Far Cry 5 god mode glitch new method working not patched v1.07 june 23,2018

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” s up everybody about to show. Y all. The glitch for far cry. 5.

As as them. Now is june 2018. So there s been a couple patches to the i want to note that these have kind of affected. The glitch or at least a original way from the original glitch.

Which is the same glitch. We re going to be doing today. But they patched it kind of not all the way you can still do it. But you have to do it by different means.

Which i haven t seen anyone else do it the way. I m about to do it everyone for the most part when i looked on youtube and on google and everything most people almost well everybody says that this glitch is patched. Which it is the old way which first off let me say the way. I m gonna be doing this glitch.

Today. It s going to be kind of spoiler heavy. I had to start the game. All the way over get past all the bullshit at the beginning with the island right here and then once you get all the regions open to explore that s when you get ready for a glitch.

One thing. I will note you want to go ahead and get a helicopter this area right here and take three june on the mountain kind of close to the veterans center. Where we re going to be doing the glitch. That s why you want to get this because it s close and you will need a helicopter for part of this glitch.

And i ll get to that later another thing is yeah. Like i said we re doing a new iteration of this glitch. Which i think i am the only one i m not saying that i ve i m the founder of this glitch by no means. I don t know who found it first.

I was doing it way back with the first way that people are doing it the easy way. Which is now patched it you cannot do anymore. Which was drowned in the lake right here and then you come out. And this glitch gives you essentially like god mode.

You basically die and the game. Thinks that you re dead so. But you re not you know you get to come back. And you have all your basic functions and actions.

And you can still even go to missions depending on where you go and what you try to do with it it will eventually the vin stability part of it ll wear off and then you ll die again..

Which the game. Thought you were already dead before and essentially you ll go to another death. Which it ll pan the camera up like this i bird s eye view above your character and then you can go out of bounds. Because you are no longer bound by the barriers in the game.

Because you were in a state. Where the game. Thinks you re completely dead that s why the camera pans out kind of like when you die. It goes all the way up and then it stops and you can still move around and it s hard to see.

But you can go outside of bounds. And you can look around and there s like a huge out of bounds in this game. It s like vast it s very big so hopefully we have enough time try to cover this introduction kind of short just want to give you a rundown of things about spoilers. If you haven t played far cry.

5. Yet i don t watch this video. There will be spoilers because i ll be doing cutscenes and things like that with the glitch triggered to show you some other effects that you can do with the glitch. Once you get in glitch mode.

And things. Like that also yeah. You want to go ahead. I started from a new game.

Safe so if you re doing that exactly like i m doing you want to go ahead and get this right here. So you can have a helicopter because you will need a helicopter on one part in a minute. But yeah. This is the iteration that i found so far nobody else has or has documented today.

It s basically the same please if you seen the old glitch. But there s also i haven t seen anybody next part with the glitch mabel what i do when i get the bleach after kind of a fix and the helicopter right here first off. We want to go ahead and pass out so you want to go ahead and run to the gate pass out once always because the second time is when it gets harder and just a warning. We ll take a bunch of a pants.

I mean. It s it s they basically when they patched it they made it like the timing of the way to do this. I said just going in dying between the music playing like they made it to where you basically got to died exactly the same moment that you would think and it s just really that timing is super super hard. It s almost like the change.

The odds. I wouldn t almost crazy. I ve done it a bunch of times. But you know also took a lot of give up on it.

But i did discover that the glitch is awesome..

I m glad i didn t give up on it and for a while i thought the patch was tax again. Unfortunately that time. I m right here. It ll take all the fastest orders.

If it takes at home. It s gonna take a lot of time basically i want them to kill me at the same time that i m going up at the very same time that i m at the past outlet. Right there they should be killing me. It s a play the music.

So you have to get lucky really dude you have to like just let them kill you and it s forward as much as you can one thing. I would try to do it s try not to die try to at least pass out and start over just keep running a pass out if they kill you me have to transport closer. I ll take this kind of far and you have to back this area. That s pretty hard okay.

Lucky wow. All right awesome. So that was good. I m in the glitch.

So if you ve seen the flesh and all that that happened the screen now. This is where it gets different okay now normally you would just be like in god mode right now. And you d be all you know. And the glitch would be initiated done.

And you d be good right well this time. It s kind of hard. Luckily. I did do the first part fairly quickly.

