BeoVision Eclipse 4K, OLED, HDR, Smart TV

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“John from bangor olsen in manchester. The shutters are down behind me and the shop shop is closed because it s a bank holiday here in the uk and i be at home today. But i m committed committed and dedicated to showing you the new beer vision eclipse should we get on with it not even. Wearing a shirt.

Today. So bo vision eclipse. This is our first tv with the lg partnership. And it s a very welcome partnership in my opinion.

Because this thing is absolutely gorgeous. It s an oleds set with 4k hdr and dolby vision. Available in 55 and 65 inch versions. So that lovely 4k oled screen sits on top of the bang.

Olufsen sound center. So that includes a three channel active loudspeaker. A center left and right and the sound quality is i ve got to say it s better than the be a vision of ant and the avant is good so the sound center deals with the bo link multi room so it ll link to all the products like bo sound moment bo ssam 1. 2.

Etc in different. Rooms you ve also got an integrated 71. Surround sound module weesa wireless technology..


So if you can t want to connect two additional baingan olsson loudspeakers you ve also got airplay bluetooth dlna and chromecast built in all you ever need really so to deliver that awesome sound performance underneath that lovely speaker grille. You ve got a one inch tweeter with its own 50 watt amplifier. You ve got two two and a half inch full range drivers. Both with a 50.

Watt. Amplifier. And you ve got 3 4. Inch mid range base drivers each with their own 100 watt digital amplifier.

So honestly. The sound is fantastic. The speaker cover is available and all sorts of colors and finishes so on the 55. I ve got the cloth that s the actual purple heart cover.

I ll put a link in the description. So you can see all the colors available and then on the 65 inch. I ve got the rather glorious aluminium cover. So there are three mounting options from launch.

You ve got here the planetary floor. Stand so it s handy. If you want to bring the tv away from the wall..


It s been really useful if you ve got your tv next to a chimney breast or something like that you can bring the tv away from the wall and point the tv towards your furniture rather than pointing all your furniture. Towards a static tv. You ve also got a static wall brackets all sit still on the wall. Or you ve got the motorized wall bracket like you can see here.

So that again like the floor stand can turn out with different presets. So you can have a non in an off position or you can call up any sort preset with the remote control and thanks to its web os operating system. It s a proper smart tv. So you ve got all the uk catch up services like iplayer itv for on demand channel.

5. And you ve got amazon and netflix. As also a built in media browser fee photos. Videos and music.

And you ve got built in tune. In deezer. And spotify controllers taken care with with the lovely beer remote one bluetooth. So it s two way communication.

So it knows what the tv has configured and all the buttons are accessed with the tv or the music button. It s also gives you control of all your favorite devices like skyboxes. Virgin apple tv..


And all that kind of thing. So we ve got excellent smart. Tv. Amazing sound brilliant connectivity.

What s the picture like well no surprises really. It s fantastic. I ve not even had to change any of the settings. The oled gives superb black levels it sharp.

It s clearer and more importantly. It s natural a lot of oled screens. I ve seen have been overly garish with the colors and overly bright. But this gets the balance just right.

It s super natural colors easy to watch. I m good to go out in and say i think it s possible on the best tvs. We ve had to buy an olsen buy for ha and if you re a bit of a bang. Olsen nerd.

Like me i always like to know where the naming came from so beer vision eclipse refers to the two bodies. So you ve got the sound master and the screen. Which attach together and also the absence of light because of the oled screen..


It s the absence of light giving it tastic black levels. So there you go so. If you near manchester pop in to see me beer vision. Eclipse.

Is it s rather sexy to be honest. Super slim design. Awesome sounds. Amazing connectivity.

The smart tv is fantastic. It s fast and snappy and connects to your multi room. System and one remote control. What more could you need so popular see me and have a demonstration.

You won t be disappointed or if you nowhere near me in manchester just pop to your local b o dealer. I m sure they ll we re happy to help any questions leave me a comment down below and you ll see me in the next. ” ..


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