Xiaomi Mi box 4K Review , Is it better than the Chromecast Ultra and Nexus player ?

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“Hi. Everybody and welcome back to the channel today. We re going to talk about about me box. It s a 4k android set top box that was released by in the us.

Here on the 7th of october and it s really trying to do pretty much everything. The chromecast ultra is going to do once it s released also this is the nice evolution or actually everything we wanted the nexus player from google to do since it s no longer being supported or at least. We re not going to see any more evolutions from it me box is promising a lot of things for us to be able to enjoy 4k content on our tvs. Let s go ahead and check it out here s the box.

Just want to mention a couple of things eh. This does support the google cast functionality. Which means you can cast to it like a chromecast anywhere on your device you just select. The casting and select the mute.

Box it is android tv is running android 60. And we ll get a chance to check that out it has 76 dollars worth of offers right out of the box. And these are the different services that you ll be able to get some of these benefits on and the informations inside of course. It s 4k capable.

It s called the me box 4k ultra hd. Set top box. It says basically pretty much three steps. Connected via hdmi connected to the wi fi and you re pretty much ready to go and that s pretty much there.

There s no setup process as you re turning it on you actually don t even have to set it up unless you want to add your own account to it and on the back. It just gives us a little bit more information here it s just as we have two 20. Plus digital output. Google cast google s voice search.

It s a quad core cpu three plus two gpu. So. It s supposed to be able to handle a lot of our a lot of our good games. There.

And will test us. A couple 4k. Ultra hd. Plus hdr.

Let s go ahead. And open. It up. Very.

Nice. Very easy. Me box some fcc information and just as of course made in china. And all we have is a meal logo and we have the ir receiver at the bottom.

Here assuming. This is basically where we have to point our remote on the back we have audio output hdmi it does carry hd audio over hdmi so if you re using that protocol we have a usb a full size usb port on the back as well as the power connector. I ve seen some of the boxes. Where they re mostly supporting either sd card or microsd.


It s very nice to be able to see here that we can actually connect an entire hub right out of the box. Here. We ll see that we have some information pamphlet and the system. Me box.

These are the coupon information you have different special offers from different providers in the box. We have free hdmi cable. Which looks to be probably just like a regular two feet or almost three feet. Cable we have a power break that us.

Saw style so this definitely will work here for us. The remote is very nice full size. And it does have batteries the nexus player is the last version of the player that google put out and it does have some similarities to the me box. And we ll go ahead and check them out a little bit as far as size.

We are definitely looking at a much smaller size. The nexus player is much thicker and has stand up much higher. As the me box is very small very low profile and has somewhat of a slant account to it so it will definitely fit in any design. That you have and it does have the non slip ring at the bottom and similarly.

We have the same non slip material here on the bottom of the nexus player with the included button for setting up the remote on the black as far as ports. Hopefully you can see this we have the hdmi port no 4k support here only 1080p. A micro usb connector to connect an otg connector to be able to connect there. Let s say a thumb drive or something.

But you cannot connect the full size usb and of course power. Those are the only ports that we have on there and of course. We have the i are somewhere in the front. But we don t really get a chance to see it from the essenza from aesthetics at least size.

I definitely am liking the me box right now definitely smaller more capable more ports in the back. We have full size audio out as well full size usb. The me box remote with the nexus remote. You ll notice the me box is a little bit bigger.

They did decide to go with a slightly bigger design a little thinner on the design. Where they you know here. We have a little bit thicker on the nexus player. We have volume up volume down.

Where we don t have any volume control here back home and microphone. We have back play and pause and microphone at the top and we both have a clicking option. Unfortunately. What we don t have here on the nexus player is ability to turn it off.

Which is something that frustrated me you can either basically leave it on go to standby or you can basically just wait for it to go to sleep. I connect to the box to the monitor behind me and right off the bat. If you ve used an android tv box before you know there s a recommendation tab on the top which essentially just an aggregate of recommendations based on your previous watch history. Then you go into the me recommended specific.

Which are installed applications by xiaomi directly on the box. Now these correspond to the offers that were on the box that i mentioned to you guys. There s about 76 dollars worth of offers so each one of these venues or each one of these applications will give you a special deal you definitely kind of like get a free movie from vudu and i think a free month or so from netflix. One of the ones that are very very nice is pluto tv.


Which is a live tv streaming service. Gives you the ability of watching somewhat of a live stream of different channels. Clicking next. And then you ll notice that it kind of starts off by itself.

So you can change channels by going this way. We can go back and then it has like a different guide and you can actually go through and select different channels going back home. We can go to one more down. I have installed a couple of games have asphalt.

8. And that effect. 2. We have google play movies tv here music youtube live channel.

Which takes us back to pluto google play store of course games. I did install kodi mx player in es file explorer and i ll explain to you in a second why. It s at that let s go down real. Quick into the settings.

We have wi fi display. This is where you re able to basically set the resolution and we are set to be at 4k 2k 30. Hertz and that s the maximum we can go we have hdr and then we ve coarse daydream google cast set up sound. We do have sound on our remote.

So we have to believe controlling volume up and volume down application storage and reset the reason. I wanted to show you guys storage and reset. I do have a corsair thumb drive. Full size tongue drive plugged into the back of the.