Which was that part supposed to be really hard see right now. It s about to go black as if i died now. This is where a lot of people did find this part at least a couple people did and they said well i guess. It s patched because now i can t see anything i can do the god mode.

But i can t see anything so let s do stuff so. This is where just this is the second part it gets really complicated and this is why you need the helicopter alright. So if i can get in it and you need a good sense of direction. Because you are gonna be like kind of blind for the most part gonna be like filling around the dart to where the door.

The helicopter is because we need to get in the helicopter let s see if i can get lucky and you re basically going around the dart and another trick is if you don t have the helicopter right now. If you didn t bring your helicopter just run up here to this quad. You know just put that on it and you can see till you get close to it it ll tell you to like this you know you kind of look up at it and run towards it get on the quad and then what you re gonna quad try to turn it around best you can in the dark and a little area. Where we got the helicopter just go to it and then you can while you re driving.

The poor wheeler..

You can click to auto drive. And it ll auto drive that route for you and get there and the basic same thing you can run up actually run up to the by helicopter thing and hold triangle if you get close enough to it and it will go into the menu. And you can see and everything in it and to buy a helicopter so if you have enough money to spawn. A helicopter if you already bought one spawn.

One you can do that and then you just walk kind of you know put the thing on and try to find it and basically like i m doing now hopefully. This won t take long. I try to get him help actual dancing. There we go wow.

I mean right so you still show some controls. I okay now you want to go out of bounds. That s what you want to do kind of trick because don t worry. I mean flash haizen team you re gonna have to go over these mountains you know i m running to the wall or as christ and you ll know when you get it really really have stahl you want to stay so you don t run into walls.

Which they have trees clear this mouth and get to where you go out has there we go and bam. There you go so basically what happened was we went out of bounds of remember graphics and we bypassed the pets. Which was the patch. I m guessing they made was they re like well we ll just make it or if they do go make it really can t do it all easy died you know and if they do get the timing down by love and they won t be able to see anything which halfway work most people gave up on it then there were like god s pets.

But you know and i m sure after this video gets really sadly not too long popular here wow. And eventually the problem or they probably don t even know that reloading level is you know he had probably talked about so now all right. Only the next part want to show you now i m in the glitch. I m technically right now i m invincible.

I could see everything s back to the way. The normal glitch would be so. I m. Inglot glitch.

State. The reason. I started the game over it. So i could start over all the and i haven t done any missions yet and and face region is where really i waited to do the glitch.

I went ahead after i got off of after i started a complete fresh game after i got off butch s island. I want to go to face. Things you want to do to get you some money. I mean don t do missions don t i mean you ll have to do missions.

What i did is i basically went and blew up some cult properties and and rescued bunch of hostages. It s fairly quick until you get the legend family at 425 resistance points in our area and then i got blessed so you want to wait till. You get blessed. Which is about me.

And you know you re about to pass out and go into her first cutscene..

Which should be the leap of faith. I m hoping i m pretty sure that s the first cutscene is the leap of faith that s what we want because once you re in glitch. State. And you get the leap of faith cutscene.

Some really cool stuff happens going to face region now hopefully. My invincibility and sometimes it will is something like i said sometimes. Which would really suck right now work so perfect so and usually. I have a truck flying over this portion of it because when it does wear off i could die.

There. But then i ve got a second death with a crazy view of explored all the way so fast how much detail. I guess you know i mean it to be out of bounds. Leaves.

A area ten baby or maybe the x. Ray pushed a lot of a huge. It s all out. There.

I haven t done a lot of area maybe. It s kind of slow ahead. I m just trying to get over the face region. We got a land not blessed while i m in now hopefully with lesson thing yep.

There was it slower might take a minute. The transition. Oh wait. I was crouching far here to go into the if it does it then that means.

I probably just got to do a couple little tasks positive news. Something to get it to go into the sequence. Oh and if you when you do when it says you ve been blessed. This is key to do this part as soon as it says you ve been blessed before you do the glitch.

When you immediately immediately go into your mat mat back travel to dutchess island. Or wherever looks best trouble. That s where i ve had trouble toots that s on placement. Let me so fast travel to the look duchess island.

There we ll center there which batch off the suit and then proceeded to go to jacob that way so you can come back. Hopefully. I actually have to go out of the glitch reset get her to excellent like where it s about the glare out. ” .


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