AMD Ryzen CPUs Currently Come with EXCELLENT Game Bundles

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“Guys and welcome back to who s your hardware. Today. I want to highlight a a few pretty great deals on rison 3000 series processors notably the 3900 x. Is stock around the internet.

So if you re wanting to pick one of those up these are in stock. And there are actually a couple of ok deals on the. 3900 x but really the lower. End.

3600 3600. X. 3700. X.

3800. X. Those cpus. There are some really solid values out.

There right now especially on new way and none of these links that i m going to point you in the direction of our affiliate links so to cover my bases here we do have a sponsor so you have an amazing pc. But no software to go with it today s sponsor gvg malcolm has you covered right. Now you can pick up microsoft office. 2016 professional plus.

For 20 off the already low price of 3742 with this count code hhw. You can also load up your pc with all kinds of other games and software and getting 3 off site wide with discount code hhg links are in the description down below so for the moment we re gonna set aside the 3900. X and focus on the lower end 3600 and right now in most places. If you re looking for a rise in 3600.


It s gonna cost you right around 195 dollars. Though if you re willing to go through ebay and these are brand new at least they re listed as brand new right now you can get a risin 3600. For 185 dollars with free shipping to your door. Now obviously you ll likely have to pay some more in taxes as.

Well if you re talking about a us. Customer. And that sort of thing. But 185 free shipping.

That s about the lowest price that i ve seen on a brand new rise in 3600. So. If you re just looking for that then that s a great value and off you go to ebay to purchase that link down below and really all these links will be down below. But if you re looking for some goodies maybe you want a little bit extra with your purchase you can spend just a hair more by going over to newegg and purchasing these same rise in 3600 and you will spend on newegg about twelve dollars.

More it looks like the actual price is about 10. More and actually it s gonna be more like 13. Because the shipping is three dollars. Unless you have newegg premier.

But for that extra 13 dollars you get the processor. But you also get a free gift. Though since we re paying more for it it s not truly free in this case. If you re not going for the ebay deal.

But you do get three months of xbox and game pass with your purchase of your wise. And cpu. So you will get access to several pretty solid pc games to check out for about three months and then if you like that service. You can stay onboard.


I think right now the introductory price of xbox game pass if you re just doing the pc side of things is five dollars. Though i believe it goes up to ten dollars eventually per month. But it s a great way to get started in pc gaming. Especially if you don t have a games library.

Maybe. This is your first gaming pc. You re building. This is a great way to have games from the get go by getting this particular bundle from newegg and from here on out we re gonna actually stick to these new egg bundles because right now amd has some really solid offers to make these rising cpus.

Which in my mind all right better than the intel counterparts anyways a little bit more enticing for example. If you jump up to the 3600 x. You actually still get those three free months of the xbox game pass on pc. You re paying two hundred and forty dollars though instead of 195.

But you also get an extra goody on top of that game pass you can pick between either borderlands. 3. Which extremely well reviewed game or the outer worlds. Which has also been really positively reviewed.

So in addition to those three free months of game. Pass. You re gonna get an actual game that you get to keep forever with this purchase. And that s on top of clock speed gains that you get with the 3600 x.

Over the 3600 as well as a better cpu cooler. So for that extra about 45. You actually get quite a few goodies on top of it that if you re interested in one of those two games may make it worth it to jump up to the 3600 x. Now.


If you re looking for an even more powerful cpu and gaming setup. In general. The 3700 x. Offers the exact same goodies game pass as well as one of those two games you re looking at three hundred and thirty dollars.

Though that still is a solid add on for an already great processor. But if you re looking for a little bit better clock speeds again possibly a little bit more head room with an. Overclock if you jump up to the 3800. X.

You get the game pass and both of those games. Free with your purchase. So you re gonna be jumping from three hundred and thirty dollars all the way up to three hundred and ninety dollars. So i don t know that it s really worth it unless you are actually going for the the clock speed improvements as well as wanting both of those games.

Because if you do plan on purchasing both of those games. And you re looking at the 3700 x. The 3800 x. Is the no brain upgrade.

Because you re on pay about the same for that extra game that you re not getting with a 3700 x. Anyways. And the same offer then applies to the 3900 x. You re gonna get both of those games.

As well as the three months of game. Pass included. So there s a lot of combos going on right now with newegg with those amd cpus to give you great value for the money you re already investing. It s already in my mind speaking of really any of these rising ships compared to comparable.


Intel chips at least comparable in terms of cores and threads. Because the pricing of rising chips is significantly. Then intel s right now to begin with these combos just make it that much better if you re looking into buying one of these amd cpus. So i ll leave all these links down below in case.

You ve been interested in getting on board with team red as far as building a gaming pc. But right now these cpus while the price is still very near msrp and what was originally launched back in july. These add ons do definitely add value to your rig. If you re putting together an a b gaming system.

So i do want to know from you guys of course are you looking more team red or is team blue where you re actually looking for your gaming pc and especially. If you re looking team really red or blue here let me know what model of cpu you re actually looking into because if a lot of people are looking at one cpu in particular that d be something for me to definitely check out and of course. If you liked this video. And you want to get a little bit of an alert on some of these veteran values that come across whether it be new ag amazon or other places.

In general ebay. As was the case here. Let me know all those thoughts down below. As well as liking sharing subscribing.

All those things do help out the channel. A lot you can follow me both on instagram and on twitter. At who s your hardware and as always all at youtube cue up a couple more videos from my channel for you to watch. I m shane with who s your hardware.

I ll see you guys in the next video. ” ..

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