Xbox One X Network Transfer Speed Test

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“Voiceover nbowman here from bwone and in this video. I m gonna show you how how to use network transfer nbetween your xboxes to transfer and copy content between them what i m gonna be doing in this video is using the xbox one x. And the xbox one s. And i m gonna be transferring ndata from my xbox one s to my brand new xbox one x.

And you can do this through nnetwork transferring. It s a pretty simple and pretty cool tool. It s an alternative to nusing usb external drives. If you want to use that nyou can still do that depending.

What you have at your disposal. But if you have multiple xboxes or you wanna use a nnetwork transfer instead this is a pretty cool way to sort of move content nbetween the two of them now what i m gonna do nhere is i m actually gonna connect my xbox one s. And my xbox one x to a gigabit network connection power them on and get things started okay so we now have both nxboxes connect to the network. They re in a gigabit network connection.

They re both wired in as well too for the maximum transfer nbetween. The two consoles and what you re seeing right nnow is i m on the xbox one x. Which is the console that s ngonna receive the data from the xbox one s. Now the first thing you nneed to do is to make sure that network transfer s turned on on both consoles to be able to do that you nwanna go into each console.

You wanna go ahead and nhit. The home button and you wanna go all the nway over to settings. And then you wanna scroll down here to where it says network..


First and then you wanna hit network transfer. And you wanna make sure nthat that check box is turned on which will nallow network transfer and you then you can see nwhere. The local consoles are i already have it on the nother xbox. One as well too.

Now you can actually jump ninto. The network settings to basically transfer nbetween the two right here. But i m actually gonna back up one here cause. I wanna show you nonce you have both of them turned on you can also go right down to where it says system and you wanna go where it nsays backup transfer.

Which probably where most npeople are gonna think to go to first i m gonna tap onto there you have back up my settings and you wanna back it nup to external device. But we actually wanna go nthrough network transfer you click on that brings you into here you can check the same ncheckbox off as well too. And you wanna hit on the console. That you wanna transfer from which is the xbox one alright it ll bring nup everything that s on the xbox.

One it ll ntell the target device. Which is the xbox one x. Which is what i m on currently tell me how much storage. I have available 780 gigabytes are free and i can kinda see here what s on the console.

I ncan sort through a to z. I can sort by size as well too we can see gears of war is pretty big got rise of the tomb raider as well too. I have forze..


5 on here a few other games that are pretty sizable now i can scroll through here and see pick and choose nwhat. I want to transfer what i want to leave off all depending on kind of how i feel in this video. I m just ngonna hit select all so about 629 gigabytes that nare gonna transfer over here so our xbox isn t gonna nhave that much storage here because my xbox one s had two terabytes the xbox one x. Only has one terabyte.

We can obviously add external nstorage to this as well too which i ll probably do to ntransfer. Some of these games off some of these games. I ll nprobably delete as well too the games that i don t want. But i just wanna see a nfull copy over from the s to the x and see what nthe transfer speeds are and i think.

This is a npretty good example to use so once you ve done that nwe re gonna hit copy selected and the transfer process should begin it says to internal and yes we want to do that hit copy alright and we should start to see this transfer process sort of begin and we should see here at nthe bottom at some point. Oh looks like we have the nready to install stuff sort of kinda balling up here. It s ntelling us how many games that s transferring over nand. It s gonna begin to sort of transfer over and stuff as you can see right here.

It s pretty cool we re not seeing the nstorage pop up just yet. But it looks like we have nthe queue right there youtube and all that stuff nis sort of queuing up as well too there. Which is pretty cool. So we ll go ahead and let this nrun.

See how long it takes us to transfer. All the data and napps and everything else alright. There we go nwe re starting to see some transfer speeds right..


There amazon video looks like it s about doing about 54 55. Nmegabytes or so per second. But we ll see as it kinda goes nalong when it transfers over and see how long this whole thing takes and we ll obviously kinda nspeed. This up a little bit to save some time here in the video and our transfer has completed here it did take a bit of time nto be able to do this granted.

We are transferring nabout 700. Gigabytes of data from the xbox one s to the xbox one x. So it took about four nhours or so to do that which is kind of nunderstandable considering the amount of data that nwe were transferring between the two consoles and it pretty much was nconsistent in the speed roughly around 230 to n250 megabytes per second. And it kinda kept on there so it wasn t slow.

It s njust that there was a lot of data to transfer over and you probably have a lot less data than i do when it comes to games. So it might be a little nbit quicker for you in terms of transferring stuff over. But all your game data nsaves games themselves have all transferred over here onto the xbox one x. As you can see here.

Now. What you see here in the queue. That s kinda downloading rignt. Now is a couple of new xbox live games.

I m grabbing down and it s ndownloading from the internet. So don t think that s me nstill transferring games. That s definitely coming nover the internet there but that s pretty much how nyou re gonna transfer data from your xbox one s to your none x using network transfer you can still use the external nhard drives..


As well. Too. If you wanna transfer that way or you just wanna run the ngames from there as well too. We have a video that we did previously about a year or so ago on that pretty much the process nstill.

The same way. I m actually probably ngonna use an external drive to transfer. Some of these ngames over there as well too to free up some of this storage nspace that i have on here since the xbox. One only has one terabyte of storage within it about n780 or so available to you and i only about.

1639. Gigabytes left and nearly 80 used on storage here so i m definitely gonna nwanna move some stuff off to make some more space probably gonna move some games off that i don t particularly play too often or maybe just delete them off and download them a little bit later at a different time when ni m ready to play them again. But that s how you do network ntransfer on your xbox one between the s and the x or even the original xbox one nto. The new xbox one s or x.

Should be able to do network. Ntransfer. As well too should actually be able to ndo to all three consoles. If you want to do that as well too as long as it s on the internal network.

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