FAKE Rose Gold iPhone 6s Unboxing and Review (BUYER BEWARE)

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“Everyone this is ed with aquarium. So apple hasn t even released their next generation generation flagship iphone. 6s and yet again next generation iphones already bouncing on the market china and that s where i received this one today. It s supposedly an iphone 6s in pink.

Which you will see on your screens in just a second. But i m going to unbox. It and take a look and see what s inside. You know iphone 6s release is just a little bit of time a little bit of time away.

And definitely something that was waited on by a lot of people all over the world and this is going to be the hottest arrival and things like for stash capacity improved camera 4k recording possibly 2 gigs of ram faster data speeds due to qualcomm chip and in my next review. I m going to run some benchmarks off the phone that you will see in just a second on your screens versus a real iphone by apple so without further ado let s go ahead and get into it and see what this device looks like so alright let s see what s inside so cheap looking additional cable. I bet you there s another one in the box mm hmm and we re gonna take a look at the phone in just a second the box is already the plastic is already ripped. I m just going to take that off and open that up yeah.

I m just tossed out and get it out of the way. See some dirt on there and you usually apple product real ones. They usually slide one out of the others so nicely. But what else do you expect from this alright first impressions that s what it looks like 32.

So i m assuming that this is a 32 gig was advertised as a 64 build quality. Honestly is absolutely amazing both quality is actually just awesome and there s another screen protector just gonna leave it on there for now can i turn it on and nothing happens so hoping. It s just a battery that s that s dead so hopeful it is a functional device yeah. It s not it s not turning on so i m gonna charge it up.

But before i do that just just want to show you what s inside the box so just standard legal documentation. I m gonna get into it and your sim removal tool that is bent right there obviously not supposed to be that way and the real one. But definitely not going to go through all that information on there and your that s an extra cable that you saw outside of the box. And then there s one inside the box.

Not really nicely wrapped like the real apple ones and looks..

Very crappy sheet. Material and then this is just under at wall charger. Nothing interesting about that and your headphones. Which in one of my other videos this just fell apart in my hands just flew right at me.

But but this one has a plastic cover around it holding it in place. No you got some got some glue in there. I guess that didn t really stick well together alright. So again looks very very neat looks pretty much like a real iphone except that it s pink.

But but what do we expect and this button is another subtle difference is that it s not as soft as the is there it going so now that we charged it up and i turn it on and now i m not gonna not going to time. It probably gonna take a second take another glance on the back side of the phone. It looks like a real one. The only the other subtle difference that i just noticed is the apple logo that s sticks out in the back.

What more than it should and again the silence. Which is not as soft when you switch positions compared to the real iphones. There s our screen. Okay and so there s a little bit of a lag.

Some delay when you try to access applications. That s probably gonna take some time so cover the build quality and how it s compared. It looks almost identical. So let s move that out of the way that never appears on your screen by default on the new iphone as we all know.

But this is ios skin for android kitkat. Let s take a look at the camera first and take some pictures. I was taking pictures pretty quickly. But i really wanna wanna.

See is slow mo and i believe that it s probably not at slo mo..

I highly doubt that it s gonna be a real one they re just gonna move it around quickly like this alright. Let s come back to the recording and see there s a doughy okay and yeah. That s not slow mode not at all. But again.

I think that was just kind of expected so that was the camera and let s take a look at the settings and see we can find there. The about section. And all the serials in there. And things like that it is a 32 gig.

So advertisers. 64. And you probably noticed how it took a second to generate those numbers on there now let s come back to the desktop screen with all all your icons. What we re gonna look at next just app store this is your google google account that it s asking for that doesn t happen in real iphone weather so alright weather app location services.

But i don t currently have it connected to wi fi. So it s going to turn on location services and see if it ll it doesn t look the same so let s go back and look at the maps. I ll just google maps that s not let s go and what else do you want to see let s go back into the settings again and let s see how they slide up. But there s a little bit of a delay.

The transitions are very very laggy. The visual component that is performed very very nicely it does it does resemble real okay. There s your so no sirree. You have your google voice recognition service.

There so definitely not something you would expect on the real iphone. But but in case. You were wondering icloud. There s no icloud on this and facetime facetime gets you into the regular dialog for your phone app.

So this is not that s not facetime..

So why don t we try it with a sim card and see if it works as a phone all right so i m gonna pull out the sim card out of my 930. So hopefully it ll fit nicely into the sim card holder and we re going to use our little bent sim card. Removal tool that came in the packaging slides out very nicely and i keep repeating myself over and over again. But the build quality is really really nice even the way that the sim card holder slid out of the slot alright.

Let s see all right let s still have no sim card that might take a second to initiate and let s try to dial the standard standard t mobile extension for voicemail. Which is one two three easier to remember and no sim card or sim card error. So so what i ll be doing instead. We re gonna try to actually reset it to the original settings.

So we re gonna do general reset all right fighting okay reset. And then factor data factory data. Reset and all right reset phone. It doesn t doesn t look like a real iphone obviously alright so we re just gonna give it a second and i was unmounting the storage.

Which is definitely an android feature or apple logo comes on almost instantaneously. But look at that android alright look at the quality. This is just i keep repeating myself. But this is really really resembling a real one but this is advertised as a 6s.

But that s stiffly not every started it s all there s definitely a lag. When i initially took it out of the box. It wasn t that wasn t on the screen. So somebody must have set up the phone prior to the phone being shipped out which makes me think that s probably why the battery was so so that we re gonna have more than 20 languages.

They re gonna go for english us. And it s like that out of the way right so this is yeah before like i said before they shipped it out it was already activated and set up. I always get a welcome screen almost on any phone escape. But this but this is really interesting because it would bring you out of the box.

But alright again there s a little bit of a lag..

Doesn t happen with the real iphones and this is really. This is really it so let s try the try the phone app and see if it actually works because it looks like we re getting reception on that t mobile network here alright now connected to the actual t mobile voicemail service alright make sure it does work that s that s your amazingly looking fake iphone. Success and pink comment straight from china. And that s really all i have to say about that it doesn t suck it really does.

But it doesn t seem like a better option. If you were broke and you want to get something close to an iphone 450 bucks you know looks better than some of the androids in the same price range. That i ve seen in the past as always thank you for watching please subscribe to my channel. nice amount of grip for the back.

But the plastic frame is a little bit on the slippery side. You will get a very solid amount of protection with this case without making the nexus. 6. Feel overly bulky and the cutouts for the camera imports are precise.

But one thing to note. Is this case does not feature a cutout for the motorola logo like some of the previous cases. We ve mentioned the only drawbacks to this case that i found is the coverings on the power and bond keys are a little on the mushy side when it comes to the feedback and the plastic frame doesn t fit quite as flush to the tpu housing as i would like but otherwise. This is a very decent case for the price and that pretty much wraps it up for this list of cases for the nexus.

6. Definitely let us know down below. What you guys think of this list and are you guys already using some of these cases that we already talked about or are you using something completely different let us know down below and also give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy it and also subscribe to the channel. If you haven t already so you don t miss out on any future videos and as always keep it locked here on android authority.

Because we are your source for all things. ” ..

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