How I got started: Freight broker Jeff Leppert

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“Name s jeff leppert ni m with redwood logistics. I started with redwood in 2012. 2012. And i currently manage what nwe call capacity solutions.

Which is carrier relations nsourcing procurement for the various modes that we offer from north american brokerage to ltl to contract truckload nwhere. We buy capacity in bunches for our clients. I started basically fresh out of college. I m a family transportation guy my dad was with the railroad.

My grandpa was the railroad..

My uncles were with the railroad. I m one of those guys nthat was born into it i went to business school nand. I liked everything about the space as well i worked for three companies all short stents less than 24 months. I started in sales and was ncold calling air freight and then i was cold calling small pack.

When i took my third job. I had talked to the npresident of the company and i said and he was very receptive of that and said come help us do it nand. Then go do your thing. And so i got a chance to nstart my own business in 2008.

I was fortunate nenough to have a spouse that was working and nso..

We didn t have a ton of household pressure. It was just me at home. So my only bills were my paper my phone and my computer. And i remember my first shipment i remember my first customer that s probably my biggest accomplishment.

But i wouldn t downplay the nlast five years with redwood. We went from a freight nbrokerage to a company that manages a billion dollars. And i m really proud of the nstory of redwood as well and that the treppel group that i founded could be a part of that story in 2012. I had gotten to the npoint where i was good at sales and i was good at i had na handful of employees and we were good with our carriers and we re good with our customers.

But cash became an issue and so i was meeting with banks more than i was meeting with customers and that s when it dawned on me that i either need to hire nsomebody to manage money or look at selling and then subsequently sold nit to redwood in 2012..

And that s kind of how my current career path has taken shape very thankful that somebody pushed me in the direction. And said. I wasn t looking at selling. But i m certainly happy that i did i came in with the promise nto deliver the moon on the intermodal side of the fence.

And then the polar vortex nhit. And i had to give em reasons on why we weren t growing at the rate. He expected it to grow. I can confidently tell you that right now we have all the employees nthat.

I had are still with us and all the customers are still with us so the transition went very well and it slowly..

But surely kind of expanded my responsibilities at redwood nbased off the success of it s kinda. One thing at a time very rarely do people ncatapult in their career paths by doing more than one thing at a time learn from some of the nguys that are in here. So the guys that have been nmoving trains for 30 years. And know the ins and outs nof.

The train network or have been moving trucks nand dispatching trucks for 30 years. They know the ins and outs of what you need to do there s a lot of people nthat come out and say they can do everything and they can t and that s gonna catch up to em and once the customers catches you once they re not gonna use you again so be honest with what you re capable of and then be continuously nlearning and asking questions then you can blaze your own path. But you should probably listen to somebody that did it before it s incredibly valuable so that s without a doubt categorically my paid for advice diesel engine purring ” ..


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