Cowboy Bebop – The Best English Dub?

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“Appreciating anime dubbed in english. Has always been an uphill battle even though more shows shows are being dubbed overall and at a faster rate than they ever have been it s hard to ignore the persistent push back for many western fans. Some say that modern dubs just aren t as good as they used to be and when they talked about how they used to be chances are they re talking about cowboy bebop. Everyone s window made on something that smells you re the one still tied to the past spike.

Little talk like you stitches neck out too far. He ll get it cut off. Understand don t get too hot headed spike. You haven t seen hot headed.

Yet yet despite having been produced in the early 2000s when dubbing was still in its infancy. The english version of cowboy bebop continues to be considered one of the few gold standards almost 20 years later and similar to how other commercialized art forms are compared to classics on almost an unconscious level so too are many modern anime dubs compared to the quality displayed back then and while this could be considered an apt. Comparison. It s not always a fair one when considering that the bebop dub had all the makings of a train wreck waiting to happen.

Something that is constantly overlooked by people s often superficial idea of how the industry works around the late 90s and early 2000s. People working on english dubs weren t really mentored on how to do much of anything. There was no acting class that taught people how to match flip flops and no one knew how to teach someone what it meant to be a voice director. Which does explain why so many dubs from back.

Then really haven t aged well listen you wouldn t my chance have seen this man around the city. No never seen him. I see the supply was low. So the pay was too and a lot of people ended up in the positions.

They did virtually by accident. Michigan at the time director. Kevin seymour. Was inundated with projects.

So he gave cowboy bebop to mara lisbeth mcguinn. Even though she was new to adr in fact bebop was her debut as a director and the only reason why she went into voiceover was because she fell off a horse and i don t mean that in the metaphorical sense. I mean she literally fell off a horse and broke her kneecap while working on the xena princess warrior show which ended her on camera career for the foreseeable future and because dubbing mature anime in the early 2000s was still a novel practice. There wasn t much of a standard to follow.

But the lack of pressure to meet deadlines and the relative disconnect with the anime fandom in japan. Probably helped mary take the time to listen to everyone s audio as thoroughly as possible in order to get the best combination of voices to make the dialogue sound natural and have the characters feel constant this led to the creation of something monumental and now. She s a high profile voice director working for the likes of disney. But while i would love for more modern dubs to be given the same degree of care.

There s a part of me that feels like there s something more vague and fundamental that led to such a beloved result. A lot of people like to think that actors and directors should be judged by the range of their careers. But they always seem to forget about the range that needs to be demonstrated behind the mic for a character to come off as believable too uniform in the performances monotonous. But too varied and it ll sound inconsistent to make any animated characters seem believable the actor needs to build off of natural human behavior.

Something that can always be boiled down to an immediately recognizable vocal gimmick every time aniplex funimation err sent i upload a new trailer for their next scheduled english release the community becomes nothing short of a minefield every man. His dog and his collection of stamps seems to explode over how a 60 second cliff managed to utterly disgrace the high art of whatever japanese cartoon they re attached to but when people often criticize dub characters voice they always seem to forget about the acting and more often than not the two are far from synonymous with each other think about it if the characters we love and respect truly do possess the dimension. We claim they do then it s impossible to gauge whether or not an actor is able to portray those subtleties properly when we only listen to single lines in isolation acting isn t always about capturing everything about a character instantly rather..


It s about building a character from the ground up as a means of telling. The story itself. It s something that needs to be experienced over time in a way where the actors completely disappear and all we re left with other characters on screen going about their everyday lives unlike someone else here i always return what i owe this might come off as harsh to some. But it honestly felt wrong to revisit cowboy bebop with its original japanese audio and it s not surprising that the dub completely overshadowed it for example director shinichiro watanabe.

Once said that the character of spike was supposed to be a twist on anime icon lupin. The third and sadly that reflects literally in the japanese performance judeo griddle calvo wiesel while ko ichi yamadera is clearly a great actor. There are times. Where it sounds like he s putting on two different performances for spike.

When the character acts light and wistful yah maderas voice carries with that trademark sense of goofy cadence. You might expect from a more modern anime character born it s time for him to approach something serious. His voice can drop way too low in weather to come off a subtle moldova not holding. I m left now if you take these individuals seems on their own there seems to be no issue.

Because yamadera is putting out a performance to match the specific scene. But when you stitch those scenes. Together and take in the whole performance across the entire 26 episode run. It can come off as jarring like two different actors are playing the same role at different points.

In time now arguably this juxtaposition was intentional and those serious scenes are meant to show us the real man behind the laid back facade. But at the same time you run the risk of making those lighter scenes come off as artificial well. It s not uncommon for real life. People to exaggerate their voices in order to sound a certain way depending on their contacts.

