Battlefield Hardline – Random Moments

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“Want to come for the back room throwing frag thanks get you a ghost over over on the corner again welcome the hardline fish with the days. Well hectic. Youn t have to light this car up. You promised.

Me. Oh god a big wreck. No we are taking a break paint the big rig got a dog he s making guys you carnival suspects in cold. I m not driving what uh.

I recited did we keep butchers near allegan just hanging out. Don t worry get gas tags one down may as well just call this one domination. This isn t even conquest. Small.

There are large vehicles on those maps of those. Dear diary come out. I don t think. The suit is good either.

It s slow. It s the problem so around the back the other ninety or still would never decide to do it definitely going to try to do it one never goes down. I need the p90 for an operator ones on the roof. Got that one carly got that one ready make it to you big buzz.

Believe that s a small way to this all right. I know we re in a stir. I m just sitting into your gas close he is on fire ruud do this tear gas that s done that s the steve superfast and not to make people play this game so hard to find us either. Why am.


I not using the sledgehammer because it takes too long it s like finding up this is this massive melee if it feels very underwhelming. I d rather use something quick like a knife for placement on weight got that one i stole my kill i kind of wish i did rest different i m glad your resume oh that s gary s dad hey i need a bad kid all right max me too i think this blood money felt more frantic in the first beta. It does now i don t know what it is i saw what money yeah. I mean i still like it too.

But you know what i m saying. Yeah. Kill that guy rev thanks stare at their suck. Goddammit like cereal.

Meds. Done bullshit. Right. That s fine gumshoe.

Be is not ours. Once up top in the bridge versus coming up in their vault post slap. It s going on them it see it s all blurry. I got one the other one over there by the rock shop who put the mindray beyond do you to dispatch wow.

Sandstorm or the holy god run above us oh. I got my god i got not one more elsewhere. I got this guy yes. Oh don t look so close music.

I m not quite there laughing you guys both got beard. I didn t get it wait what used to be the town record for support is anybody now in the beta. No probably cause this got skill. I said.


He s right here. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh they re all dead.

We. Want her. Happy. You want to steal anything from no i m well.

He s gonna catch this here. Definitely played all right right zach as one kodos. A little fake out game. Asked me to come down get you a big one here s some help you oh my god back up a bit other car here s jordan still alive and well you re stewing for the first beta down.

He s anytime. Just no more. There emma gasps. Emma gasps.

Oh yeah come on dolph come out go. He s still more down. There. One more on the right one.

More. Thank. You i am. So gasps.


Oh. Oh. Huh gemma. There you go you re saying.

Them. Just a big copycat. Radek yep all right you bet. I m gonna have to go with a mo make a head shot.

It yeah. Let s let them off. Wow. I m.

A businessman come. Here. Come here. Oh yeah.

Frag never mind this mumbles that score a lot. What is this they re honoring these flags are counted by the way. Oh maybe a braddock wasn t so greedy. When it came to killing people.

What bro you shot head. Unless you oh yeah. I was feeling it more often than not you don t have the ability to be revived because i don t know like a lot more or less. Though scouts scouts all right boys.


I want to make a video about a scout as soon as i get up be like hey you know that a game that has the recons in it yeah. The recons have a lot of diversity in their weapon selection guts. So don t as the scout elite and the scout elite and the tech. 9.

And the scout elite feature. A meritorious approach. Before from wool. Oh don t you love it instead.

No. No no. Oh you re not using the scout elite in astoria. You like losing.

Like getting slaughtered fuckin. Msa for that guy s only using the back gunner. What is that from badger your text message so it s kim possible what do you think it was why would we know that impossible the iconic rinku let s know right away sorry. I don t watch shit to your shows.

Yo kim possible s great show by your own mouth. Impossible is the greatest show and you know who her sidekick was come on music you have to know. This. No.

No no stop oh really no impossible ron stop oh kind of a shame. Okay scout leeet s ” ..

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