GTX 960 Overclock Tutorial

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“Is going on guys how to basics here and today. I m going to be be showing you how to overclock your gtx 960. You might be trying to get little bit more fps out of your games or you just notice that with just a little bit more power. You d be able to perform a little bit better or you just want to overclock your card just to get the max performance out of it i m gonna show you guys how to do that today in the link in the description.

I m going to leave a link to the msi afterburner download link as well as the gpu z link as well and i ll also leave a gpu zinc gpu z. Link in the description for the republic of gamers. Edition. Which i have so once you download all that and extract and get everything set up with msi afterburner and gpu z.

You should have something that looks similar to what i have on the screen now once you download msi afterburner. You ll see this little screen right here once you see this you ll see that your power limit should look similar to this and everything else should say. 0. That means your card has not been touched hasn t but overclock there s nothing changed to it.

Which is good so first thing. I wanna tell you is we are not messing with core voltages. I don t like to do that just because it can damage a gpu if you do it correctly yes. You can get more of an overclock out of it.

But i m doing this more for like the everyday gamer..

The beginner and somebody who s new to overclocking. This is who this video is is addressed to so first off. We re going to start off by look at your power limit now your power limit is set at 100 from the factory first thing. I want to tell you to do is don t just crank.

It all the way up because crank it all the way up that s going to be pushing your gpu to the limits at all times. You don t want that so go ahead and bring that a few notches down to just 105 would be good enough so once you get that go ahead and press apply. There is a few little finicky issues with msi afterburner. I don t know what it is if you try and turn up all of them at once it won t set for some reason.

I m not sure why that is so i just usually apply everything after i turn up them individually. So the next thing you look at is your core clock. So if you go over here to your core clock. It s going to be your gpu clock.

And gpu z. Should be 11 90 megahertz. That s the factory clock on this card. And you could squeeze a whole lot more performance out of this but for the sake of this video.

I m only going to put it up to 175 and that s what i would recommend for you if you mess with your core voltages like i said before i don t recommend doing because i don t comfortable putting out that information to you guys because it could damage your gpus..

I don t want to be held responsible. But you can finicky with it and get a little bit more out of it i ve got it up to 200 with no core voltage changed at all and it performed well. But i did have a couple of things that a little bit high and it did want to freezing up one of my games. After about an hour of gameplay.

So i want to turn it down and the numbers. I give right now are the full tune no lag. No nothing no freezing. I ran a benchmark on this overnight.

While i went to sleep. And didn t experience any issues. So for the core clock. It should be set at zero from the factory go ahead and crank this up to 175.

If you can t get it exactly with your cursor. So you can use the arrow keys to get it perfect and like i said. When you re done applying one of these just go ahead and press apply that way it actually reads it and if you look over to your gp. You see your gpu clock will now change.

The 1365 megahertz alright..

So once you have your core clock. Change. You want to go down to your memory clock. Now i again have had this up to 500 at one point and again that s when i experienced the lagging.

I got it down to 475. But it was perfect but just for the sake of the video just for you guys who are still a little bit on edge on it i would recommend putting it to 435 or still going to get a great overclock on this car and you re definitely gonna notice almost a 10 frame per second boost at least i did with the benchmark from rainbow six siege. I was getting anywhere from 48 to 50 originally with the stock settings on max settings on rainbow six siege at 1080p. I did the overclock now i m getting anywhere from 60 to 72.

It varies depending on maps. But it s very good and i definitely notice a noticeable difference. So what you re going to do is just go ahead and go down to your memory clock. And go ahead like i said put that up to 4 35.

And again you can use your arrow keys. If you can t get the exact all right. So. Once you have that set go ahead and press.

Apply and again..

It s doing that little glitch thing so just try and i don t know why it does that i don t know if it s just the program or what it is i m not quite sure why it does that i really have no definition for it you might just have to restart the app or whatever the case may be i m not entirely sure. But it tends to do this sometimes that i m not quite sure why i think it s just a glitch in the system. Because i ll try and apply and nothing will work. I think.

It s just a glitch in this msi afterburner that i have but every once in a while i ll get it to finicky and it ll get it will work fine for some reason. I don t know why it s not letting me right now. But do you guys have any questions feel free to leave them in the description below that s it for this video since i am closing this video. I know it s been quite a long time since i ve updated a video for you guys and i do apologize.

But there will be many more videos to come. I just had to get a new apartment and i did just get a new gaming desktop. So no more the laptop stuff this gaming desktop is a really good desktop for me and i m quitting doing it so i m hoping i can come out with some more video content for you guys. So that s it for this video like i said if you have any questions leave them down below.

Don t forget to like and subscribe that helps me out a lot and go ahead and turn on notifications. Too so you guys know when i m updating my videos thanks for watching. ” ..


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