Dell Studio XPS 1640 – Review by Product Feedback (Part 2/3)

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“To another product feedback video. I will be reviewing the dell studio. Xps. 1640 and and i will be running through a whole list of advantages and disadvantage to the product and please i m not going to make this into some sort of these are the cool features and things like that i m gonna give you a proper devil s advocate sort of review to it so you know exactly what you re buying and what you re spending your money on because this isn t targeted at a mid range sort of buyer.

This is one of their premium models and they definitely charge a fair amount for now first from a build quality perspective. It s reasonable okay as you can see here. They use a barrel hinge. Which means.

The screen has attached a lot stronger on to the actual base of the or the chassis of the actual notebook which makes a lot a lot better in terms of being stronger and not turning to snap off a break up some of the older hinge systems. Now. The only disadvantage to this is that this is a premium laptop. So i would have expected the quality of the build like the aluminium here and this nest to feel a lot stronger.

But to me it it feels a little bit cheap. It feels a little bit faked. That s what i think it is and the other thing is on the back of the actual notebook dealt specifically advertise that this here is a lever finish. Okay.

Now i haven t really looked into leather a lot. But i can tell you this leather here is i think one of the cheapest sort of leathers you can get and the reason. Why i say that is i mean i ve only had this notebook for about a month and believe me it s already something to wear through so you can started to see like underneath the leather. So i haven t really been taking around me a lot.

And it s already starting to wear through so a little bit cheap not not that great in terms of the build quality. But i mean it s not it s not awful. But it s not that best either now this notebook features an illuminated keyboard is you can see here okay. Fantastic the keyboard lair is great it s very easy to type with you re not going to have any problems with that what i did notice.

They is the touchpad is actually a little bit indented. So it s a very smooth tracking one and if you install the latest drivers for it it can be multi touch so you can use the zoom in zoom out features and the different scrolling options okay the only thing that i notice is these touch sensitive buttons at the top the eject button doesn t always work and this is a little bit of a hardware thinker s another use different manufacturers with their slot drives..

But if you press. It makes a lot of noise okay just to show you i ll put in a blank disc. And you can have a listen to the sound. She sounds like it s gonna break it it s not it that the quality of the build isn t there.

And that s a little bit of annoying fact and it is really really loud. And i ll just eject that hopefully it will eject as well okay eject eject. See it doesn t it doesn t do it it doesn t really work that well now. There is something really really good about this notebook and was one of the main reasons.

I decided to purchase it now when you work on the low or not really large sized screen you want something that s really high res now this is a 1920 by 1080 screen. Which means that picture quality on that is extremely good okay now not only that but depending on what upgrade you choose you can choose whether to be just a normal led backlit or an rgb led backlit. Okay now i ve chosen to spend a little bit extra go for the rgb led backlit screen. And i can tell you it s definitely money well spent because the contrast and the picture quality is brilliant like i have never seen a notebook with better picture quality.

And i ve had friends who put their notebooks next to mine. And just you couldn t even compare the difference. How different they actually looked because i was huge so it s definitely a fantastic screen the viewing angle. You know you can sit up down.

However and you can still view it it s just sometimes when you push it back it starts to fade. A little bit. But i mean it s still it s still awesome and also on the actual notebook itself who uses something called a dual array microphone and there at the top. There where the webcam is and it s a really really good microphone.

So if you re talking on skype. And things like that people will come in here. Extremely extremely. Well.

Also this notebook comes with a sort of stereo setup and a subwoofer underneath in terms of the sound. Now..

This is the best sounding notebook. I ve ever heard the sound is brilliant. It absolutely kills off the competition. I have never heard a better sounding notebook.

So if you want something that you can listen to movies. And anything like that music whatever you re wanting to do you re not going to be disappointed. I was using this for games as you can see my in one of my other videos with the call of duty modern warfare part. 3 of this this review.

And it sounds awesome. It s brilliant can t complain. It s fantastic. But also just while we re at this sort of position this flashing buttons here this is just nothing with the bucolic like it doesn t even sit flush.

And yeah. It s a little bit disappointing and also while we re at it just i m nice to do with the screen again. But that s actually my third replacement screen and dead pixels. I ve had about four to one and there are this one still got one.

But i can t be bothered getting a fix. It s there was a little good service. I came out to my place to fix it the next day. But i mean come on you know you re paying a lot of money for the screen.

You expect at least have no dead pigs okay. This is the most important bit. And this is to do with the heating issue. Okay now you might be wondering why do i have this piece of fabric.

Here this is just to cover up my license key things like that for the actual computer now on the bottom of the notebook first off before we get into just the heating really quickly. It s just they use these rubber grips..

These are really really strong because they actually go through the hole chassis and is screwed on inside. So they re not going to come off. Which is just a sort of quick advantage. I was gonna say and also on the battery.

If you can see that it shows you how much battery. There is just by pressing one of those buttons okay. But for an heating problem. There is definitely a heating issue here okay.

It s not excessive. But it is definitely warm and you know you can t really have a scene on your lap for long and a half now okay. This section of the notebook is cool this section of the notebook is cool here excessive amount of heat. Now if i put my hand on here.

It s warm and i can tell you you can t have it sitting like i said on your lap. Longer than about 20 up to half an hour something like that because it does get extremely hot and if you have it on the desk. You don t notice as much. But if you re sitting on a lap like i said it gets extremely warm something you re just going to have to add in really quickly.

This is the power pack for the laptop look if you want to start a fire you use this existing. He is hot like ouch as in terms of the heat. That it outputs. So you don t really want to have this sitting on something because it is it is really really really really warm.

Now you won now you might be wondering what impact does this have on the actual when you re sitting there and using it if you have your hands like this and typing okay you know notice it that much you can feel it being a little bit warm. But you know this was kind of a standing heat for our notebook. But as soon as you put your hand here up until you it s it is significantly warmed. So and if you re running games.

And things like that you won t overheat to the fact. Where the game started jamming up and things like this had a happy moment once..

But i mean it was like 40 degrees outside in my room will say degree. So this is celsius for you americans if you want a notebook. Which is gonna be able to run games. Render videos and be an extremely quick computer for multitasking than i recommend if you re a person who really wants to have it on your lap.

Then i would not suggest it because of the heeling problem is a big problem and will be definitely noticeable apart from that in every other perspective apart from the heating issue. I think it s brilliant. I mean. It s one of the best night books.

I ve used the performance is great the the illuminated keyboards fantastic sound quality s fantastic. The screens. Fantastic the webcam even is pretty good the leathers. A little bit cheap on the back sort of a cheapy add on or gimmick than anything so look.

If you enjoyed that review. I want you to go and hit the yellow button on the right hand side or on the bottom. Which just subscribe because the more subscribers. I get the more reviews.

I ll be able to give out to everybody and i will also appreciate if you favor it and comment and ask any questions you have whether it be for this laptop or from another laptop. I ll be more than willing to help you just saw which way to go. And yeah. Enjoy and have a good day don t forget to subscribe for the latest product.

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