Dingoo A320 Emulation Handheld – 10 Years Later

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“Everyone that how s it going eliot. So again in today s video. We are are going to be checking out three retro handheld emulating console devices obviously these two re probably gonna be quite familiar with this is the bit boy pocket go. And this is the ldk horizontal both of which i have done individual video reviews on if you would like to check those out have a look in the cards or the description.

But this one is slightly more interesting so this right here is the dingoo a320. Now this was actually been out for over 10 years this came out in february 2009. Which is insane if you take a look at this next to this one does it really look too different before we go any further into this video quick 2 things i m gonna be doing a giveaway on my twitter. I m already sort of hosting it i ve got some stickers and some cards which i m going to be signing and sending out with this right here and this this is a gameboy pocket that i refurbished.

I ve also spray painted it a really unique one of a kind blue color. It looks very very nice and also super mario land. An official copy of super mario land. Well.

I didn t realize that had his name on the back of it away that on twitter. So go check out the link in the description. And you can find out more about that the other thing is quick thank you to raid for sponsoring this video raid is a really cool app which had over 10 million downloads and it has 47 stars from 8000. Ratings on the app store so yes i have been paid to talk about this app.

But those statistics sort of speak for themselves. So raid is a very very fancy rpg game as you can see it does look very very impressive so i m gonna attack this dude with some sort of fire slashing thing. It s like you re watching a movie on your phone. Except you actually control the players.

There s a lot of different champions to choose from they re all very impressive looking one thing that i completely forgot to add is that there is a really cool reward program for new players you get daily login reward for the first 90 days. Which sounds pretty good. So that is enough waffle. Let s take a look at these three handhelds then so as i said i have already shown the pocket goat and the ldk before so.

What i want to do is talk a little bit about the dingo. So this thing as i said has been out for over 10 years and when it was released it sold over 1 million units. Which is very very impressive it looks pretty much identical to most of the ones that we have here on the table. I should point out that this one has a slightly damaged screen in terms of the sort of ports and buttons.

Everything is pretty much the same. It s using mini usb because micro usb wasn t quite a standard obviously. These both use micro usb. It s got a mini sd card.

Which both of these just have straight interfaces with a micro sd card. So that i guess. That s one little difference. The speakers on here are very very below average.

It s got av out. And it s also got a headphone port power switch as we re used to seeing and besides this analog stick on the ldk. Everything is pretty much the same we ve got our four action buttons d pads l. R triggers all though albeit these ones are quite nasty and nubby but yeah without any further waffle let s go ahead and take a look on the actual console itself.

One thing. That will surprise you they all run linux. So they re all actually running off of a very similar technical specification. There you can actually get the same sort of themes and everything that you can see on the up here we re still sticking with this slightly older psp theme.

But i m going to go ahead and run the same game on all of them. So this one plays gba. Mega drive. Nes new and snes as well as the cps.

One and cps to seize the capcom arcade systems and these ones both obviously run those as well however in recent times. This has been had a massive sort of fan modding community behind it and it does now play other consoles other than just that. But i haven t done any work to my one. So let s go ahead and check the gba out the reason.

I always check gpa is because it is pretty much the most advanced of the emulators. It s the most advanced sort of game that these ones can play so this one the dingo at the bottom you can see the colors and the differences in the lcd screens obviously these have more modern lcd screens in them and what i m gonna do is i m gonna play a little bit on each of them and then we re going to take a look at the end and see which one i think is the best and we ll talk about the differences over ten years and see if there is any massive differences so here it is right now mario kart super circuit on the dingoo a320 hopefully you can have a good view of what i m looking at on the overhead camera first thoughts. The screen is pretty flawless. I ve got it obviously on the unscaled 3×2 aspect ratio.

But you can make it fullscreen it just makes it look a little bit lower resolution. I m sort of used to playing on the game of micro anyway so the screen size is fine for me. I ve never been very good at this game. But so far it all feels very seamless.

It feels very responsive the screen looks good as i said the colors aren t quite as good as the the other two there it s a little bit more washed out. But it s pretty impressive immediately you notice the difference playing on the ldk with the screen quality..

It s just far nicer. The screen quality is definitely a lot higher it doesn t look too dissimilar in terms of the quality of the screen. Though it s just really the the sort of the saturation that s different all the buttons feel exactly the same really the buttons aren t going to feel too different across any of these different things because that will use the same technology. But these ones have a slightly more mapped finish than the other two so finally then let s move on it to the pocket go and now.

There was a huge sort of complaint about the pocket go when it came out about the screen tearing and there s not really a lot i can say about the screen tone. I personally don t think it s a big issue. Although everyone always seems to kick off and say that it is a big issue. One thing.

I don t know is what the price was of the dingey when it first came out. I can t find a record to say that it s any specific amount of money this thing was probably quite more expensive even if you could get your hands on it i don t believe it was the easiest thing to get your hands on. But this one and this one around the sort of 30 to 40 pound mark depending on where you get them from now. And that s something that it s really really important when you take into consideration any of the flaws that these things might have you know you re only paying 30 to 40 pounds for it it s not like you re paying you know.

