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“Guys. It s time for a video excuse me. It s time for a video. Video.

Many of you have requested and that is an update about our garmin 770 gps. How it s doing in the real world we re currently traveling in the louisiana mississippi alabama. Florida area. This is sort of like the nav station.

We have set up here we ve got our garmin gps. We ve got my phone on a mount and we also have our little built in entertainment center. Here that has a rear camera looking back at the trailer specifically at the hitch area but in this video. I want to talk about the garmin.

We really like traveling with dedicated rv gps. Because it has certain features that are sort of optimized for rv travel you know with this gps you can plug in your specific rig. Whether you have a motorhome. A fifth wheel a travel trailer or what have you it will customize your route based upon your rig length and height so especially for you guys who are traveling around in the northeast.

Where there are a lot of low bridges. And so forth. It can be an important safety tool. I also liked it it frees up a phone.

So it leaves your phone to be a phone and it gives you a nice gps. That s kind of optimized for rv travel. Again. There s the not only the the safety standpoint of having a gps.

That knows what kind of rig you re maneuvering. But there are also rv specific features like campgrounds and where to buy propane and so forth so at this point. We ve been using this garmin 770 gps for about a year and i m gonna give you a quick rundown of some things i like about it and some things that maybe i don t like about it..


I like the size of the display. It s got a really large display that s you know pretty much gonna be larger than any phone that you could be using. It s a nice big easy to read display and of course. It has a touchscreen and something about the display when you are nearing a crucial intersection or where you have to like change highways or whatever it will actually show you look at the street signs.

So you will see a little pre view of what the signage should look like and that can really help you when you re having to make you know a change in highways with your rv rig. So i really like that i like the display. And i like the fact that it includes the signage. It s pretty incredible at times.

I have mixed feelings about the voice command option this thing is always listening. And that s sort of a blessing and a curse view map. If you ever. Say.

The words. Voice command. It pops up this little display. Voice command find place walmart supercenter.

One navigate. There s nothing wrong with that it s a really nice and powerful feature view map. But sometimes it gets confused sometimes. It thinks you said voice command.

When you didn t say voice command view map. And the other really weird thing about this. Is like all these devices. These days.

It s always listening truthfully. It s probably no different from a cell phone or a tablet or any other so called smart device that you might be carrying around with you they re always listening ostensibly. They re listening for voice commands..


But who knows what else they re listening for so that kind of bothers. Me a little bit. I like the fact it shows you on the screen. Whenever.

There s a speed limit change. They re really helpful a little pop up graphics. That will pop across the top of the screen that can definitely be very helpful. When you re maneuvering around town now one of the question marks about this gps has concerned its actual navigation and truthfully.

We ve had a few weird situations with the gps. When it has told us to do something that simply was impossible to do in the real world. I mean like there was a time. I remember it told us to turn left at an intersection and there was a big concrete divider in the middle of the road and had we just blindly followed the instructions we would have found ourselves in a real mess.

So i do think there are some quirks to the navigation. I ve heard that complaint from other people i certainly think it s true of all gps is that at times. You re gonna have to do a real world reality check and at times. You re gonna have to ignore.

The gps is recommendation. Something that i m a little disappointed. In with the gps are the customization options. You ve really only got a couple of different voices to choose from one and three quarter miles turn right and used to be it seems that garmin offered a lot of different options for just different fun voices for your gps.

And they don t seem to really do that anymore you can t really customize your vehicle too much either now here you can see what i m talking about with the road sign it gives you an idea of what to look for on the signage. And i think that s that s really really helpful because a lot of times you re toning rv rig. You ve got to be really careful with lane changes and you ve got a lot of additional stress. That s associated with towing you know a 50 foot long rig basically that being able to see what the sign is actually going to look like it s a really powerful feature now check this out up on the road.

So we can see it and it s got these really helpful arrows on the map that will steer you in the right direction. So overall. I think the navigation is excellent..


But with that one little asterisk or caveat that you always have to do that real world check. I really like the way they do firmware and map. Updates. The map.

Updates are always included. They don t nickel and dime. You on that sort of thing and if you have any kind of wi fi connection. You can update your gps just over wi fi signal so you don t have to plug it in to a computer or anything to update your maps so i really like that i know that some of you guys.

I really like heavy hardcore gps. Users. And you plan out your itineraries long in advance. And i m not typically that heavy of a gps user.

I just get in i tell it where i want to go and i just hope it gets me there in a reasonably reliable and safe fashion and i would say you know overall. We ve been really pleased with this so you know as far as my recommendation. I haven t seen any rv gps that does any better than this so overall. I would i would recommend this i know some guys look at the garmin 660.

Which is sort of the predecessor model to this one and i haven t really tried the 660. I ve heard good things about it i think this gps got some poor reviews like right out of the gate. Because garmin may have launched. It maybe without having all of their ducks in a row.

And i think in the months since they ve released several different firmware updates. And at this point. It should be a pretty much amateur unit. It s been on the market for about a year.

You know. It s certainly. The best standalone gps that i ve tried and i haven t tried them all..


But we re pretty happy with ours. So that s a real world update look at the garmin 770. The rv gps unit of course. If you re interested in this unit.

We ll put a link in the description for this video. Where you can read more reviews of it maybe pick one of your own and that s about it we re on to our next destination. Hopefully. The government of get us there until next time.

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