Device and have of. Course internal device. Memory it. Says 51.

Gigabytes of available space. Unfortunately after i installed those two games and a couple of other things i only have eight hundred and 60 megabytes left so definitely not going to be the one that you re going to be storing. Installing all your apps on so be selective when you installed it because we only have eight gigs of internal storage. The box name is in box.

Three. Which essentially is what we have now and then if we scroll all the. Way down we do have android. 601.

And this is android marshmallow you do have the power button on the remote and you can set the definition cord. What it does right now i left it on suspend and resume or i can set it up to be shutdown. This is essentially if you just tap it or quick. Not if you press and hold and then of course home screen search.

And this is where you be able to organise the voice search accessibility so on we do have some bluetooth shami. Remote is paired by bluetooth and then of course. We have the game sir controller that i have to be able to demo a lot some of these games. Let s go ahead and start engaging these monsters.


So overall the actual system runs pretty good. The reason. Why i told you guys before that i did. Install.

Cody cody has been always been my favorite actual ui. So. We can definitely install this set. It up use it as a kodi you know just a normal streaming box.

You can go to video pictures. Set. It up this isn t a review of cody. So.

If you guys want that let me know in the comments and we can do a separate video for that part other than that i did install a couple of other applications mx player to be able to play video files. And essentially the main benefit of having an mx player or any kind of video players. The ability to play back content off your device. Now this happens to be 4k video again this was featured in my water test of the xiaomi yi camera last but not least.

I did install es file explorer. And that s because i want to be able to install side loading apks to my device. So if i scroll down. Here.

Let s go up over here s my sd my my thumb drive and if i scroll down i can actually directly install the amazon appstore apk because. I cannot download this and install it directly from the play store. You can download things straight from the play store to the device so installing it from the play store just select the me box. 3 to download to it like the es file explorer as well as mx player and cody.

I was able to download those straight off of the play store and they download it directly here not using this one. But the one on my pc. And i sent things to it last thing i wanted to show you guys real quick is a quick youtube. 4k playback on this actual box.

I m going to use the remote that s on here 4k video. Recognizes the audio brings it down. I m going to ahead and play it back now i want to make sure that we re you guys aware of when you play in 4k content on this it is going to draw a lot of data on your data plan. If you don t have 4k or high speed internet at home and i would say high speed.

I m talking about the highest package. You can get you re going to get a lot of stuttering. A lot of hiccups as far as the playback and right now. I m actually running this off of my mobile.

Just to show you guys how good the connection has to be for it to be able to run correctly. I tested it out with my home network. And it actually stutters 90 of the time. And it does actually end up playing back.

But please be aware that when you want to play 4k content. You re going to need to have a very fast network connection and within youtube. You just go under high quality. And you break it down to 2160p and that s your 4k content right there or you can go of course to 1440.


If you d like you still get a really good crisp picture. This is the 4k monitor. This is running at 4k at 30 hertz you can control the volume of course as you guys. Saw.

The me box has a lot of things going for it one of the main things that i definitely like about it is the fact that it s a 4k compact box. It s smaller than the nexus player. And it has more functionalities that just basically if you re taking the chrome box ultra and looking at what it can do it just streams off your device. But this can do that so with so much more functionality.

When you can actually use the remote for it you can play games on it you can run it as its own system you can install kodi on it you can customize it you can side load applications a whole bunch of different things you could do now as far as the pluses and minuses on this i m going to go ahead and go through with the pluses of course first definitely very nice 4k compact size remote control volume of the remote control and power on the remote control. Those are two features that i really just drove me crazy. When i was using the nexus player and that s one thing that i m not sure why google provided us with without an option to be able to at least shut. The box down or put it in suspend mode.

As opposed to just letting running daydream mode. All the time as far as lis not so good or not so kind of compatible things the streaming on the 4k. When you re running it as a chromecast. It has a little bit of a stutter when it first starts up.

And you have to kind of get through that and that s kind of a limitation that i hope they can fix. With software it is running android. 60 not android 70000. Like the nexus player but really with the ui that s built on top of it you wouldn t even know it.

Unless i told you that it was running android. 60 because the ui really aesthetically. Looks exactly the same as android 70. On the nexus player.

If you d like to see a comparison between the me box and the nexus player head to head. I d love to be able to do that for you guys let me know in the comments again the 10th nexus player is limited to 1080p so i d have to limit this to 1080p to be able to compare to apples to apples. Again just let me know in the comments. The last thing i want to mention to you guys is of course here we have you know 4k content.

Playback but it also is limited to 8 gigabytes of internal storage 51 of those are available for you so. Think of it. The fact that it s very limited in space. So you probably want to have a thumb drive or some kind of an external drive loading all your content on it videos and all of that stuff and it does stream.

Very good out of the usb port and you do get a full size usb in the back other than that let me know what you guys think in the comments below have you thought about the xiaomi box or the 4k box. It is currently available and from walmart. This is where i picked it up and i m going to try to give you guys the lis of the most recent links in the description below to get the best price. It was running about 69.

But had 76 with worth of offers so at the end of the day you definitely got a better getting this box. And i think. It s a much better experience as far as just enjoying content and upgrading your tv to be a real you know smart tv v. As usual.

Thank you very much for the support and i ll see you guys in the ” ..

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