Acer Predator AG3-605 Gaming Desktop Review

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“You love from people you trust. This is toys. I m father robert ballast. They they re the digital jesuit and this ghostly apparition behind me is the acer a 6 05.

It s the predator. The predator. A g3 605 series of desktops is a line of machines for the budget conscious. Gamer all laser predator share a no nonsense exterior with a black matte finish fiery highlights glossy front panel minimalistic styling and easy to access ports.

The top of the machine puts and reached the usual complement of i o an sd card reader two usb. 30 ports including one that always provides power for usb charging two usb 20. Ports as well as headphone and microphone jacks. The back of the a g3 605 has ports for power keyboard and mouse two additional usb.

30 two more usb 20. And gigabit ethernet the front of the machine has a slide away panel that hides a tray for holding your. Headphones when not in use as well as a single cold swappable 35. Inch storage bay inside the predator you ll find a well organized group of components.

Our review unit came with a nvidia geforce gtx 770 with two gigabytes of video memory and eight gigabytes of system memory. Though you can find predators. That are equipped with every flavor of nvidia and ati graphics. Part and between 8.

And 32 gigabytes of ddr3 sdram all a g3 is 6..

05. Desktops use an air. Cooled quad core intel i7 4. 7 7.

0 haswell cpu running at 34. Gigahertz sitting on top of a motherboard with 4 memory slots as well as a single pci express 16 slot. 2 pci express 1x slots and 2 mini pcie slots. One of those mini pcie slots is occupied by a wireless lan card that provides 24.

And 5. Gigahertz 802. 11. A b g.

And n. Connectivity. Storage for our review unit. Came in the form of a 1 terabyte.

Seagate barracuda. Hard drive. And a dvd rrw optical drive in benchmarking. Our review unit posted a 3d mark 11 score of 94 65.

We would have liked to have seen a bit more..

But the predator was held back by its 8 gigabytes of system memory and rotating hard drive. Our ag 3 6. 05. You are 39 posted above average benchmarks.

But enough with the specs and the benchmarking. The question is how did it run in a word. Fantastic our review unit play titanfall. Why i was shocked infinite goat simulator and pretty much every game.

We had in our steam library at the full 1920 by 1080 with all the eye candy turned on without as much as a hiccup game and level loads were slow again because of the lack of an ssd. But gaming. Itself was buttery smooth after 2 months of playing with our predator. Another thing became clear this is a quiet gaming desktop even running full tilt.

We had no problems leaving the machine on the desk. Without worrying about excess noise. Try that homebuilders yes. We also managed to get some great adobe premiere pro and after effects work done with the machine.

Though it could have benefitted from another 8 or 24 gigabytes of memory but let s be honest where the acer predator ag 3 605 line of desktops excels is in a pure fun no muss no fuss turn key gaming redditor in fact. The reason. Why it took so long for this review to be published. Is because the machine was adopted by twit.

Host and editor..

Brian burnett. Who developed a curious relationship with the predator. We tried to take it away from him a month ago but it was difficult the acer predator ag 3 605 series of gaming desktops is available now you can find them in. Configurations ranging from 800 to 1300.

Now on the pro side. The predator series of desktops from acer are fast and simple they truly are turnkey gaming solutions. You don t have to know a whole lot about gaming computers you just need to know what your budget is and what kind of machine you want to get the second thing is that it is quiet really quiet dead quiet. I ve built a lot of systems in my time trying to eke out the last bit of performance and i have to say this is fast.

But it s quite possibly the quietest desktop. I ve ever had as i said in the review. We ve kept this on our desk not underneath it because it just doesn t put out that much sound even when it s running at full tilt. Like that also on the pro side is the excellent value when you consider the components that go into this machine.

You d be hard pressed to eke out a little extra savings even if you were going to home build the machine. The last thing has to be the gamer friendly design everything from the handle to the pop out tray for your headphones. It screams attention to details for things that gamers want that the headphone think we thought it was kind of silly. But we ended up using it all the time and in fact brian burnett.

Had said that when he went home and and saw his headphones on his home pc lying on the desk. He realized how much nicer. It was to have everything in one big bundle now on the con side. I d have to say that the number one thing is the lack of an ssd now.

I know that this has a great price performance ratio..

But to call yourself a gaming desktop without an ssd it s going to leave a lot of people with the wrong impression of your product. Yes. I know it would raise the price. But i think it s worth it if you re going for the performance.

The second thing has to be the lack of flexibility it only has a 500 watt power supply. And it only has one time 16 slot. 4. Pci express.

Now i do like the two mini pci express slots. But still if i ever wanted to upgrade to say a 2 way an sli or you know a nicer video card that was gonna suck down more power. I d have to be looking at upgrading all the components and that s not gonna be for me now buy try or don t buy it gets a little tricky here. If you are a home builder.

If you re used to upgrading your system constantly you re not gonna be happy with this box. But if you are just a casual gamer if you re someone who likes a lot of performance and you want a box that s gonna last you a long time if you want something that can do mixed mode work. So you could use this on your desktop for your regular work. Without it sounding like a lawnmower.

Then i d say that the acer. A g3 6 05. Line of gaming desktops is an absolute buy. I m father robert palos air with before ” .


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