3 or 400 pounds for an android gaming device. And then it just can t run the games. Very well. But yeah let s take a look then at the pocket go so although super mario sorry mario super circuit might not be the best game to show screen tear this runs absolutely perfectly.

There s really nothing at all you know to say that this is this is not running well. I m not doing very well that s that s okay to say because i m looking for a viewfinder. But this looks fine to me you know there s definitely nothing on here which would make me not want to continue playing it s not repulsive. I m not gonna you know not play it because there s a nail may not be some screen tear.

But yeah all of them run fine now what i think is really really funny and the reason. Why i really wanted to do this video to be honest. With you is the fact that this is 10 years of emulation which we can see here you know this is 10 years ago. And this is now and there s very little difference.

We re talking about 90s and 80s even games and early 2000 games and you re playing it on a device. Which is far more powerful than it needs to be for these things maybe ps1 is a little bit ambitious. But that is going to conclude this video ten years of emulation and there s really not a very big change at all all of them pretty much have the same sort of minor imperfections. You know the odd sound.

The sounds are never quite authentic. I can t really show you the sounds because i get immediately copyright claims. They also never have very high quality speakers. There s always like some distortion on the higher decibel sounds.

They re all pretty much the same form factor and they all run the games in exactly the same way so funny that ten years of emulation and has had not a lot of change let me know what you think in the comment section below. I ll catch you in the next video. ittle bad. I think we find out um.

We might have sustained some damage hopefully not hopefully we haven t they re right on my tail. We got this dude good driving good drivin coming up serving you up with some good driving here we go spit. The defense here barry i m in the city. What the fuck did i tell you guys hey they cannot keep up with me.

Oh. My that kind of work. I guess a little bit not quite. But we re gonna roll with it oh here we go here we go we re doing some maneuvers.

Oh. Oh. Yes. Let me go down.

Here. Then take a turn. Oh dude. I m driving straight out of my mind here come on speed tell don t let me down.

No we died are we back in business. I am not stopping no way jose if my name is george i keep ring what the fuck am. I saying i m so did i m concentrating so much of this chase right now that i think i m becoming loopy okay. There s a police officer right behind me.

I m gonna try to lose him there is one we can do this i can do this it s just officer versus the best drive in the city. I mean. It s kind of embarrassing isn t it one cop. Okay they put one cop on me really stray furred here.

Oh. There we go oh nice and easy nice and easy nice and easy..

Oh. I am driving like a frickin genius right now oh here we go and then we re gonna go cross hold on baby. It s a bumpy ride here we go he s holding on doh he he s not giving up he s definitely a pretty decent cop. We are a little bit overheating at the moment though so we re not doing.

That hot. Oh shit. Oh. Oh yeah for sure i think it s time to talk just.

I m trying to do some maneuvers. Oh did it work. I think ask maasdam. I think ice composed him okay.

I was able to fix this i basically just peed inside it it cooled down. It s good. I m a mechanic. Oh shit um.

So let me explain nope get out of the vehicle. Let me explain i i just had i just had to pee on it it s fine thank you for thank you for being concerned out of the car. Sir i m gonna be honest with you i can t get out the car this is stolen vehicle jet definitely out of the car okay let me park up sir no no sir please you don t understand uh. Oh.

My god oh. It s broken again. Oh fuck oh. This is bad.

This is bad this bed. Here. We go let s try to get rid of these guys well they can t turn as good as me that s my only advantage keep going keep going keep going around it oh hide in here hide in here. We re fine right.

We re fine right they didn t see me they didn t see me damien. See me damien. See me get this repaired. They didn t see me they didn t see me they didn t see me they didn t see me they didn t see me weiners this okay uh.

This is bad this is very very bad. Okay. We might have to do. Some final maneuvers.

Oh shoot. Oh. Fuckin. Pepperoni.

Pizza dude. That was close uh. Okay. Okay.

I don t want to i don t want to die. It s duden uh. All right there we re just screaming anything at him okay we need to do some maneuvers. Here did i lose.

Them. I. Think i might have lost them. Oh.

Oh shh perfect perfect in here. Yes here we go i don t know where to hide. It uh. Just here.

Oh everything s fine everybody under control. Ah. This doesn t look good. I was able to get it to the pier.

I was gonna try to get it repaired. But i don t think there s a maquette maybe i can get like some tools or something i need some tools here does a generator here..

There anything here. I might be able to find something like a repair kit or something. I said. There s like a work person shit down.

Here you see that over there. We gotta be able to find somebody that can repair that right who s nobody s gonna take that look at it s destroyed did i think i just heard cops. I don t want to alarm anybody. But i m i have i m hearing something here oh fuck.

I m hearing like a car or something. Oh shit definitely hearing. Some shit. Oh fuck.

