Zelda Breath of the Wild on PC INFINITE AMIIBO S (check description)

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“Dareon complaining gamer here. Now amiibos have not been working. Very well impress the world world in steam ooh. So basically what was happening is you you were able to one per play.

Session. And then you have to quit the build there s a pretty cool program that someone has made so let s go through this together and i will show you how to use infinite. And me. Both okay so first things first in c mu.

Make sure that your input controller is set to the wii u. Gamepad. Then in the game itself what you re going to do is just go into the options and make sure that i mean what use amiibo is on okay now in game. We re going to go to our ruins.

Our amiibo ruin and activates. It now we re going to go to nfc scanner net c. And pick one of our amiibo files. Let s go with zelda okay.


So i ve already used my one limit for the day so what we have here is a breath of the lord inventory items memory editor now please correct me if i m wrong. But i think libra vr is responsible for making this so what we re going to do with breath. The word loaded. We re going to say scan memory.

Okay. So just give. It a second and here. We have the loaded scan.

This memory editor is capable of many different things. But we re just going to focus on amiibos okay so here at the bottom. It s on limit amiibo. We re going to tick that and literally that s all we need to do now look what happens.

If we go back to nfc scan. An fc let s go with zelda again boom. Amiibo worked. Okay.


Let s try it again. Nfc and zelda sorry. Let me make sure the rune is active nfc and okay zelda again let s activate the room let s try the guardian shall we as you can see in the memory editor. We have a few extra options like set shields to unbreakable bows and breaker.

All weapons unbreakable every person that has their individual limit. And my limit is just making amiibos work. Okay. I m quite happy to spam a few amiibos to get a few items plus.

I enjoyed the random drop my personal focus is about getting the game as close to the original as possible and of course on the switch. And the wii u. Amiibos work anything beyond that and i m personally not interested one thing. I should say is that whenever you use a save editor hex.

Editor memory editor. You take on all the risk and responsibility so before you start manipulating any files. I highly recommend that you do a backup of your complete c. Move and save just in case.


You need it as far as i know not every meebo is working accurately in terms of their nfc code. However amiibos in general are usable as i said we all have our own personal limits and mine stops with amiibos. I m not interested in putting the game into easy mode. I enjoy the struggle i enjoy items breaking.

I ve been having an absolutely fantastic time streaming this for you my friends so. There you go you have been warned any issues that come from editing are on your own shoulders. Now of course you could suggest save editing. Where you can basically create infinite items to your heart s content.

However that is not the way i want to play this game. Because if you start save editing and adding unlimited things it just you have already ruined the experience for yourself. So who is item spamming for in my pi on it s for people who are either lazy. Just want a quick experience or have very limited time as a final note.

The program itself does say experimental and it does suggest you may need to run the program as administrator. But for me i was over the moon. When i found the solution because now you can actually use amiibos. So.


There you go people a cool way to get amiibos to work as a final final note. I would like to let you know for the purpose of transparency after i closed my session using their memory editor. I suddenly had a lot of crashes in semo now. I never suffer crashes.

So this might have just been bad luck this might have just been coincidental but once again back up your files graphic packs. Saves everything that s important to you and then play with this memory editor. I m not entirely sure what was causing my crashes. But maybe it was a program conflict i ll provide all the links that you need down below.

So that will include the program and it will also include nfc bank. Which is where you get your amiibo files. I ve been the kalani gamer have an awesome day. I hope you enjoyed this have fun and ” .


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