Canon EOS 1V Review: The Greatest Film Camera Ever Made

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“It was released in the year 2000. It was the greatest film camera ever made made in 2019. It s still the greatest film camera ever made this is the 1b perhaps claims of it being the best are somewhat debatable. Somebody argue that nikon f.

5. Of 1996 was up there with the canon 1b. But one thing is for sure kenwyn v. Represents.

A pinnacle of professional sports film cameras. It was the end of an era. The end of the line for flagship film cameras. It would be just 2 years later that canon would release the 1d we face something very similar today.

In which the upcoming. But yet to be announced canon 1dx mark 3. Looks to bookend the legacy of the ef mount. I got my canon 1b a few years ago when i realized that the poor college kid who could never afford decent gear could now easily buy canons best for a mere 500 if you ve used any canon dslr in the last few years.

You re gonna be instantly familiar with the canon 1v everything is exactly where you expect it to be you have nothing. But the essentials at your fingertips. Sure you don t have dedicated dials. Like you might expect or a lot of nikon.

Cameras might offer you including the f5. But instead canons. Opted for what i think might be a more effective method for changing your different features everything is controlled by three buttons on the top plate of the camera and that pretty much will change seven different functions. You do this by pressing a combination of different buttons in order to change different features and you do that with your shutter dial.

There is one button that does have different features depending on whether you use the shutter dial or the rear controller..

But other than that everything can be done in just one way meaning from one position. You can change all your features you don t have to reposition your hand to different locations on the camera just to move a dial. I actually think this is a more effective way of doing things although i do miss the tactile experience. When it comes to lenses you can use any ef glass.

You own efs glass won t work. But i use all a big selection of pro lenses. Which is just an incredible experience. There s nothing like shooting film with pro lenses.

This is a camera. I reach for when i m not as concerned with the experience of shooting with it meaning. I personally like really quirky cameras that are difficult to use it just makes it fun to do. However.

When i want a camera that effortlessly does what i need it to do like when i m working. This is the camera i grab not only are all of your ef lens is gonna be compatible with one v. But all of your flash units are as well i mean ttl everything you can use this camera. Exactly as you re using your 5d or your one dx.

There s no difference ttl works flawlessly and so this is a camera you can actually shoot professional work on now. I know you may not think shooting film is the way to go for professional work at least if you re doing things like events. But i do it for myself. I will bring my 1 v.

Along i throw it in like bag it works interchangeably with my 5d 3. My 7d mark 2. I don t have to bring separate lenses and then i can shoot a role on the job. Which keeps me engaged with the job and keeps me loving what i do i ve done this for 10 years.

And it s important to find ways to constantly just excite you and keep things on keep you on your toes next..

We ll talk about the design of the camera to me it screams 90s everything s rounded with curved edges. It s unlike. The nikon f5 where you have a lot of hard lines and different edges that kind of remind me of the 80s. But this camera just makes sense to me.

Although i don t visually think. It s the most interesting camera in the world. Everything is exactly where it should be and that s what canon gets they put things where it should be the ergonomics are fantastic and we can talk about build quality. This camera is very is going to be very hard to be rivaled by even modern cameras.

It is a fully weather sealed camera everything is made of metal except for a part or two. I believe the film window obviously isn t metal and one or two pieces are plastic. But this is mostly a metal camera. So i don t want to get crazy into features because i m not that interested in cameras for their specs.

I m going to link in the description below a resource. So you guys can check that out. But let s talk about some basics and then some features. I just find kind of interesting.

So the basics are it is only a three or three and a half frames per second. I forget which without a booster. But you can use a booster that the hs version came with hs works for heist. It basically let you do 10 frames a second you can also attach to other grips.

One that just gives you power and then the one. I actually have which is from a1 n. This will give it up to six frames. A second has servo.

It has single shot..

It has everything you expect it has 45 autofocus points. That work incredibly well some people have argued it works better than some newer digital cameras. I don t know about that but i will say this it works like you expect a modern camera to work. There s no slow focusing or anything.

Like that so if you are coming from any pro. Camera you re gonna feel good about this one so the first interesting feature worth noting is that you can imprint on your roll of film so when you load the roll of film it will do an imprint. It will make an imprint on it that helps you track that roll. I think.

This was mostly designed for a team of photographers so that you could tell who shot what role. But i think it might be interesting just to track your rolls. If you re not good at remembering the order you shot it in or something else like that it could be interesting the next one is cool. But probably not usable with this camera.

You are able to track the exif data meaning you can see how you shot your role. You can see your settings your shutter your aperture etc. However you need dated software and probably a dated computer to run that so i don t think. It s really a usable option.

But it is cool to know. It s there another cool feature and actually in my 5d. 3. And 7d mark to have this would be an instant recall to any focus point you want by default.

The canon does set canon does set it to the middle focus point. But you can change that to anything you want maybe you want to hire up for like eyeline shots that kind of thing mine is set to the middle point. But i also feel very comfortable changing my focus point on the fly so it s not a big deal to me my favorite. Interesting feature on the one v.

Is the ability to set your role to leave out the film leader when it rewinds..

What this means. That is that if you develop all your own film like i do you don t have to open. The canister like a crazy person. And i say crazy person because that s how i open mine you can watch my video on how i do it.

But this way i can just pull the leader out and i can roll it onto a real without a problem. I love this feature to purchasing the 1v canon. Actually sold it still until recently. It was only somewhat recently discontinued.

Now. If you re finding an older model keep in mind that this is a camera for and used by working professionals. They re gonna be beat up. But because it was made for such a long period of time.

I do think you can find copies in excellent condition. So in conclusion. If you want a professional grade film camera. That s gonna work with all of your existing gear.

If you re a canon shooter. The 1b is hard to beat. I bought my 1 v. From amazon with prime shipping for five hundred dollars.

And it was worth every penny in fact it may have been an investment because prices have continued to go up i have no intention of selling this camera. Because i know i have canons best for the foreseeable. ” ..


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