How to fix apple CarPlay.

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“Hello guys and welcome back to another video with my 2018 honda accord in today today s video i m going to be talking about what you should do if android auto or apple carplay stops working the first thing i would suggest doing is checking the cable make sure the cable is real or make sure you are using the original cable that came with the phone second thing i would suggest is stay away from ebay chargers or cables and the third thing is that you guys actually could buy cheap cables that work really good from walmart. I got my cable for five bucks from walmart and i had it for six seven months now. And i haven t had any issues with it so would get something from from walmart. If you guys actually want a good cable and they re super cheap so i would suggest sticking with that or sticking with the original cable that came with the box or with the with the phone and if that s not the problem.

Then you guys have to go to the settings. And we set the basically the apple carplay or the whole system so let me go ahead and show you how to do that alright. So the first thing that you guys have to go to his settings then system then scroll all the way down to factory data reset and then basically here it s gonna tell you what you want to reset everything back to the factory settings..


Go ahead and click continue and right here. It says that though that old data. It s going to be basically delete all data and this can t be undone. It s going to take five up to five minutes it usually takes a couple seconds.

So let s go ahead and click continue all right i don t know why he gave me this message. But it s actually doing it right now that was kind of weird never seen this message before basically said i m able to reset back to the factory settings. Which i never seen before it s kind of weird actually the system is based on an android which is kind of cool so it s nice and if you guys actually go to the settings..


You ll be able to you ll see what first what what android version it s on and this might actually fix the back up camera recall for some people for me. I ve done it a couple times. And it didn t it didn t fix it but for some people it might fix it for you guys so if you go ahead. And do it and see what happens before you take it to the dealer.

And so you guys don t waste your time alright. So let s go ahead and click continue. We re okay system has lost power push the power by in more than two seconds..


So what you guys have to do you have to push the power button for two hundred and two seconds this happens when you actually remove the battery. I think it will give you this message telling you that kara the car has lost power so everything went back to normal. And i don t know it feels tiny bit smoother than before for some reason. I don t know why which is good.

But let me try this thing. I m gonna go ahead and turn off my car and turn it back on and see. If the backup camera lion..


Saw show up so let s go ahead. And do that nope still the same issue so for for some people this might fix the issue. But for me this did not so you guys could try it and then let me know if it worked for you guys. But this is a this is a way on how to reset the system basically if your apple carplay doesn t work this will actually fix it and for the back up camera recall this did not fix.

It as you guys so so this is how you reboot the system if your apple carplay or android android auto doesn t work and this this will fix this issue for sure so if you guys have any questions or if you guys want me to do something else or if you guys are curious about something please let me know and comment below on what you think and i hope this video helps and if it did please subscribe and ” ..

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