AMD A12-9800 – Why does it exist?!?

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“Is up people my name is timmy joey. I make videos on the internet for for you how s it going so we are here we are currently running a let s talk. I m holding this apu box. This is the you know athlon 9800 or a12.

9800 apu. So this has integrated r7 graphics. Wha hoo and you know it s cheap it s like 60 bucks. So what is this well it s an older architecture that they put on a newer architecture for what reason.

I don t know because we re here for another episode of why does this exist yeah. I don t know i ve been praising amd for their amazing processors over the last little while i know that their gpus are different story. But it seemed like they could do no wrong with risin risin. 7.

Huge success rise in 5. Even better rise in 3 great for this low end segment doesn t have integrated graphics waiting for an apu that has integrated graphics with the zen architecture and then they released this and leaves everyone shaking their heads. Because it not only sucks. It sucks just about as bad or worse.

Than it used to when it was on the am 3 platform. Am3 and you know i m just struggling to find a good video to do because everyone s already done benchmarks on this and prove that it s wrong well. I m here to tell you ok then you shouldn t buy it definitely not because you can go to your local thrift store. Your local whatever you can go to your local pawn shop.

And buy a core 2 quad. Or you can maybe buy you know. One of their older. Ap use or you know something you know even half decent for 60.

And you ll probably be better off a full system ok instead of buying this chip for 60. And then buying an e m. For motherboard just go spend 60 you know on craigslist and buy some crappy computer. Because you re going to get the exact same experience and the one factor that might help you on both platforms.

Here is a solid state drive notice that both these systems have solid state drives on them. What that does is it makes windows snappy and all your browsing snappy and your words snappy and that s all you re going to be doing on these things anyways but you know hey this has our 7 graphics..

We ll get to that in a minute because you know we need to talk about the system. I made well if you ve been looking at the you know score here just about 300 on intel core 2 duo quad q6600 this is a quad core without hyper threading cpu that is 10 years old. I mean. It s actually a little more q1 2007.

That was announced it has four gigs of ram on it ace ddr2 almost at sd ddr2. Okay and my other little system over there it has 4 gigs as well so they re very evenly matched how evenly matched. You ask well. This is the other system.

Wow save you the trouble of. Running cinebench through. Here but. Stock it 38.

Gigahertz. 33. 31. 30.

Point. Difference. So what the hell were they thinking watching this. I just i can t even think of why if you want to sell some computers with this in here.

You re doing a huge disservice to people. Because you just had a range of awesome processors come out and instead of putting a rise in three. And you know maybe one of these or this is a 560. A 550 and you know a prebuilt computer at best buy or staples or whatever what have you you re gonna put this thing in here with integrated graphics and you know sell it to somebody.

It s gonna give people a bad idea of what andy s capable of just save the silicon. That s think they already had the dies made or something they re recycling dies. I have no idea why they made this it s it s terrible okay so let s just quickly switch back you re gonna say well. It s got integrate graphics to me.

Joe that s where you get the gaming performance well yeah okay okey dokey. But let s just load some stuff here..

I m a load steam. We ll roll a little rocket league and we ll rope will load fraps and you know i know this is kind of an impromptu ii type video. But you know i want to make sure we re doing this just cause because there is a reason. Why you don t necessarily want to just grab an old system because esports kind of tidal ease.

You know they exist so 60 frames a second at 720p let s just throw her up. There. I was testing something that would have made a little more sense for 720p in a second. But with this same hard drive let s switch this over reply.

So you want to play rocket league you want to play something fun with this this radeon r7 graphics. Let s see what what happens all the settings are turned down and we re barely hitting you know acceptable frame rates for a game like this so is it playable at 1080p low settings. I guess yeah looks it looks alright right 41 frames a second this is what random gaming hd. Would call like the best experience ever no it s you know it s it s alright.

