Geekology s5e72: QMx Star Trek: Discovery Badges

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“I m welcome to geek fried ology. Couldn t be here this evening. So it it s just me for this review of the new quantum mechanics star trek discovery pins so we have all four here command science operations. A medical let s start with the packaging standard blister pack.

We have the logo. The fact that they re using powerful magnet clasps and then the division of your pin belongs to on the back discovery logo. Again then a quick diagram of the path system and of course legal information. And the barcode so nothing particularly outstanding in that but it does the job.

It s easy to display it prevents your bat from being scratched. So open one of these up today and i ve worn it for about 12 hours just to give a more comprehensive review and i have to say i m very impressed. It s bigger than the tng on voyager 1..


Because the bat in the show is bigger. It s meant to be a representation of that the aesthetics of these are really really gorgeous. The brushed finish against the high polish and the matte black they ve chosen in contrast with it is stunning. It really it s just a gorgeous pinners hopefully you ll be able to see from the photos.

It differs from its predecessors and a couple of other wise. Not just the size firstly. The weight majority of the weight is in the back of the badge. So that when it is on it is really nicely balanced and the other thing they ve done is they ve now using two neodymium magnets in it which means it doesn t swivel.

Unlike its predecessors. There was something that was a real problem with the 50th anniversary. Want it really ended up..


But also to win one finals that second magnets really helped towards the strength when it is on your clothing. But if that s something you re worried. But you can always add an extra magnet to the back just to help reinforce the strength of it although to be fair strength in this one is quite impressive. The only thing.

I think might put some fans off is the fact that it does not have the rank running down the middle of the match. The inner part of the delta. Which is something the ones in the show. Do and whilst.

I can appreciate that from a cosplay point of view that you might want your rank. I can understand why they chose not to do it for these individual pins and i have to say i actually think it s a good job that they didn t because you d end up owning an awful lot of pins. If you re a completist like me..


And you can always add them on a scale from one to ten. I d have to say nine and three quarters. Why nine and three causes of where is it missing that extra bit from i don t know it s just i ve never given out ten. I don t where you want to start.

But i have to say i am genuinely very impressed with this pin. I think aesthetically it s beautiful. The weight is nice the fact that they ve added that extra neodymium magnet in so it no longer spin and add strength the fact that they make it hollow. It just works on every level and i m really pleased that i bought the set.

And i have to say that goes through all of them as well because obviously these two are silver. And yeah. It s just these are genuine these stunning paces and i highly recommend them for your collection..


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Thank you for watching. ” ..

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