Amazing Budget USB Powered Speakers Creative Pebble 2.0

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“This is mike from mike s unbox reviews on how to and today. We re re going to be taking a look at the pretty cool creative pebble. 20 keep to find out more they crave pebble 20. These are a exceptionally cheap emergency.

Budget because they re cheaper than. Budget these are a 20. Speaker set for your mobile device your laptop your pc your workstation whatever it may be if it s got a 35. Million from a 1980s walkman up to modern devices gonna be absolutely fine obviously not an iphone without an adapter that would be different.

Anyway 20. Speakers. So two speakers now these are a little bit different they ve been designed a little bit differently. They look a little bit different and they actually sound a little bit different from most normal budget speakers.

My partner is the way that the speaker has been angled now if you take a look at the design. These have been designed with a kind of a zen theme in mind so they took the idea of the zen garden. Those rounded pebbles and boulders all that kind of stuff and they ve basically create a speaker of it so each one of these 22. Watts so 44.

Watts rms power. Which doesn t seem like a lot. But actually when you crank up they are actually pretty darn light frequency response from 50 hertz up to 20 kilohertz so a pretty wide range of sound a signal to noise ratio of 86 db. And all of this powered.

Without the use of a mains plug literally you ve got a usb. Plug you ve got 35. Milk. That s what you need so you don t have to carry around a power brick or i thought of that so if you re using these in your bag with a laptop.

Absolutely fine no problems at all even if you ve got one of those cheaper tvs like a 32 inch or 42 inch tv. And the sound is pretty poor plug your cds in use the built in usb ports or on the side of most of these tvs. And you ll dramatically increase the quality of your sound..


So let s take a quick look at the actual design of these. Which is basically what they re all about apart from sound. The looks are very important so as you can see these ones are in a kind of like a satin matte black also available in aids or pristine white. As well so.

If the the whole white theme is your thing like you ve got the mac that kind of thing. No problem at all if you ve got a slightly darker look and you want to keep it muted. Then these are perfect and with the kind of the the bronze or gold accents of the speaker. Things as she sets off really nicely with the creative labs logo.

Which is nicely printed on actually just one of the speakers so move right into the back you ve got a passive radiator. Which is what serves as a base port. So this is what gives you your lower frequencies and the dome on the front. Gives you that nice wide range crisp mids and highs on the base of the speaker.

You ve got a rubberized anti slip so when you put it down on the surface. It s not gonna move around and also that will help absorb some of the vibrations coming through the speaker especially it lighter volume levels so let s take a look at the other speaker. So this is your main speaker. This is one with all the wires coming out of it now the wire actually goes from this one through look unveil achill to the other speaker so they re not wireless.

They are wired. But the wire is actually pretty long you can easily get it to stretch across maybe a 42 inch tv. No problems whatsoever or maybe on a shelf or whatever it may be but for simple setups like a laptop or pc. Absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Now the cables are coming out of here like i said one of them goes to the other speaker. One of them goes to a usb type. A which is a 5 volt 1 amp this is what is needed to parodies and the other one is a 35. Milk.

Which i ve currently got plugged into this surface pro and speaking of which i ll plug into the service pro. So who s really being these as a speaker. We should test the mic..


See what it sound like now. This is the controller unit here. So you ve got an on off switch. And you ve got an led light on the front.

So you know when it s actually on or not and you ve got a rotary volume control nothing outstanding nothing digital. But more importantly nothing to go wrong. So i want to set these about 50 volume. The surface is set into headphone mode.

So when i unplug. It he ll be about set of speakers on board and well you ll get the general idea. So let s do some pretty simple sine tests. Now this is a video that i ve done recently of some zulu audio headphones.

So we ll go ahead and start listening to that i unplugged these first of all so you hear what it s saying like just coming out of the surface probe. Which surface pro s rush. You ve names are pretty decent speakers. So see what you think unboxing.

But if you d like to look at these and you want to win the black ones then all you re gonna need to do you don t have to subscribe. You don t have to do anything. But all i do ask you to do please so as pulsar gay. Now so you can see obviously that is a massively massively dramatic transformation.

Now don t get me wrong. The surface pro speakers in general do sound pretty good they re not a massive speaker. But if you ve ever owned a surface. You know that the speakers are actually not too bad and or equivalent of good laptop speakers.

So that s the song. An audio test you can get the idea. There so let s listen to some music..


Now and see what the difference is like there. And we ll do a similar sort of setup. So this is from the youtube audio library and this is from otis mcdonald. One of my favorites so let s listen to does it float again i m gonna unplug the speakers first of all so you can hear just what the rule sign would be like coming out the laptop itself so you get the idea.

Let s plug these in and see the difference. I m not sure if it s coming through. But there is actually a massively perceivable difference in the levels of based. Which is not entirely surprising because these are designed to be slightly bassy.

But the difference is actually very very noticeable and also if you can actually see the roofers moving all the radiators are moving let s turn up a little bit and even the lower volumes. Actually the sound is really nice still an element of bass to it so you still get that kind of the low downs. The mids are great and the highs are fantastic and because of the 45 degree angle of the speaker s is like coming to straighten some i like visual cortex and audio cortex. And it s all going on so it sounds great actually you can you can fine tune.

The same a little bit as well so when you ve got it set up at your desk. You can fine tune so if you prefer a wider separation of stereo you ll see you widen them out a little bit more or if you like it more focused century. Maybe you re listening some more audio or dialogue. Then maybe that would be a better setup.

If you listen in society with stereo separation. Maybe game in you ll definitely be able to hear it so stereo separation of footsteps gunshots all that kind of thing so speaking of which i suppose it wouldn t be wouldn t be right to really not see a movie trailer as well and see what those would say like because chances are the reason you re buying these and maybe. So you can watch movies and get a little bit more fidelity out of the reproduction. So this is a older trailer.

This is from 2012. And this is the avengers assemble. So it s have a quick listen to that so that is hopelessly outgunned. More great signs so let s plug in his headlight plug in the speakers gain massive massive difference and the separation.

There between the beats of the drama or and you can feel the base of iron man going right through the table then why that s what we call ourselves earth s mightiest heroes right. I just saw that there before i get a copyright strike. But definitely that was actually massively impressive iron man s rockets or whatever you want to call them when they were firing off..


You can actually feel it all the way through this desk surface just unlike here sheet desk. But it s actually the whole thing was resonating so i think watching a full movie in this which is what i am gonna be planning to do these are gonna be a game changer and for less than 20 pounds in the uk at the moment. These are on special offer at creative labs for 1899 1899. What s that that s a cost of a round of drinks and the pub.

What would you rather have a couple of drinks in the pub or have some wicked audio for you or pc. Or for your laptop or for maybe your mobile phone or something. Maybe you want to put it listen to your mobile phone. At home plug in put surfer app.

On and listen to the music and get involved in the music. Anyway. I ve waffle on for far too long. But hopefully i ve given you some food for thought for me these are actually brilliant actually we re awarded by one of the uk publications rewarded speaker of the year.

So i ll put some links to that as well you can check out the links at creative labs and check my for yourself. I think they re fantastic for the money you cannot go wrong for less than 20 pounds. They re amazing the sound quality is great the bass is great there s nothing like i m really complaining about it. The only thing i probably would complain about if anything is the cables.

But you can t we have sound right cables. Unless you spend a lot a lot more. Money. Anyway this has been the creative.

Pebble. 200 bin mic. This is mike s unboxing reviews in how to and hopefully we ll catch you in the ” ..


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