Chilla Frilla – Razer Megalodon 7.1 Headset Unboxing and Review (HD) 720p

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“How s it going guys. It s ciavarella here when the in boxing and hands hands on review of the razer. Megalodon. 71.

Surround sound gaming headset. The megalodon is to be. Razors next generation gaming headset that s supposed to deliver high quality 71 surround sound audio noise cancelling microphone and it s supposed to incorporate their maelstrom audio engine what i found pretty cool about this headset is that it actually has its own onboard sound card. Which is supposed to take some of the processing power off of the cpu and redirect it to the actual sound card on the headset itself so let s get right on to the unboxing portion.

Here. You can pick yourself up a pair of these at razor s official online. Store and razors own com are a zer0 and ecom. For a price of 150 dollars.

So this thing definitely isn t the cheapest headset out there. But you know we ll see if it s actually worth the money. So let s just slice this open here. We have some packaging and the box itself.

So let s get this box sliced open. And see what s inside slice open. The top and see what we got here put sound in its place pretty cool. And i believe this just opens up yep that is nice check that out there we have it so let s see what s in this little booklet.

We have a certificate of authenticity have a quick start guide master guide some pretty cool stickers and the product catalog and here. We have what appears to be a case..

I m assuming nice and hard pretty cool. But unzipper. This and inside. We have the headphones itself that s nice wow and beneath that we have the sort of control box here and it goes to usb as you can see.

But yeah. These are these are nice i mean they look really comfortable there s like padding all around here yeah alright so i believe that s all yep so guys. I m going to plug these babies in you know give them a nice good few days of testing. See how they actually work you know play some games with them.

And yeah. I will give you guys my full take on the megalodons in a second with my hands on review. I ve been using the megladon for about a solid week. Now overall.

I have to say that this headset is awesome the sound quality on it is just. Superb i personally haven t experienced the 71 surround sound audio on a headset before i ve heard it on regular speakers. But on a headset especially one like this it just sounds fantastic so in this review. I ll be talking about two different things.

The first will be the overall look design and appearance of the megladon is a comfortable second will be the performance. How does it sound all that kind of stuff so going right along into the design the megladon does consist of two different parts. You have the actual headset of course and you have this controller pad right here so the megalodon is a plug and play style usb. Headset and the moment you plug it in your computer will instantly recognize.

It you won t need to download any additional drivers or software for it to work so with this controller here. You can basically control all of the sound levels you can control the master volume..

The base levels. The microphone levels as well. Which you have located on the bottom. Here you have your mic mute your mics your mic level.

Where you can control the volume of your voice and on the top here you have your maelstrom button. Now i personally found this to be a extremely nice addition and basically what this does is when you. Press it in you re actually able to toggle between a. 71 surround sound.

System or the standard 20. Sound system. The reason. Why i find it to be such a nice add on is because basically all music all songs whether it be from itunes.

Whether it be from a cd whether it be a digital file basically all music is designed to play on a. 20 sound. System it will sound just fine on the 71. Surround sound.

But in almost all. Cases you ll be getting the better sound quality from the 20. Sound system. So moving right along into the design of the actual headset itself.

I have to say that this thing is extremely comfortable as you can see here you do have a very solid amount of padding on both of the ear units here and here as well as on the top of the headset as well you can also adjust the length of the ear units by just pulling down on them. So as you can see and you can put it back same with the other one the microphone bar here is adjustable..

It also rotates up to 270 degrees from here all the way back up and it s also bendable as you can see where this rugged texture is is where you can bend it to match the curve of your face. The material on this is just made of some really nice high quality stuff and overall guys. I just really liked the design of the megladon as you can see on the side here you have your blue razer lbd logos. And also the controller is also lit with the same blue and overall guys.

It just looks great it feels great. And it s really comfortable moving right along into the performance of the megladon. The sound quality on these like i said before is just great i could literally hear things using this headset that i couldn t normally here using my bose desktop speakers that includes things like in music. I could hear instruments in the background that i couldn t normally hear i could hear for instance in first person shooter games.

When i shoot a gun. I could hear the echo of the shot. I could hear my teammates footsteps. I could hear the footsteps of the enemies.

I mean really the sound on this is just superb. It s just incredibly clear and really. It s just great the bass level on this is also really nice as well like i said before you are able to adjust the bass level using this. Controller but in games when there s explosions in movies using the 71 surround sound audio.

It really just sounds great as well what i also found out on my own was that this headset is indeed noise cancelling. I tested it out with a friend. I was playing some music at a pretty average sound level. You know obviously it wasn t cranked up all the way and i told him to start talking and i literally couldn t hear anything it was saying.

I just saw his lips moving basically. But yeah this thing is indeed noise cancelling as far as the microphone goes..

I was getting compliments that my voice sounded much more clear using this headset before i was using a standard logitech wireless headset. But this thing was a huge upgrade from that razor also states that this microphone is noise canceling as well. Which means that it will only take the noise of what you re speaking and not anything in the background overall guys. I just really like this headset the sound quality is just great.

The clarity is amazing and you know this does have a 150 dollar price tag. But in my opinion. It s actually pretty much worth it if you think about it there s barely any other headset on the market that does support 71. Surround sound.

And really guys this. Headset. Is just great if you are looking for a new headset to enhance your gaming experience to make it much more enjoyable and also even if you re not into gaming. If you want to use it for music.

If you want to use it for. Movies because actually a lot of movies now do support these 71 surround sound audio. So if you re looking for that then i would definitely recommend the razer megalodon. So guys.

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