Doodle jump game characters

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“It s justin here today. We ll be testing a new game mode on the the dump now it looks came the bit of play doh before hmm this wonder this game is get invaded by game characters. As you know well maybe maybe. This is not a glitch well at least.

I think it is but the toys. I said so just click beats you don t want quite kids. They were real toys. Actually affected by toys like oh delusional.

It s only cotton. Yeah we saw the condom. So yeah please kid mood and then say it is for this game well i was obviously a failed so let s try again you cannot to download us yourself from android apple any a device but for you grandma isn t here watching this video you can t you can t down water. You know those phones.

If you have one of those then you won t be up there with that soon sorry just a part of life. But anyways. This is actually quite fun to play..


I recommend oh that s not the first part then you see donkey kong or one of his minions and then you see donkey kong. Turner s in the higher stage nope and neither a figure thought what though it s making a noise. Always be nice please get out of here again i d only after the first in years. No why are you always warning me kylie just get rid of the odds no.

Oh my god what s happening. What s cracking up. Don t worry liv this bitch. A little dude with the chaldees.

Oh by the way. I played this on google play games. Yeah my dad. I just speaking.

There if you were a watch party time and dad nick oh cool card. But it s not probably gonna be bullied up before so if you re watching this video then hope you see buddy fun. Because i m gonna be there the old version upon system..


You know the old version. Oh. The spaceship. A parallel talk.

Yeah come on only what mr. Happy i d ever do you hear these things just show her to be so sorry you should start scheming well you re off. When we if you don t have a moment then you re outside and i like to buy this. But she have only some carlton go ahead and use that don t what the game crack over time your eat or just cuff off.

And you know with him as much you like. It s also what s it like oh go go. Oh my god oh my cool. I bet my high score is by two minutes.

I think this gave me some babies pipe. Say you ve got it oh my high school with that i ve done leave me eat it get the hell out of here. If apple..


I don t play the stupid game. Okay. Maybe you should buy this another upwards. Oh.

A traitor in oh soso don t live with your zippers woods. It s no good. I stopped going i m not going to show you my animate or not right okay rainy. But that s probably gonna be it s gonna stop look at this junk junk.

I thought us from there to there to there to there. But my high squizz that achievements elise global today do you know what dude wore their mind. What do people play this game will you join just ask could you just just type in the comments below. What your what your ma.

Still name as i will thank you and i ll give you a shilling maybe in the next video. So yeah. Let s play one more round..


The name me baby good do like one else i don t know. But this game is fun. The scammers are really at that thing yay jump part that s wrong what i call this nice jumper for jumping jump jump jumping machine jump on a jumping machine do supper the chopping machine quotes always we got we have faced 135 eggs. Wait does that mean you get only dummy.

Me have to call it double. Why do we need to call it because it can t seem to do it. But if i do it i so i m gonna like do this. The only is got one of these get for these no we strapped this absolutely you just stop making your time.

We get what our video continue. Okay okay. I ll be i ll be back. Oh okay i ” .


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