How To Add 2TB to Your Xbox One with Seagate Game Drive!

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“Set up the seagate game drive for xbox nadding to terabytes of storage to our our game console. And i will show you how to do it on nthis episode guys welcome to bleeding. Edge tv i m nandru edwards editor in chief gear live at wwwgearlivecom. And in today.

s episode. Nwe. Are upgrading the storage on our xbox. We got an xbos one console here it also works non the xbox 360.

But we will be focusing on the xbox. One the process is the same tho ..

The seagate game drive allows to add 2. Terabytes nof storage to your xbox console wheather. It is xbox 360. Or xbox one two terabytes nof storage lets you store a 50.

Games in this little pocketable. Device usb 30. Drive. Optimized nfor.

The xbox platform seagate set this plugin place set up in fact. The only things you will nfind in the box when you buy it are the game drive as well as the usb 30..

Cable. So is a nusb drive so it gives you a usb 3 speed the cool thing no power cable needed. I thought it was funny. I just noticed that nthe game drive has an instruction book with and if you open it up.

The instructions are nbasically take the drive plug the cable into the drive and then plug the other side of nthe cable to the xbox that s it i m gonna take the game drive and we are going nto plug the usb 30. Cable into the drive so in the other side. We are going to plug nit into the back of the xbox. One now xbox has 2 usb ports back there i ll plug it like nso that s it that s installation alright that s the xboc one i m gonna plug nin seagate game drive there we go we have an unformated external hard drive and it asks nif.

We wanna use the device stored games and apps. So we need to format it submited format nthen it asks for your name for the external and it asks if you want to install new things non external by default so we just confirm that you just want to format..

The device and nit is done it took maybe 10 secs or so if i wasn t nreally in through everything to set it up and now we set it we go into system and manage nour storage preferences and there you see external right there games and apps 0 used nthis is the seagate 5terabyte drive that i bought last year. Not much of it has been nused and that is how easy it is to install the seagate game drive for xbox. So you have it that was simple super easy nall. We did was just plug it in the xbox recognizes the device through and we are pretty much ndone.

And you can easily just transfer games from the internal storage onto the external nstorage again. It s the game drive from seagate. We are gonna be giving away. 2 of these thanks nto.

Our friend from seagate. The only requirement to get it is to be subscribe to our youtube nchannel go to youtubecom..

Gearlive hit the subscribe bottom and you ll be notified when nwe upload new videos and just like this one and you ll be entered to win. Thanks for. Watching guys. I m andru edwards neditor in chief gear live at wwwgearlivecom.

” ..

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