All those permutations still need to be grounded in a consistent natural tone that can be felt from beginning to end. I can t tell when you re joking when you re not yeah. I hear that a lot these characters are all identifiable by their simplistic personas because as time goes on it s revealed that they too are defined by their own lack of progress instead of pursuing a life that would help them find out who they are in a solid. Overarching narrative.

They instead drift aimlessly across the stars as bounty hunters going from job to job just to stay alive. Without worrying about the future in order to forget about the past you may leave final words. Oh. You may bequeath your possessions.

Nothing the world of bebop is a colorful one. But the more you re exposed the more scarce an unforgiving it becomes the gateway accident that destroyed the moon and rendered earth almost uninhabitable was a huge blow against the possibility of interstellar civilization. Which is arguably why the cultures we see in each episode are so fractured from one another in a way. It s a lot like our own 21st century.

Where niches keep to themselves and find it hard to see things from an outsider s perspective. You know kind of like the whole sub versus dub argument itself and from episode to episode the voice direction gives just as much believability to these side characters creating societies that are as diverse as they are wrought with flaws. Although arguably the bebop crew are the outsiders to society in this case. And they can t see any meaning at all only bounty heads.

But they still laugh. They still drive each other crazy and they still try to get by because that s all they feel like they can do i don t think the trick to portraying these types of characters properly is to set things up in a way where we can clearly see through those supposed false moments of levity like some distinct aha moment. But rather i think the best approach was showing that sometimes those moments were were goofy are just as important as those moments..


Where we feel like there s nowhere left for us to go and because they carry the same amount of character the performances need to carry the same amount of weight and personal significance. Throughout the music or is it it starts to play and a haunting tune fills the air. I awake suddenly from my dream. There is no music box and yet there it is a tiny one nestled in my hand and i awake from my dream again as if i were peeling an onion.

It s a dream no matter how far i go i can never reach reality trapped in an endless nightmare. I think this is why yamadera spur formance is so heavily overshadowed by steve blum s because even on a subconscious level. He knew that an obviously complex character like spike needs to come off as natural. So that the audience doesn t feel like they re being manipulated.

You ll notice that steve doesn t go out of his way to exaggerate any particular emotions. Unlike yamadera. Most of his comedic moments are downplayed. So that the dramatic creep up on us.

More fluidly that means relaxing the whole body. So it can react instantly. Without resistance. Now.

Without thought do you see now it means becoming like clear water spiked. Generally acts aloof and sly. Which can be heard in steve s already naturally weathered tempo. But when things go south his shouting becomes distinctly.

Hoarse and i think you can chalk that up to the character having his own well established comfort zone. One that he unwillingly gets forced out of intense situations. Now this isn t something that can always be captured using those trademark anime speech patterns with yamadera. It just felt like someone who is acting like this is how a cool person sounds.

When he needs to be cool in order to stand out against those around him. And it doesn t help that in the rest of the japanese version such a gritty dog eat dog world is littered with people who carry with them that same overdone upswing in their conversations that will never sound a hundred percent natural to me in a story like this if anything the only character that can come off as believable by relying on that is said. She s bubbly. Spontaneous and is even animated differently than the rest of the characters.

But that type of performance works for her because she s supposed to contrast the rest of the crew. A child who hasn t yet been exposed to the unreliable. Facets of adult life. Melissa fallin.

Plays the character. Like she s in her own. Little perfect bubble. While everyone else is frustrated while constantly being pulled out of theirs by the cool world around them.

And it happened so consistently that they eventually just get used to it these introduction is probably the best example of this she struts into a shop with several shots of the store owner eyeing up her body. Then she pulls out a machine gun. While saying this you know the first rule of combat shoot them before they shoot you this sets her up as this super sexy yet dangerous femme fatale..


But in literally the next shot. She s surrounded by more hoodlums and gets caught quite an elaborate way to get acquainted and from that point on for every one of those femme fatale moments. There were at least ten other moments of her complaining. Whining and just generally being a cathodic loser that means that wendy lee needed to constantly overplay herself in order to properly display the same degree of unfound confidence in a way that acted as the perfect foil to steve those two never recorded in the same room at the same time but their opposing attitudes and approaches to their respective characters meshed.

So well together that you d almost never believe it hey gal joe acting itself is the process of invoking reality. In a certain kind of way set the audience can feel their humanity represented on screen. But for the cast of cowboy bebop they were all significantly betrayed in the past and those events were so shocking to their own notion of reality that they just stopped caring about what s real anymore spike was betrayed by those who he considered closest to him and because of that doesn t let anybody in fay was betrayed by her lack of memories and constantly seeks to live in the moment. Almost like she s desperate to leave her mark while edie was just literally abandoned without a care in the world.

The only one that can hold them together for a while is the owner of the bebop itself a man by the name of jet black who arguably was betrayed by well everybody this was a guy that was considered the best in every field. Yet was still tossed aside when his previous life just didn t have a use for him anymore he d never did anything wrong. But sometimes that doesn t always guarantee that things will work out the way you want them to now. The only solace.

