DOOM FIXES & TWEAKS Mouse Smoothing, Nightmare Graphics

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“What s up guys joker here today. I m gonna be walking you through some some essential fixes for doom 2016. That just came out a couple of days ago. ve been covering on the channel.

We did the performance review and that builds video yesterday that was under 500 and today. I want to show you some essential fixes that i think are really important for you to apply in the game. And if you re still on the fence and haven t picked up doom yet is available on cd keys. Which helps to support the channel.

I ll put a link to that down in the description below is only thirty nine dollars on there. Which is the cheapest that i have seen it anywhere. So the first option. I want to show you how to disable is mouse smoothing.


Which is on in the game engine by default and to get rid of that we re gonna go into our user folder. So see users and find your profile on there. And then go to save games from there you want to go to id s software doom base. And then open up the doom.

Config dot. Cfg by double clicking. That and just go ahead and ctrl f to search for the word smooth and hit find next and you ll find it right there now mine s already set to zero by default. Though yours will be set to one you just want to change this value to zero.

And that s it just go ahead and hit file and save this and then you re good to go now keep in mind. Though if you do go into the game and change any options. It s gonna reset this back to one. So if you happen to go in back in the game.


And change any settings make sure you go back into config and then set this value back to zero. If you want smoothing turned off the next. Few options are going to all be handled within the command line editor in steam. So to get in there you want to go to your library and right click on doom and then go to your properties and then you re gonna click on set launch options.

Which is right in the general properties tab so open that up and you ll see i already have my command lines in here. And i will put all of these down in the description below as exactly as they should be typed. But it s just like right here that i have in my notepad editor. You just put a space between all the options no commas or anything like that so this is exactly how you want it to look in yours.

And what these options are doing is the first one here we ll skip the intro video. So you don t have to sit there and watch the bethesda splash screen every time the game opens up the next. One will be to allow all settings. And what this does is actually enables you to set the knightmare graphics options within the game which are above ultra.


So that s awesome you can do that and then the final one is to skip the on load screen. This is after you ve loaded into the game. And it requires you to hit the spacebar to actually get into the into the game this disables that so you don t have to do that either so. If you take all of these options here that i m gonna put in the description below.

And you just paste them right into your launch options in june just like this i m gonna delete mine out here and i ll show you how to do it just control v. Them in hit ok. And that s it and you can close it and then go ahead and launch doom. And it should be skipping intro videos.

You should have mouse smoothing. Disabled. You should be able to see some nightmare options on some of the graphics options in there. And you won t have to skip the load screens.


Anymore so all good fixes essential fixes in my personal opinion. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below and if you ve turned this stuff off. And it s made your game better that s great that s all i don t want to want to do here. So i m gonna go ahead.

And get out of here. Now guys once again cd keys link also is in the description below. If you want to support the channel. And if you haven t picked up doom.

Yet it s a really cheap option for you guys. And i ll catch you next time terra. ” ..


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