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“Guys what s going on it s not like t to man yet again with with another how to computer tutorial after this tutorial i m gonna be showing you to fix itunes err 9006 so you re trying to update your ipod iphone your eye whatever and it s not working because you re getting this error 9006 and so that can be a hassle and today. I m gonna be showing you how to fix that problem alright so the first thing. We re gonna want to do is we re just gonna want to go to google and we re just gonna type an ipod update. Ip sw alright and just click this should be the first link this site here ips wm ii just want to click that and so for me well i got the error for my ipod.

So i m gonna go ahead. Here. You know it s step by step process it s very easy so we re just going to click on ipod for me and for me i have an ipod touch 5 so i m gonna clear ipod touch. 5.

And i m gonna get this s just go back. I m just i m gonna get this uh. This signed ipsw so don t worry about what this is we re gonna get to that in a moment..


Just know that this is what you need so just go ahead and download that download that so download whichever ones is yours right so i have already downloaded it so i m just gonna go ahead and skip to that point when you show you one folder. All right so. Here s here. It is alright and so the next thing you didn t want to do.

It s good open up itunes connect your device. So finally i have ipods been disabled let me connect to itunes because it s disabled so i m just gonna alright here we are so as you can see there is a problem ipod and it says ok so you you re gonna need to update. It so i don t go to that step until this the file is done downloading so just wait till this file is done downloading before you open up itunes. So go ahead and pause.

The video. It s not already downloaded and if it is already downloaded continue so we re just gonna go ahead and click update. Because i still want preserve whatever is on my ipod so i m just gonna click update yeah and yeah update next degree all right in this still thing here it s gonna pop up..


And say they re saying ok. We re dealing this off for update. And this is what you re gonna get that error right once i guess to a certain point just stops down line gives you an error yes. We re just uh.

No. We re gonna do we re just gonna open up the start menu. And and the type here to search if they ll work. Yeah.

We re see no typing. We ll run run and now we re just gonna take their present. Ok..


Well now we re gonna want to look for apple computer itunes and ipod software updates alright so this is the thing that itunes is currently downloading so what we want to do we want to open up this file well we don t want to open. It we just want to go to wherever. It is we just want to copy it into where itunes is downloading the software. I m just gonna drag and drop it like that alright there it is yes so now we go back to itunes use so go back to itunes now we just pause download.

And then it s gonna appear like it s gonna be ungrazed. Hey. The file is already there so you can see the the other word file. It just delete it by itself sure just go open up itunes.

Again. And we re just gonna go ahead and click update. Alright update..


And there. You go so that should do it. So. Now.

It should be updating perfectly fine. And so yeah. Thank you very much for watching. This video and uh.

So yeah this multi huge man ” ..

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