Anthem – ALL MONSTERS & FACTIONS we know so far !

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Enjoy the video guys alright. What s going on guys willis gaming here we re back again with another anthem video hope you guys are enjoying the anthem content like i said guys i m gonna be keeping you guys up to date with all of the latest anthem news. Gameplay and anything that gets released. I can share with you guys in this video guys.

We re gonna be taking a look at all of the enemies. We ve seen so far in anthem. If they ve been shown in a video game play or even in the background of something every single enemy. We ve seen so far.

It s probably gonna be in this video. So definitely drop a like down below it really does help the channel out if we get this video to 3000. Likes that would be awesome and if i miss any enemy that you ve seen that i haven t mentioned feel free to leave a comment down below. And i ll definitely check it out with that being said guys let s jump straight into the video.

So before i explain the different types of enemies in the game. I kind of want to go over the story of it and just explain what this world is what these enemies are and why they re here. So basically the beginning of the creation of the planet. How did this planet come to be because this planet isn t it if you didn t know this is another planet that humans have inhabited so ages ago god s known as shapers use these massive and powerful pieces of a technology to command.

A force called the anthem of creation these tools pretty much allowed the gods. The shapers they re called to terraform the planet to potentially prepare it for new life. But one day for an unknown reason these gods vanished and left. They re pretty much tools the godlike tools shaper relics.

I think people are calling them untouched and basically just laying around in the world and pretty much nobody was around to control these tools and pretty much they would trigger randomly..

And they would create a hostile environment on the planet. And basically it would be really hard to survive on the planet. Because obviously this planet isn t earth. And yeah.

It s very hostile terrain if you go into this world. Without a exosuit or one of these javelins. So yeah. The enemies mainly in this game are basically faction.

So to say that want to take the power of these tools of the gods left behind and somewhat harness the power some are alien invaders. They re actually humans and obviously you have these massive titans which i ll go into depth bit more so let s start off with one of the main factions in the game called the dominion. They re pretty much another human faction and they re an emerging threat. They come from the northern kingdom.

So they are other humans in this world. Some are hostile. And some are friendly like the people of tarsus. Which is the main city for us and they re pretty much an aggressive faction.

The dominion. They want to capture and harness the shaper technology for themselves to do what i have no idea and we haven t really heard much or seen any gameplay of the dominion. But they are in the game. They are humans so maybe they have exosuits of their own i ll throw a screenshot up on screen right now of maybe this could potentially be a dominion.

I don t know. But it does have some sort of humanoid figure in some sort of like more advanced access to it kind of looks like but this is just me speculating. It couldn t even be at the minion. I have no idea it could just be one of the alien factions.

But this could potentially be a dominion. So next we have the scars. These are pretty much the alien invaders of the world you have scrappers you have elite scrappers you ve got a legendary enforcer. So right here we have an enemy.

I wouldn t really call it an enemy..

It s probably just a scar. One of the alien invaders in a turret is called a scar turret which is pretty much an alien turret yes. I wouldn t really call it a like an enemy type it s just a turret so yeah and that s pretty much all the ones. I ve managed to pick out so pretty much they ve come to this world.

They not inhabitants of this world. They have basically invaded this world. And they have come to capture the shaper technology and use it for themselves maybe for their own planet. Oh.

And i totally forgot as well. I m literally just throwing this in right now. I just seen it in my game. Place.

There s what these ones call hunters. They re pretty much flying scrappers. I m guessing you re gonna have to do like aerial combat with them like if they fly away and stuff. So.

That s pretty interesting too. The scrapper is pretty much the little grunt you ve got an elite scrapper maybe just one up from that a legendary enforcer. Which looks like this some sort of like robot thingy that was like running in what in some gameplay it looks pretty crazy and yeah next we have titans. So there are actually two different types of titans.

There could be more but we have not seen them yet um first of all you ve got the ash titan. Which is shown in this gameplay right here iii. So the massive hulking figures. We don t really know much about them.

But they re very like big tall they re pretty much a few stories high. But honestly i don t think there ll be a problem for us considering we can fly around them they have some sort of like energy. That s like resonating in their chests. Which from the gameplay looks like they can actually shoot a massive laser out of their chest.

Which is pretty insane they look very heavily armored so you re gonna need to use your ultimate your rockets everything to kill this thing um and yeah in this screenshot here we can actually see another type of titan..

I don t know if it s the same one the one we just saw in the gameplay. Looked black. This one is kind of like green and foresti looking maybe this could be like a rock one or like um maybe like a forest titan. I don t even know what they could call it mountain titan maybe i don t know.

But this definitely looks a lot different from the one we saw in the gameplay. But maybe they re gonna have different abilities. I m not sure whether or not you re gonna have to use different elements to kill different ones like i said i m not sure but the so far we ve seen two different types of titans. So another type of faction is called the sentinels we honestly don t really know much about these.

But i m gonna throw this screenshot again here of this sort of like max suit guy this could be a sentinel. It does kind of look like something that would be a sense and like don t know we don t really know much about them all we ve heard of them is from like interviews and like articles. We haven t seen any gameplay. But there is a screenshot here which could be a sentinel they look very high tech.

The mech suits look way better than ours they look way more futuristic and they look awesome. But yeah other than different like i guess levels of enemies. I think i ve covered pretty much every enemy. That s been shown in a gameplay since last iii bar.

1. Which is probably this monkey boy. I m just gonna call him. He s from the 2017 gameplay whether or not it was a scrapped idea i don t know but he kind of looks like a massive gorilla type creature sort of like a more mobile titan that runs on all fours looks very tanky and i would not want to get up close to him.

We don t really know much about him it could just be a bigger sort of enemy in the open world. But it does look very interesting and then bar from that you ve got these lower like animals running in the background like wolves. Whether or not they re hostile. I m not sure so another type of enemy.

We did see at the end of the 2018 and some gameplay is this thing called a swarm tyrant. It s pretty much a massive spider whether or not the swarm is a type of enemy like the hive in halo where they re kind of like spiders and stuff. But judging from people who have actually played the game and interviews and stuff like that and obviously watching the gameplay. It s a massive giant spider.

It has armor it s very mobile and can crawl and jump around um..

It can also shoot webs. Which will also trap you and your javelin buddies from an interview which i read as well it can also command an army of smaller spiders to actually attack you in the fight. Which sounds really awesome. So obviously you re gonna have to stay mobile and obviously not jump on the ground.

Obviously you can t fly forever. So you will need to be on the ground for a bit. But yeah. This is thing is called the the swarm tyrant whether or not there s gonna be like i said an enemy type called the swarm.

We don t know. But yeah. That s pretty much all of the enemies like i said have been shown. I m hope you guys enjoyed the quick little video definitely drop a like and obviously subscribe to the channel.

If you guys don t forget to enter that razor laptop giveaway i m gonna leave you guys with some gameplay now of ansem from the 2018 gameplay if you haven t seen it already i recommend you watch it because it looks like an awesome game. Yeah. I ll see you guys in my next video. This has been willis gaming and peace return them to the relic.

You ve got to silence. It fast. It s got silence disaster overseas. Do you think we get a bonus for wait.

Something s happening. What the hell was that i think that was whatever laid all the eggs around here. The sound came from below your position on the plus side this definitely counts toward hazard pay. There s a trainer this acid gunk leading ” .


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