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“What s up it s week four shall we fight and today we re looking looking at this she ll me outdoor bluetooth speaker with an ip fifty five rating ll compare it with the xiaomi bluetooth canon speaker as well as the ultimate ears boom how well is this speaker really well let s find out let s go in the box. You ll find a small instruction manual. That is in both chinese as well as english. Although this product is currently just released in china you find a usb cd usb cable and the speaker itself the speaker is about 15.

By 7 centimeters in size weighing about 380 grams. Giving it a pretty decent weight. It s got a nice orange carrying cord allowing you to hang it up and easily carry it the finishing and build quality feels really good when you hold it it feels pretty well od inside has got a very decent 2600 milliamp hour battery. That s good for around 8 hours of continuous listening time it goes with bluetooth 50.

Which is good to see and it s got an ip 55 raining pretty much making it rain and splash waterproof. It s got 360 degree sound meaning. It s got an omni speaker. That will be equally loud.

On each side of the speaker. Its functionality is pretty easy to understand on the bottom. It s got an on off switch and on the bottom side. You ll find a usbc connector for charging.

Which is behind this water seal. And that s also pretty nice you can rotate the top of the speaker. To increase or decrease. The volume.

You can pair. It over bluetooth..

With your phone laptop tablet or any sound. Source. That sends out a bluetooth signal. Really so very easy to set up you can connect it to a new device by powering it on and holding the power button for five seconds instead of three seconds.

So that it will not automatically connect to the last connected. Device. Additionally you can also answer calls and play and stop music by short pressing this power button as well so before we re going to listen to it and look at how waterproof this speaker. Really is how much does it cost well.

The xiaomi speaker. Came out in china for a hundred and ninety nine remin b. Which is around 28 us dollars. So around five euros at the moment you can buy these through the international resellers to which i ve put down some links in the video.

Description. Where they will go for a little bit more outside of china. Because their resellers. So now how does it sound well.

I ve played some of my music over this speaker and i must admit that it sounds pretty good. I did notice that the mid highs and especially the high sound. Quite sharp especially in his recording. I noticed there s some boosting going on in the 12th kilohertz region.

It does make it sound a little bit more than fine that make it sound a little bit more higher end. The bass and the lower frequencies are really quite powerful though and it does provide a pretty full and rich sound neck..

Now let s compare it to two other speakers here. I ve got the xiaomi cabin. Speaker and let s compare it with the ultimate ears boom. Which in terms of looks and size is somewhat similar.

So let s compare them so at first. I did notice that the boom sounds better in the low end especially in the recording. It is a bit fuller and the high end actually sounds a lot more exaggerated under xiaomi outdoor speaker. The xiaomi canon speaker is not really fair game here.

As it sounds very thin and very small so let s listen to that again starting with the boom. And then the outdoor speaker and the canon speaker so especially in his recording. It s clear that the boom has a deeper and fuller lower end and the chamois outer. Speaker has a louder high end making.

The snare drum sound a little bit thinner. In this example. I must say that when you play the chamois outdoor speaker. At full volume.

You do notice that the low end comes through quite good which in reality. When listening to it it doesn t sound all that bad for a speaker of this price now let s look at how well the speaker can handle water as it s got that ip55 rating. So here i m using a nozzle to spray some water on the speaker as its plane and just continues to play like nothing happened and this is exactly what it s supposed to withstand. So that s good no surprise that the ue boom handles this just fine as well so that s not a problem for neither of these speakers.

Now the boom can handle to be submerged in water for around 30 minutes. And i wanted to see how that compares even though dashami does not have a similar waterproof rating..

I was curious to see if it would hold up so here s the boom just doing a sting in water. No problem still playing no problem. So let s try that with the show. Me outdoor speaker.

So it seems to be doing pretty well until it didn t and it just stopped that s a look so i wanted to try it out once more with the boom for one of my shots and to my surprise. This shelly outdoor speaker just started randomly playing again wow. Although i should have been suspicious when it did not respond to turning a speaker louder and softer and after that it just died. And did a few crazy things before i could no longer turn it on so yeah the ip55 rating.

Does what it should do even though i kind of had some hopes it might survive being submerged if it was just shortly it did not and yeah. It s a waste that the speaker died this way i gotta mention. I did use it for what it s not intended. But i did it so that you don t have to and now you know what s up so now what do i think of this she ll me outdoor speaker.

Well overall. I do think this picker is pretty good its design looks really good it feels good in hand and the materials look and feel very well the sell. It is not the best speaker you ve ever heard. But it s not that bad either its low end in reality is not bad it sounds pretty good even though.

The higher frequencies seem a bit too present. It s not that bad in reality. And you gotta keep in mind. That this speaker is just a fraction of the price of what other speakers will cost.

And it does have this ip55 rating. Which prevents it from dying in the rain or maybe not when it s submerged..

But rain. It should be able to survive and for this low price you will get a very decent 8 hour battery life on a speaker. That does play pretty loud without distorting. Too much.

When you re playing at its max volume. So it s not that bad personally for its price. I do think. It s a very decent speaker.

And it might be a great speaker to pick up if any utter 200 speakers are not in your budget range. So that s about it for this shell. Me outdoor bluetooth speaker. What do you guys think.

This is something you are willing to pick up let me know down here in the comment section. What your thoughts are and if you re not subscribed to the channel. Yet know that you probably should because i m doing a ton of videos about products from xiaomi and xiaomi ecosystem right here on the xiaomi. 5 channel.

As always thank you guys for watching. And i hope to see y all soon purse. ” ..


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