It s hard to play it with the setup that i ve got because there s such a delay on the monitor there but oh timmy drawer scored there we go so you can play rocket league with this there is a case to be made that you might want to play really low setting some esports title with the integrated graphics. This thing has because when we jump over to this system. I will admit and it s not it s gonna be weird about me launching rocket league i bet. But we re gonna try so all right rocket league is open on the q.

6600 and we ll see here that this is actually the same settings. It s all everything low. But we re on 720p now and it looks a lot worse. Let s go to exhibition.

And we wanna create a match. We see here that even at 720p. The q. 6600 integrated graphics.

Really having a hard time playing this game. This is barely even you know i would say acceptable for me to be showing you on youtube a little unplayable. We re hovering around you know. Twelve frames a second and i m about to score on myself there we go.

But yeah. This is the q 6600 integrated graphics..

It has a really hard time doing anything i m actually really surprised. This is even working half decently like able to you know play and show you guys. But you get my point here okay. Neither of these are going to be very good for playing video games.

And you could edge out a very tiny little bit better of an experience with the you know apu from from amd right now. But i really highly recommend get a rise in three and get a real graphics card or look online for some sort of use situation because you know this is all stuff you can find right now 10 year old intel parts for like dirt cheap and you slap. Some you know gtx 750ti on there or this is a rx 560. You know you can get rocket league and csgo going definitely with one of these and i ll prove that right now.

There we go we have the rx 560 installed in the intel machine okay and we ve seen me of rocket loaded and we re gonna see here. Let s go down to a chignon. There we go video or i put this up to 1080p boom high quality fly whoa 60 frames a second. We re hitting the frame limiter now on this old 10 year old cpu ooh.

I bet. I could even spike all of the graphics up so here we go proof that you should find some old crappy computer and buy some mid range graphics card. And maybe you can have some really fun time playing esports titles where an apu like this it gets terrible fps. Okay.

I m sacking like 30 to 45 with all the settings on low in rocket league. And that makes it you pretty much so you have to buy a gpu anyways. Okay. I m not even gonna put the gpu on there and prove that the performance is the same because with this four core.

Okay intel product that has two generations of all ddr2 memory in it we re getting a really awesome playable experience in rocket league here. And we just added a gpu that needs some external power and it s fairly inexpensive around you know hundred bucks or so i would even say you know go with the 550 or a 750 ti. You know you can find our 750. Out.

There that s super super cheap. But find this that s the whole point of this video is there s a million other better options especially when you used hardware market then getting into you know this just for the sake of getting into a m4. So you can upgrade to rise them later save the extra 40 and bio rise in three then okay. And i know you re gonna need a gpu.

Then but go out and find some crappy gpu to just plop in there until you can afford one because this experience here is way better with a 10 year old cpu. Okay..

A quad core at 3 gigahertz and 4 gigs of ddr2 ram running with a newer graphics card then you re throwing it all together on an am 4 platform. Why does this exist. I m not watch timmy. Join instagram and twitter.

I have a contest. It s up here. It ll be under the video you could subscribe to me follow me on twitter or retweet and comment and win some swag so okay. There s a graphics card rising 5 ssd up for grabs as well as help me hit 20000.

Subscribers. I don t forget when i do that we re going to be water cooling less red river pc and we re gonna do some more stuff with this but i thought rather than you know do a bunch of benchmarks and super reviews on this thing. I m gonna say. It was barely even worth the time for me to buy this and make a video about it.

Because number one a bunch of people already did and proved. It s pretty terrible. Number. Two i had this.

Core 2. Quad. 16 you know key 6600. Laying around and if i really wanted to do a video about something should have just done it about that because this is a pretty cool little computer.

It actually is really really snappy and i d say it s an indistinguishable experience between the apu in this even. Though you know. It s a fruit of 10 years old. And it all has to do with hooking up a solid state drive to it okay.

I ll see you guys in another video. Thanks very much for watching me blather and don t forget the contest at watch timmy joe on twitter. And i ll see you guys a little bit later i m gonna play rocket league all by myself ” ..


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