He can find isn t looking. After those who are just as lost as he is i wonder what you d call this kind of a relationship. It s not like we have any comradery. There s a really a bond here at all everyone just does what they want to do and come back whenever they feel like it and then they take off again.

Even though. Beau billingsley can still come off as very low and distant. He also approached the role with a very subtle sense of warm comfort in an interview. He mentioned how jets interactions with the rest of the crew reminded him of how he interacted with his own kids.

And it s that personal mindset that shines through in his acting above all else i m the black dog when i bite. I don t let go i have no regrets about her. But i ll settle this score on my own turf. He wasn t just playing another random tough guy with a good heart.

He was playing the glue that kept this fictional family together for as long as he did until he just couldn t anymore. Even though many were unaware of what was going on behind the scenes. I think. It s that almost unconscious sense of personal resonance for the material that made everyone involved creates something that we almost can t imagine the community without so much so that we almost take for granted about how it came to be to this day.

I m still confronted with people who honestly make the argument that this particular dub. Only turned out as well as it did because the studio shelled out the extra money for more high profile talent and after looking at the history of how early dubs got produced. I can assure people that this almost never happened back then hell. There s no evidence that it even really happens now nowadays.

When we consider voice acting juggernauts like steve bloom. Having voiced some of the most powerful personalities in animation. And even holding a world record for the most voice acting roles in video games. It s almost impossible to come to terms with the truth about how his career actually started back in the 90s steve wasn t a seasoned veteran who had lofty aspirations of breaking out into the industry rather he was just an average mailroom clerk who happened to be at the right place at the right time he was hired for his very first voice acting job after someone overheard him do silly voices with his friends in fact even long after working on bebop steve didn t really consider himself an actor on par with the people he s learned from due to the fact that he went through most of his career without any formal training.

But you still obviously learned a lot you just didn t learn it in school. No you learned it in the studio. Watching other people work and it took me 15 years before i really consider myself to be an actor..


But i was learning you know so i look back in those years as being a part of my schooling and i i didn t go to school in the traditional way. But 15 years of doing it in the booth was an incredible training a lot of people like to discredit those who work on anime dubs today right off the bat. Because they haven t been trained in the arts specifically for most of their lives compared to the japanese that s mostly because here in the west. Dubbing is a low paying subsection of the animation industry while in japan it s the status quo.

But it s funny that the experiences of those behind the mic show that things aren t as clear cut as a lot of sub purists would like them to believe just as steve and the rest of the dubbing crew were working in an industry with no guarantees. The bebop crew had no guarantee that they d be able to earn enough money for their next meal. What better people to be considered the definitive versions of these characters than ones working. In the same kind of uneasy environment.

When asked what he wanted to communicate through this show. What s not be responded by saying people see a lot of things over time they find things they like in these days people try to recreate what they ve seen that s not what i wanted to do i wanted to create something that had never been seen before just like how the show itself flew in the face of typical anime conventions to give more people a glimpse of what the medium is capable of the english dub was one of the first to show that when you have the right people working on the right show at precisely the right time the end result can turn out great regardless of the circumstances surrounding it bang. And the best part was that it didn t end. There.

Dubbing anime has become more involved and commercialized than it ever has been before. But that doesn t mean there still aren t people out there who continue to be placed in similar circumstances whether you re formally trained or not the process isn t always perfect and the quality might vary from show to show. But sometimes things can never be boiled down to a simple formula or excuse. I mean isn t that part of the reason.

Why we love anime to begin with between horrible working conditions and an oversaturated industry focused on pandering to the lowest common denominator. Sometimes. It s a miracle that some shows turn out as well as they do things are never as simple as we would like them to be an anime dubbing is no different the whole sub versus dub argument is kind of like racism. It s incredibly stupid those found on both sides can be completely deaf to the other and if we re being honest with ourselves.

They ll never truly die out a lot of people claim that bebop is overrated. And maybe. Some sub purists are sick of seeing it brought up as an exception to their rules year after year. But if we re going to keep having these arguments.

Anyway then why not have them with as much context as possible whether you like it or not anime dubs continue to play a part in our appreciation of the medium itself and with so many around now more than ever. There s no way i intend to stop delving into this underappreciated. Part of the industry in fact. We re just getting started.

So just like spike in the rest of the bebop crew. We need to do our best to carry that weight with one eye firmly on the past while the other looks towards the future after all if there s one thing we can take away from this dub its how important it is to understand where we came from before we can truly start talking about where. It is that we re going happiness just remain mana venue. Obviously there are other people that play a part in all this like the script adapters and producers.

But naturally not everything can be covered in just one sitting thankfully. We have a lot more videos like this planned for the near future so if this one got you curious feel free to subscribe and follow us on ” ..

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