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“Folks michael kincaid here thanks for stopping by and checking out the channel. But today today we re going to do an extreme mavic cake test may be talking to extreme. I m not climbing mount everest or doing a mountain biking. So how about you set the review.

But nevertheless. We ve received quite a few cases over the past couple of weeks several weeks several months. So i thought i d put together video kind of show. The pros and cons of each one of these cases that we have received is there the ultimate case out there that will suit all your needs.

I don t know let s take a look at the cases. We have here and kind of going more a little bit more in depth. I ll show you the pros and cons of what i like of each and every one of these cases video let s go ahead and strap. The old gopro on the head.

And do a first person view of each one of these cases alright first up. We re gonna take a look at the case. The first case. I received from the guys at freewill this sucker has been off this is doing one of my favorite cases.

It is definitely recognized. It is a hard case hard durable plastic. It is waterproof. Which makes it nice and very compact.

So you obviously get your spot for your mavic your controller two batteries car charger fits here spare props and some other doodads and dumba flaw cheese can go in there so here she is with the free will hardcase loaded out you can see everything fits in there nicely extra battery. I only have the one extra battery but spare props controller mavic car charger always carried along my filters and the sunshade and all that fits in there. And it does fit in there nice and snug nothing s rattling around this has been a freaking. Awesome case only issue if i had with this case is the latches are just a tad brittle and it feel very sturdy.

But kind of got it bound up one day when i was trying to lock it down or something s caught in there when i did it just snapped little thing. But the awesome thing is free will hook me up just sit down the new pair of latches super easy to replace. Now. I have an extra one in case that happens again so there you have it that s the free will hard case.

Super nice case super durable. It is waterproof like i mentioned before so boding going out dave beach boat they need water type environment. Maybe raining out this will be one of the cases you may want to consider so our second case. We ll check out will be the other freewheel hard case.

So i m going to go ahead and set that aside..

And here s another a little bit more compact case that free will has put out super nice case now again both pros and cons on these are ultra durable. They re going to be waterproof. They are a little bit more on the pricing end at the time of posting this video check the link in the description below but they are running out blizzard 199. Dollars.

Which isn t bad like say for the protection that it gives i have three kids i carry the magic around with me every day. So these are pretty much my go to because i have three kids use it to the backseat they re climbing around we re throwing gear in soccer gear. So the hard cases these are one of my favorites. But you know this is their new location out with it is a little bit more compact you can see and just for comparison.

I mean you pretty much get everything that you can get inside of this case will also fit over into this case. So we ll just transfer everything over. I do like how these batteries will lay flat. Oh.

I do like how they light sideways. Like this instead of up because it does protrude up a little bit. But with this soft foam. There is plenty of room now one thing.

I think the cutout on this one is a little bit snug. So you have to be really careful with the props. When you put it in there not a big deal. But you just need to be aware of it because it can catch on that you just need to be careful.

When you re pulling it down or putting it down insert that s what she said joke there so extra props. I did have to notch. It out on this one to get the props to fit in there since i don t have an extra battery. So that is something to consider.

But they would they would land there pretty comfortably and still close. But i did notch it out. But i don t have a third battery. So my filters and my sunshade case got to make sure especially.

We re gonna be out there in a pool or in the water make sure. There s no straps hanging off that s going to affect the waterproof nest of the case. But you know those just snap right down. And you can see everything fits in that case perfectly.

It is a little bit in size comparison with they re about the exact same width..

It s just not as tall. So you obviously can fit just a touch more gear into this one not much. But just to touch this think when we have one extra slot for gear. You have your one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven eight.

So you just have one more slot a little bit bigger. They re not big enough to fit the landing pad inside either one of them because that is the other gear that i usually carry around so. There you have it that is our freewill hard cases extremely nice cases and these have been one of my favorites next up on our list is this case from adobe dubai. I butcher the name of this thing every time.

But this has been a excellent case as well and one feature. I love about it is this zipper pocket you can hold just a ton more gear. But the one thing. This is a softer case.

It s not going to be as durable and it s not going to be waterproof. But let s see what it looks like with all the gear inside all right there we are loaded down with all our gear. Like say definitely going to the room. We got one two three four five six seven slots on that we do have our zipper pocket.

Which this i absolutely love it does come with a shoulder strap. As well we got baxter and bella helping us out guys you can talk to but you just come to the shoulder strap get a little cleaning cloth that did not come with it it was already in there and our filters and we have tried this with a full size ipad with a case. We have tried this for the full size ipad with the case and it will fit in there. So especially.

If you have a mini ipad or anything you would be flying with this is something to consider. So. If you definitely have room to put that in there. But this one has definitely been a close runner up to being one of my personal favorite.

