How to fix the Install Stopped Disc Error on Xbox One [2018 Edition

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” s going on once again everyone nmonkiedude22 here with another xbox tip trick or tutorial tutorial video and in this nvideo today. I m going to show you some steps fix the installation stopped nerror when using a disc to install a game on xbox. One now i actually made a nvideo about this back in 2016. As well as a follow up video.

Which covered the nissue. But since then new techniques and steps have been developed to fix the nproblem. So that s why i ve taken the time to remake this video. And i sure nhope it helps you take care of the problem.

If it does please make sure to ndrop a like on the video and share. It with your friends who might be running ninto. The same problem and also consider subscribing to the channel for more nvideo games. Tips tricks and tutorials just like this i really do appreciate nthe.

Support and now. Without further adue let s get right on into it now. In this nvideo. I m using star wars battlefront.

2. As an example of course any game could npotentially have this error happen..

But as you can see i m installing the game nright now on the console. When all of a sudden up the installation stops and now ni. See this error pop on the screen. So what do you do the first thing.

You ll nwant to try is to simply resume the installation sometimes this works and nsometimes it doesn t. But it s the very first thing you ll probably want to try nwhen you see the error. Happen next you re gonna want to eject the disk and nlook for any visible scratches or smudges on the bottom of the disk nyou should always handle the disk from the edges and never touch the data layer nif you see any visible scratches or smudges use a soft clean microfiber ncloth and clean the disk of any fingerprints scratches or smudges to the nbest of your ability. Now as the graphic shows start from the inner part of the ndisk and wipe out for the most effective cleaning method.

If the disk does have a nlot of deep scratches. It may no longer be usable. But keep working look for nthrough. The next few steps just to see if any of the solutions do help out once nyou ve cleaned the disk reinserted into the console.

And the installation should nautomatically resume. If not select the game from the home screen to resume the ninstallation now if that doesn t work let s move on to the next step. Which nwill be to install the disk in offline mode. Now sometimes when a game installs nit will also install with any updates over xbox live.

And this can sometimes ncause an installation to stop. So let s start by opening up the settings menu by npressing..

The xbox button on the xbox one controller to open up the guide then nslide all the way over to the right to the system tab. And press. A on settings nnext highlight network. And then select network settings.

Now. You should. See the noption to go offline press. A to select that option and your xbox.

One console nwill disconnect from the internet and xbox live fully next. We want to cancel nthe installation. So we can start fresh. So heading to my games and apps.

And the nqueue screen press. The cancel all option to stop the game from installing next nyou. re going to want to eject the game disk and restart the xbox one console. Nyou can do this two different ways.

One way is to open up the guide and under nsystem. We can select restart console..

Alternatively you can press and hold the nxbox button on the front of the console for a few seconds until the console nshuts down now if you ve powered down the console by holding the xbox button ngive it about 30 seconds and then power it back on if you chose to restart the nconsole by using the method. And the dashboard just wait until the console is nfinished rebooting. Once you re back on the dashboard go ahead and reinsert. The ngame disk into the console.

The installation should start automatically nbut. If not you can press. The a button on the game tile to start the installation nnow. This method installs the game without any updates from xbox live.

So if nthis method works for you you ll need to install the update before you can play nto do that you ll need to reconnect your console to xbox live again by clicking nthe connect to xbox live tile on the dashboard this will take you directly ninto the network settings and to the quote. Unquote and go online. Option once nyou. ve reconnected to xbox live attempt to launch the game again to trigger the nupdate now if none of these steps have done the trick for you i have one more nmethod for you to try this time.

We re going to bypass the disc. Install and ninstall the game digit from the xbox store now this method can ntake a lot longer because it s gonna solely rely on your internet connection nto install the game. But if the disc is just unreadable for any reason during nthe installation. This may be your only option start by having the game ninstallation cancelled like in the previous step.

But keep the disc inserted ninto the console at this time as long as the console is able to read the disk it nshould know that you have the license for the game. If the disk isn t reading nat all on the console..

This trick might not work for you what you want to do is nnavigate to the xbox store with the disc inserted into the console. Like i nmentioned then locate the game you want to install on the store you ll see the noption to purchase the game. But also you should have the option to install go nahead and select install from this option. What this will do is allow you to ndown the game from the xbox store digitally.

Now the disc won t be used as nall for the installation like i said previously so this can make ninstallations slower. But it is a method that will not use the disk at all nnow if these methods don t fix the issue. The disk or the console may need to be nrepaired or replaced. It s a good idea to try other disks on the console to see if nthe same issue is happening.

If it is then you ll know that the issue may be nwith the console. But if it s only happening with a single game. Then you nmight want to look into getting the discs repaired or replaced now there s a nfew places around that offer cd dvd blu ray resurfacing and scratch removal nservices call around but generally you ll want to look around for video. Ngame resale shops or pawn shops.

Now if you recently purchased the game you nmight want to look into exchanging the discs with the retailer. I hope this nvideo was helpful in getting you past that installation stop there and if it nwas make sure to give this video a like and share it with your friends. If nthey re having the same issue be sure to subscribe to the channel for more videos. Njust like this i m monkiedude22 and ” .


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