I m definitely hearing. Something. Oh shit oh shit. It s cops is one cop.

Oh fuck. I guess. There s only one way shot run oh. Three toilets here look this here.

We go run away run away run away use the alleyways to my advantage. I think that scared him pretty good that s scared him pretty good can i climb up here parkour. Because she made all the way up here. This is a high risk maneuver.

Now i don t know where the cops are at. But i have to be very very sneaky here because we re about in where we re in a shootout here. The officer has to be somewhere right where would he be though i see there s a cop card there oh there s a cop car over there too maybe i take a shot oh oh the ball the bold cops. There yeah you better run you better.

Run. Bitch driver and city s gonna get you sure oh oh you ran away. He ran away shit. It s two of them baby.

Let s go totally was meant to do now that s a dead end there yes. Where s your friend. I don t want no trouble where he s at i have no idea where he s at i don t know where he went. Oh.

I don t know where he s at okay hold on i see i see don t look to put his gun down hey don t you move i m sure boom. Okay hey rudy relax okay every relax everybody relax i don t wanna know a little trouble tell her i just want my car and then that s it i just want to get something out yeah. This is okay scaring. Nobody will talk to you and work with you hold on don t i m no no jerker well you re good at stealing cars.

So that s work i guess don t don t care where is it well i don t know where he went. I don t know don t you have a walkie talkie cocksucker thingamajig in your ear. What does it does it look like i m touching anything right now no i m one gun at my head. I don t know i m not i m not a medic i just want my car sir i had some damage okay okay.

It looks like it looks like he left okay okay. Oh fuck the cars dead dude. I m not gonna be able to get that car that car is fucked. I tried to prepare fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I m running i m running they re probably running down that stairs or something shit they could be up there. Though i can hear him the canoe is up there i just had shot in him. I think i just blew his brains out i m not in a good way scared of repairing. I think i just produced his brains out you shot me.

Why would you do such a thing. I can t whoop. Oh aye. Sir okay boys shove.

My leg out. Yeah. You re like hmm help carry me like a hero are you i like this carry me like a potential of distress. Thank you i m kang thank you could you take me home no i m not gonna get the child.

Oh. I have i am the special condition..

I can t go to jail uganda. Chamaeleon. I know i haven t done anything sir. Shoot.

My colleague oh no no that wasn t me. I heard some gunshots is everybody okay yeah. I don t know if everybody s okay. Oh.

I guess we re going back. You didn t light that way huh. Okay. No oh.

No you decided you liked this way yep. With you just a little confused got a little lost got it yes got it yeah. That s that s what happens. When you go to seamen in your eyes down in my ass.

Oh. Oh my god you re officer. He s fallen and he can t get up what happened yeah he s he trigger pushed him. I can file a report about who pushed him officer if you need what i don t think oh my god sir push you push you sir you don t maybe you need to carry him like a hero oh well i guess my i guess i ll find him.

But who pushes somebody push this poor man this poor old bolt my ears no way come here with his grandson and then somebody did they rob you no you you shot me no. Sir my legs. Dan surely one can i speak to you for a second. I think this man has met this man has dementia.

He is saying i did stuff that it didn t happen yeah can we 74 my charlie to five is he stealing cop cars isn t that like a charge no oh thank you sir yeah you re right. I shouldn t walk my very much alex you fuck. Oh sneaky officers you were gonna spike strip him god damn spy strip you you know what no i m here with my rabbit. We re for a walk.

But i was face to face with you down by the mission row like the railroad tracks and you related severe erectile dysfunction. I don t remember anything what s that what what i think he said. I think it was polish again yeah no he no he definitely said he has erectile disfunction meaning. Why can t get an erection like his wiener do not get hard this guy s wiener can get hard wow that sucks getting him in that car and get him the hell.

Out of here. Yeah. Thank you fucking. If you could just drop.

Me off on my home. Thank. You i m lost. My absolutely no i lost my pet hamster here it s a it s the oldest trick in the book don t worry yeah oldest trick in book wink wink hey thanks dude things really appreciate dude you shot me off dude.

Thanks yeah. Yeah. Of yours oh i do mom sounds thank you sorry you liver mission roe correct. Sir ah no no no no no i believe it no i don t think so um.

I think you do i you live at the mission road police department nope not no way jose yeah i think we do you i think you re right i heard you re moving house you ll move into wallenberg penitentiary. Oh yeah yeah right got a comedian mr. Comedian pete over here okay what are you called the baconator well that didn t work out very well. I think we lost the speed tale.

But don t worry we still got a few cars to sell of the mclaren so overall pretty successful. I guess had a great time the cops. It was too high speed units they kind of fucked me up it was a little hard to get away. But they must have found me wires at the pier and pretty much rolled up on me.

So yeah. I ll see you faces next time. Thank. You watching tank with jordan and subscribe for more guys take it easy.

Bye. Thanks for watching the video hopefully. Enjoyed it. If you haven t already make sure you leave a like and subscribe.

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