Cable #152-154 The Newer Mutants vs Gideon Epic Conclusion!?

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“How s it going everybody thanks for checking out exile state comics. I m justin justin doing a review here and it s a massive review. We re talking about cable ketchup cable ketchup. So we re gonna get caught up on three issues of cable here we got to make sure that you you out there.

Know what s going on with cable since i don t think a lot of people are buying this book. But it s actually a really fun ride. So we re gonna be talking about cable. 152.

153 and 154. All part of the newer mutants storyline. That s been going on as cable has kind of plucked these x men. Out of time basically to go back.

13 years and solve this issue that s popped up with these externals being killed off one by one in their hearts being ripped out it s insane. It s insane so like i said thanks so much for checking out the channel. It s your first time here go ahead and like subscribe do that kind of fun stuff. If you would that would be wonderful okay so first.

We ll go ahead and talk about cable issue 150 to give a little time in between each. And i ll give the plugs at the end so make sure you stick around at the end to hear what s going on and what s coming up. And what s all around on the youtube right okay so first off. We re gonna talk about issue.

152. A good bit of stuff happens in this alright first off. We get cable and doop and armor. But you know borrowed a black bird from daddy cyclops and are going to meet up with everybody else shatter star tells the cable that blink is now working for celine.

But she s in kind of weird state cable and the group though fine gideon in colorado. But look gideon s are old and stasis nope gideon s back give me zone nineties tastic. What are you gonna do so. That one s pretty nice.


I will tell you that that that in a nutshell is this you 152 of course at the end. There s a big battle with gideon bringing in these scrappers. Which are humans from the distant future or remnants or something that s left over on earth from the distant future and he also has this like huge tank are like a hallway. Will say a hallway full of psychics.

All hooked up to a machine basically like his early warning system and stuff so he lets them and the scrappers loose on cable and the team as he jumps out and jumps in the blackbird and is gone. So that s where we leave off an issue 152. We also find out that saul is dead. Which i think we saw at the end of 152 didn t 151 we knew it was gonna happen.

Saul s dead shatter star thinks it s aleene s it s just craziness are all it s all going on like nobody even have it clue. What s up it s pretty insane. It s pretty safe okay so moving on cable issue 153. Now this is alright so cable 153 right.

We jumped to the future right is five thousand three hundred forty eight gideon wakes up and then five thousand three fifty two i came finds the ravagers and then five years later he s tamed them they find cables armed and that s how everything kicks off. And he s able to jump back to the past right so yeah. It s pretty insane we jump back to our team who are left in the building. But it s gonna explode boom.

It does what s going on gideon pops up in front of everybody and basically says. It s time to die. So those are things that are happening. And this issue.

But boom epsilon or i m sorry yeah. And small whatever dude is turk is a traitor he s a traitor. What are we gonna do what are we gonna do what are we gonna do i mean getting basically mop the floor with everybody especially with his help blink gets her out of there. We see that armor has saved the day by making a huge version of her armor expanding her construct and sucking any of everybody in there so they re fun underneath all that rubble and we end up with celine and blinks showing up asking for cables help what do you think is gonna happen next in issue number 154.

What could possibly happen in the next one would they possibly fight maybe i don t know now. It s actually okay what did we miss in 153. A little reboot or a little yeah as you work as you know that s pretty much it that s pretty much it the only thing that giddy. I mean.


It was it was really cool seeing getting in the future and well. It s a very very bleak future in the year 5350 where did ian and eve. His robotic assistant are the only ones. There of course just pretty insane.

But all right continuing on to gaybo issue. 154. This one of course. We open up with saline begging for their help chatter starts.

Really not having much of it he says no way no way lady. We re done with you cable says i know what you re gonna do we get a reference to an x men book from 2009. And he says i ll help you if you release blink. She says okay so then gideon shows up they don t have to go to him.

He shows up and him and burke are there to fight cable says all right whatever i m just gonna eliminate burt from this equation really quick gideon goes that i mean it s it s a pretty daunting fight. But he he like does his biggest sword impression and grows really large then selene jumps in and fights him for a while she basically gets knocked out of the fight. But all this time they re trying to talk to it they re trying to talk getting down. And say what s up blinks having.

None of it. Though. Blink opens. A portal cuts a set off is this the end of gideon.

No it s not the ending. Don t worry eternals. They they re always gonna be like they can only be killed by either external. So it s all good so that in a nutshell is the end of issue.

154. Part. 5 of the newer mutants storyline. Now at the end of this one.


What we find is cable and the team jump back to his secret base and cable takes gideon s body or gideon before he like basically regenerates. He does he takes into a future prison. Just kind of leaving the team in that pace where they re all just left wondering like how do how do we get out of here. But they have blink so they re fun so get out of there no big deal now is this the end of this story.

I m not sure we see a couple that have a baby at the very very end and what do you know that baby has purple eyes. So who could it be so we will see what happens 155 comes out in a couple weeks. But i just want to make sure everybody was caught up on what was going on with cable. I really like the aspect of this story of him jumping through time picking out team members that he needed from from like you know along the different timeline like armors not an x men.

Yeah. Laura s younger wearing the different suit. Like she s not all new will bring yet or anything like that so it s just really cool to see how he was able to do that and at the end of you know all of this he does try to impart like some wisdom to them. He thanks.

Everybody for you know coming and helping him what he needed now one of the biggest lake heroes of this book who had the largest part was due because the duke can generate the like psychic dampening field basically right so duke did a great job at helping them fight off the psychics at the base. He also did a great job of blocking gideon s like precognition abilities. That he was able to get from it so i guess. It was so that was that was just really cool to see they use doof in a really cool way or just in in a very way that fits his power set you know there s you know even a really good good set in there where where dupes down and cable is the one it goes over and like picks him up and it s just like carrying him around all right.

It s a great job abundant time so like i said. I really like this book. I think they did a good job with it robinson s been very mullen. Sorry in prison are doing a great job.

The interior arts been good the cover for 152 was not good. I m not gonna show you that one wasn t it wasn t that good i guess. There was some controversy about the cover for 153 here. Why i don t know.

It s a comic book man everybody s over exaggerated that s just how it is it s fun. I didn t notice anything until. I saw there was a controversy about it then it was like oh whatever i think it goes along with whatever i m not touching on that we ll we ll let that one go. But big shout out to everybody thanks.


So much for watching thanks for helping the channel grow as much as it has here in the last like couple months. Really really appreciate that so i will be back very soon with more stuff of course check us out here on sunday morning for sunday morning. Comics every sunday morning between 10 00 to 10 30 am. Also you can find me on jls comics.

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