let s say like ks.

8000 or 9000 or cheese s z9 dc. 7. A 1 e top of the line tvs ok with the top of line tvs. You re gonna squeeze the best possible picture quality.

But this here is just gonna be me letting you know my preference of what i usually use for my xbox one x ok. I m gonna show you my output and this is what i normally use you don t have to use this you can go ahead and try different methods. But this is my method. This is what i m using so let s go to the settings right here just click on the xbox button.

It ll take you to the settings. You go to the settings. And then on the settings. You go to our display and sound right here hold on let me just adjust my low light.

See you guys right there go to our display and sound right here and then move to the video output. Which is right over here on your right. So remember you go to the settings. And then on the settings menu you switch down to display sound and then on display sound you switch to video output and a video output this is where you re gonna output your chroma upsampling and all that stuff all right okay what you re looking at here is obviously tv resolution.

It s a 4k uhd. That s what i have it set on 4k uhd because it is a 4k tv color depth..

This is a very tricky thing cause it really depends on couple of things it depends on your hdmi and your tv. Uh. One of the things that i m really kinda. I m not like a huge fan of it s the the samsung ks 8000 hdmi hub.

Now when you have an hdmi hub that s connected to another cable that goes to another cable that goes to a tv that takes a lot of latency for the aged you might to read that you know okay so let s say you have a very lengthy hdmi cable right and it s connected from your xbox to your separate external asia might hub from samsung. All of that stuff will take a lot of bandwidth for the age of my to read it between your hub and in between your hub to your tv. That s connected. I prefer a built in hdmi tuners inside a tv.

Because that way goes directly in that s just my it s just my opinion okay. But either way it works alright. However. I m using a very high end cables.

I m using a audioquest gold plated hdmi cables. They re about 60 to 70 dollars. If you go with a 12 feet will cost you 100. I got a 6 feet.

Shorter is the better okay don t go for the longer length of hdmi. Unless you are you know home theater studio. And you got to do it that way me personally i use the short lengths hdmi cable. Okay because of the short length of hdmi cable.

It s gonna be much quicker and faster read out between your television asia. My and your device okay so what you see here it s 12 bit 36. Bit per pixel. Now you can choose a 10 bit or 8.

Bit. It really won t make much of a difference here. Because you re not gonna see this 12 bit turn into and chroma upsampling 2 4. 2.

You re not gonna see that chroma upsampling 4 2 because when it s on a user interface user interface it s not a native 4k user interface okay it s more like an upscaled 4k alright the reason they re doing that so they can save the memory. So they can do all the background..

Necessary work on the console that needs to be done they re trying to give some breathing room to the console. So that s why it s not outputting a native 4k on the user interface ok. So you really won t make much of a difference whether you have it on the 12 bit 10 bit or even. 8 bit okay because this thing will always be on a 24 bit per pixel on the 8 bit when it s on a user interface when you switch to a game that supports hdr is gonna jump into a 12 bit compression but i leave it on a 12 bit because i like to have that 12 bit compression being output it with 4 2 chroma up sampling so that way when i m running an hdr game.

I get much better chroma up sampling with 4 2. And i get much better color compression so i leave it on the 12 bit. But you guys don t have to because automatically. It s gonna switch to a 36 bits per pixel 12 bit chroma sampling.

But i leave it on the 12 bit anyway color space. Honestly here s the deal with this one yes you can use rgb. But here s the problem with the rgb as i just told you about the rgb. If you have a tv like me.

That has a separate hdmi hub that has a separate cable that goes out into my hub and then from my hub goes into another asia. My cable that goes into my device. That s a lot of bandwidth communication. That s a lot of cables trying to communicate with each other so if you leave it in the rgb rgb requires a higher benefit on your hdmi.

Now if you got a really good hdmi like i do from odio. Quest that s the a high speed 20. Gold plate it s like a really good aging. My cable then and it s short six feet.

And i kind of wrapped it around in a little circle and made it even shorter if you have that then you re gonna you can you can take the advantage of the rgb. But i really don t recommend rgb because rgb uses 444 chroma sampling. Which is the highest chroma up sampling compression. So.

What i would do here. Honestly. I would just leave it under recommend it cuz. If you leave it on the rgb like i said if you got a very weak hdmi cable.

Very long week hdmi cable. Then it s gonna go ahead..

And might not even read your device you might have a blank screen or the picture might be going in and out so leave it on the standard recommend it and then here on the advanced video settings. I check everything on ok and this is mainly what you re gonna be getting on all of your tvs. It s a 4 to 2. That s gonna be your compression for the hdr ok and he don t know on the port key details you can see that this tv.

Pretty much supports all of the above it supports. 10. Bit at 24 hertz. 10.

Bit 50 and 10 bit at 60 hertz and here you can check to see what else. It has but pretty much these tv supports all of the above all right now as i mentioned the 12 bit 36. Bit pair 12 bit once it s switched to our hdr. It s gonna compress anyway.

So that s why i leave it here on the 36 bit per pixel on a 12 bit because your tv s gonna compress that hdr anyway. So this is my display and sound video output for the xbox one x. And this is what i m using i highly recommend you leave it like this because at the end of the day. It s gonna chroma up sample it to 12 bit anyway now you re not gonna be getting that true 12.

Bit this is what i try to understand to people you re not gonna be getting their true 12 bit because there are no 12 bit panels out there they re all 10 bit. But they re compressed to 10 from 12 bit to tented. I mean you re gonna get a little bit better colors that s about it okay. So this is how i use my xbox 1x settings.

And you guys don t have to do it this way you can keep it on your 8 bit or ten bit doesn t really matter because azr is gonna up compress that to 12 bit compression to a 10 bit anyway. But this what i m using pretty much and this is what i recommend that you guys use also really you have to double check your hdmi before i in this video. I m gonna say this if you re using a receiver make sure that your receiver. It s our htc p.

Pass through on all of you hdmi inputs and also make sure that you re using a very high end hdmi cable. It s very important okay and other than that that s pretty much all i have for you guys thank you for watching this video. And i ll see you guys in the next video take care alright. If you have any questions leave it down below in the comments and i ll try to answer all your questions as quick as possible other than that enjoy your holidays happy ” .


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