ZTE Blade X from Cricket Wireless First Impressions

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“Guys welcome back to another video of show mange will so you might be thinking. Thinking. Wow. Zte is doing it again.

Cte is known for bringing out several devices might look alike. But there s actually a target audience for these devices. And this device is no exception. So as open the box here you can see that you re faced with some pamphlets sim ejector tool and the device also in the box.

You ll find your cricket sim card. Some manuals and charging. But let s put all that aside let s get to the device. This device is gonna look similar because well.

It kind of has a big brother and the big brother. I think will be this fall. There s a striking resemblance between the two and i think. This is a good thing so if you wanted the blade zmax and you thought it was too.

Big there s the blade. X this phone has a 55 inch display coming in at 720 by 1280. A 13 megapixel rear camera that shoots in 1080p. 2 gigs around at 3000 milliamp power battery this phone right now is exclusive to cricket.

I think it s probably a good it retails almost for about a hundred bucks. I believe and you do get an sd card slide..

It is an lcd display and i think this is gonna be a phone that might intrigue lots of people who are wanting the feel of this phone. But don t want the big size. So when i get phones. I definitely like to walk outside and test.

The camera immediately in my first impressions and that s what i m gonna do the first is back the back feels so good lots of texture lots of grip. You ve got a textured power button and you ve got your volume rockers here a rear mount a fingerprint reader sd card slot. Which doubles with the sim tray a headphone jack the noise cancellation microphone type c bottom firing speaker and another microphone on the front obviously you got your camera. There.

Which is a 5 megapixel this shoots in 720p and you ve got your heart buttons down on the bottom. The capacitive while the phone boots up. I think cricket. Has done a good job and and zte for that matter have bringing us phones.

That are affordable. But still pack a little bit of punch as phone does have a snapdragon 425. So it s gonna be a very nice feel of smoother software. Because zte software actually is close to stock.

So i m gonna get this fired up and then i ll show you this camera. So after you sign in and get the phone all set up this is what you ll be faced with it appears to be a stock experience like i said before and that s kind of the way. It is from zte devices. If i didn t say so.

This one has 16 gigs onboard storage and the sd card can take up to 256 gigs in. The slot also this is running..

711 out of box don t know if it ll get up to. 800. 77 that 11. Is good enough for now.

Let s take a look at the camera now here s the front camera indoors we re almost not perfect lighting. But this is really good lighting and i think this camera actually looks pretty good i hate to say it but it definitely looks better than might be thirty the thirties camera indoors is a no go but this is pretty good so there you have it this is the blade x from zte. Exclusively for cricket wireless at the moment. And i got to tell you i compared.

It to this device earlier as far as in hand and the texture on the bag. These pretty much feel the same the fan for read on here is actually pretty good. It s pretty fast. The fact that it has one at this price.

Point is actually really decent. The fact that zte sticks to giving premium features on devices that are under 150 bucks is actually pretty amazing. What you think about that rear camera in that front camera to my surprise. You know no shot at lg devices.

But you know the front camera on this phone is gonna need some work when you have a device like this and this and several other phones that i have that kind of outshine. It and it s pretty amazing this doesn t shoot in 4k or it doesn t shoot in 60 frames per second. But this is actually a really nice feeling phone and one thing. I noticed here that zte improved on which is a lot of their phones have a back firing speaker so with this device they actually improved on that and moved it to the bottom and in my full review.

I ll be sure to tell you how that feels and how that sounds. I should say i do have a lot of zte devices here and i ve just added this one to the catalog..

I m pretty excited to finally get this thing and how something waiting on it it feels really good. Yeah i know it s a 720p. Display but it. Is.

55 inches you know also i know that it s running. 711. It also has that dragon tail glass. Which a lot of people say scratches easy in my experience.

It does scratch. But not it doesn t scratch very quickly it doesn t scratch as bad as one would think there are they do have themes on here. And you know the things are it s just that one thing that you get and you know that s unfortunate. But it is what it is i wish there was a way to put things on here other than the zte beans.

But that s just what it is so you do have that auto bright. I ve got a lot of apps installed now so you do have the auto bright on here and let s get into the settings here and what you re gonna find is that this is pretty much a stock device looking at the settings here another thing. That it doesn t have is it doesn t have the five gigahertz band. I don t know why a lot of zt devices don t have the five year hertz band.

But you know that s something to be desired so more settings here out of the box. I ve installed a few things and of my storage. I did install some apps as you can see a lot of social apps. But i still have ten gigs used of the 16.

So that s kind of a disappointment. But i m sure this phone has adaptive storage and i m sure it won t be a problem..

You do have that meet pop menu that you have on most cte devices. And i think that ll be good so heading down to about you can see well you can see there it s running. 711. So this is a cricket.

Exclusive right now and i got to tell you after handling this phone for a while i m really gonna enjoy this and if you notice it has like this slate look all the way around it it s kind of like a black finish. This is actually a really sleek device. I would like to have seen at least a 1080p display on here but at this price point. I can t complain and did you see those cameras.

What do you think about those cameras. As you mange. Well. This is the first impressions of the zte blade x.

Exclusively for cricut. Right. Now a load to see this go unlocked. And also go to other carriers like metro and t mobile.

And any other company that uses a sim card. I ll see you guys in the next video. ” ..


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