The hard case is still my favorite just for the fact if we re out there on the boat. A lot and just with the kids and getting out and and just be able to throw it in the truck and not really worry about that but again this one love the fact that you can carry a little bit more gear on it speaking of carrying more gear that takes us to our next case next up we have our hardshell backpack case from the guys that like take you have your backpack straps. Which makes it pretty convenient and the best feature on this one is the size still likes a pretty compact. But you do have room for a ton more gear.

So you can see we have room for four batteries your controller the mavic car charger. Any other accessories that you want to pop in these other places and you do have your mesh screen up here. You do have a zippered pocket. Here and you do have a large pocket up here all right there we have our light tape case pretty well loaded down got tramatic controller only have the one extra battery as i keep mentioning car charger extra props i carry my little insta mike usually and everyone s these usually when i m out there on the go if i want to do some filming gets windy.

These little instant mics and that is the audio..

You re hearing today is from where these insta mike s i ll put a link in the description below on these little suckers as well fantastic little product from those guys. If you have a little zippered pouch here get our landing gear legs inside that we ve got our sunshade case it fits in there nicely. We have our filters cool thing about it is you do have your landing pad. That will also fit in there.

So that is pretty nice on that obviously get a lot more gear into this light. Take backpack case pros and cons on this case. It is just i don t know mom can you knit ugly got this like denim ii. Weird.

That s just not going to be winning any stylish points a little dirt on it. But it is very functional. So i ll give it that price point under 30 bucks at the time of posting. This video.

There ll also be a link in the description below on that thing it does note on the website is that it is waterproof. But i do not see how that could possibly be waterproof. I don t see that happening so proceed with caution on that other thing con on it not really just strapped. Adjust and you can adjust it it s actually sewn in down here.

So it doesn t really do much of any good. But but again great case for it let s say you do have the availability to have up to five batteries. Actually if you carry one with the mavic here. It is the case from light take.

And it does serve its purpose super cool little case for carrying more gear. And it is pretty well protected with the hardshell there and the foam is pretty pretty dent. So it is going to provide pretty good protection. But again i couldn t see it in extreme mountain biking or extreme situations.

But you know just carrying around for light. General use it s going to work just fine going from the extreme biggest case to check this guy out we just went from our biggest case to check it out the smallest case. This case is a must have price points right on this one i ll put a link in the description below. But you have your actual mavic case.

Controller case and your extra battery case. So this is perfect for if you re going to be taking it like when i m going hiking. I don t want to carry around one of these bigger. One of the bigger hard cases so this fits nicely if you just want to throw it in your own bag in your hiking bag the beach bag.

If you re going down to the beach your wife s carrying a big old purse just throw it in that she ll never know this will probably be one of my main little good two cases as well because i do a lot of hiking and do like having the magic with me..

But the magic. I mean it doesn t look like it ever fit in there. But boom fits in there perfectly and the cool thing is you can fit the controller in there you do not have to take the sticks off that fits perfect and then obviously if last. But not least your little battery bag and there you have it look how small that is so you know the pros and cons on this one is definitely you not going to be able to hold any more gear other than the mavic.

The controller and the battery itself it serves its purpose. And i think this is a must have for your maverick gear for quick easy transport. There you go guys just quick comparison between all the cases that i currently own big back that case good for cheap on price excellent price point has a lot more room to hold more of your gear. Including the landing pad.

Filters your your monitor sunshade extra props more batteries excellent case. Here. Don t have as much room. It is a little bit less protected you can see that s a softer material.

There not waterproof. This one s not going to be waterproof your free will cases hard cases. I m going to fit you a couple extra batteries three total on those enough to fit your filters your sunshade and some others. A little minor gear.

So these cases are going to be excellent especially. If you own a boat going to be going to the beach keep it out of the element. And just going to be getting a little bit tougher rougher environment. These are the cases here these are also from the white take and again i got a description link below for all these cases.

But this is an awesome case. If you just want to throw it in your hiking bag in the beach bag or aleksei just going to do a quick shoot. And you just want to carry these to throw them in the car truck jeep whatever you re driving so is there a perfect case out there one case it ll suit all your needs probably not probably you re probably going to be like me and pick up a couple cases depending on what type of film you re going to be doing what type of environment. You re going to be in so anyhow hope this helps you make a decision on picking up your case.

So again thanks for stopping by the channel be sure and hit that subscribe button. If you haven t already stay tuned. We got a love more stuff coming. We ve got some new cool.

Fpv drones. And i have ordered a new drone that s going to be coming in that i think you guys are going to be pretty impressed with so stay tuned hit that subscribe button and we will see you in the next video. ” ..


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