amiibo Emulator N2 Elite (Amiiqo) Review

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“There lovely people it s alex from nintendo. Live here and once again it s s time to look at some dandy new hardware. This time. We re looking at notorious little device the amico or as it s now called the end to elite.

I ve just got an older model. I think if your powers of deduction haven t already deduced that it s something to do with these little numbers. It s something to do with these little numbers essentially this device will let you replicate the function of any amiibo just watch..


But before you go rushing out to backup your amiibo collection. You re gonna need a bit of equipment first the easiest way to do this is to use an android smart phone with nfc capabilities and the accompanying app. But i don t have one of these in my disposal. So i use this this is a usb reader designed for the device that works with windows and os 10.

I m not gonna go into huge detail about the software. But suffice to say that it works and it does the job even if it s not hugely intuitive. But can you hear that no that s not a mega yarn yoshi amiibo that is the elephant in the room..


Because yes. This device can be exploited to replicate amiibo that you don t own now. I m not gonna bang on about whether or not you should download amiibo data load them onto this device and therefore essentially steal amiibo but suffice to say that we re nintendo life do not condone such actions and i know for a fact that i will not be doing that with this device moral mutterings aside. This thing does have a number of useful applications for example.

If you re heading over to a friend s house. And you want to bring one of your amiibo along for some sort of crazy super smash bros action. Then you can just take this instead and it really slim s things down expanding upon this idea..


What if you wanted to take multiple amiibo with you well this little number can store up to 200 different amiibo into this tiny little form factor. You simply hold in this little button when tapping your amiibo and it ll cycle to the next figure stored in his fangs. As you can plainly see here in truth. This is quite a nice little device.

But if you re going on holiday or even just a long train journey and you want to take some amiibo along for some spicy 3ds action this is a really solid investment it digitizes your amiibo down to their roars form and that it does at least. Very very well if you do want to pick one up then you can click that link down there in the description. Whenever you re ready we re not going to rush you into anything thank you so much for watching..


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Thank you again for. Watching bye bye ok oh we re good i just unplugged my microphone or whoopsie doodles ” ..

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