Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite E reader UPGRADE REVIEW

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“Darren here taking a look at the new kindle paperwhite 3. So we ve been been using this the these the original kindle touch so no backlight and a couple old now and i really wanted to have a backlit screen. And so when this new one came out figured. It was time to upgrade.

So what s nice is that the screen is now the higher resolution. Which were you which was only available and the more expensive kindle voyager. But now it s available in this nice lower priced one 19 119. Kindle paperwhite.

I really like the backlight it can go to a really really low amount like see it s almost imperceptibly. It s perceptibly lola let s turn off the overhead lamp..

You can see that s off it gets really quite bright. But even just a little bit down. It s really very pleasing. It s a very eerily calm.

Nice little glow it could do turning on this light back on and it s overall. Pretty snappy as compared to the older kindles. Which take a little bit longer to do stuff. And refresh.

It looks at the processor is a bit better so i don t know how much better than the previous generation paperwhite. But it s certainly a nice step up from this previous one we ve been using another thing is the texture..

It s actually more of a papery kind of texture versus the smoother texture of this older one and i m comfortable offense about which i prefer visibility wise is not that much of a difference it s a little bit better at reducing glare. I move the overhead lamp a little between it so you can see it s a little better reducing glare. But it s a little weird swiping on the screen. It s almost a little sandpapery because obviously they want to feel like paper.

But well on a real book you would never swipe so you know swiping a little bit nicer on the smoother screen. But not really a big deal either way. There s also a couple new features of your gonna hold and highlight stuff which i haven t alexa off yeah amazon echo was just bugging me they re another amazon products yes you can click and drag stuff which i ll probably never use on produce can use it just for reading pretty simple stuff and the other nice thing is the new font. The book early it s not like it s leaps and bounds better than the previous fonts.

But it does nice extra bit of readability so nice they ve worked on that and given a little bit nicer. I don t even know what s going on here..

It keeps me bugging me for stuff so other than that there s not a huge amount of difference between the this and the previous generation paperwhites so compared to the previous generation paperweights. Really just that higher resolution screen and the new font. So it might not be worth. It for you i heard that the backlight is actually little bit better on this one too.

But still if you have the previous generation paperwhite maybe wait for the next gen. If it s already serving. You pretty well. If you already have an older kindle nom backlund.

Original touch that i think it s a really worthwhile upgrade. So i m like forty dollars more or obviously you know already have it you can upgrade..

But if you re looking at getting your first kindle. I would definitely get this it s worth the 40. If you already have a kindle touch. I still think it s worth it so.

But it s probably up to your desires uses and needs. So amazon darren take a look at ” ..

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