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“Get your phone tracker double tracking ditto. I know no this is not japan something something came up and we have to cover it immediately. Ditto has been found so re heading out in a little group to try to find some of our own besides ditto. We also got some more exciting news movie.

There s a poking on the new nearby system is starting to roll out to even more areas so far. I ve heard from people in all over the us oregon texas louisiana midwest and also from people in australia that they have the new nearby system and it seems like they ve completely removed sightings with the grass for anyone who gets the new nearby now as for ditto. It seems that you catch a normal pok mon and after catching it it transforms you see a cutscene and the pokemon transforms into ditto. Most commonly i ve heard that it comes from either rattata or pidgey.

But i ve also heard reports of it coming from magikarp crabby zubat. So it seems like it could be anything. It s not that knitter an it seems like it could be anything. But more likely it s the common pokemon.

Because people would probably get upset like chan said. If they ran for at dragonite. And it transformed into a ditto now on top of that double stardust double experience is also in effect. So we re seeing that here here s a pidgey.

This is probably the most excited people will ever be for pidgey and rattata. So we re really just gonna walk around and try to catch as many pokemon as possible and see if we can find a ditto. I am curious to see if it s the same for everyone if we all catch the same pokemon will it transform into ditto for all of us or is it something random that just sort of happens after you catch a pokemon should put a lucky egg on for this quadruple experience trapper. Let s go find it all right you heard it here first there s a pitchy let s go find it everything s running for me you caught the rat attack.

It s not a ditto. There are a lot of rattata on sightings maybe we should go there where that pyramid looking thing. Yeah. That s a church.

It s actually i can see it way down. There so we ll get a drink and we ll head that way all right that s our plan. There should be around in town right here around this mural. We just have to walk around a little to find it give it a spin.

Yes could this be the one. I don t know weird flashes went on as i tapped on it. But i think that s gone behind the back snack attack gosh parent. I was caught all right just a ratatat.

Let s continue to to ratatat church down. The street is what it is oh i found it oh bulbasaur ditto for good luck to help us find it why do you guys noticed these on my desk. I did pick these up at pokemon center in at the tohoku region so i picked up actually a ton of stuff there to giveaway on the channel. This one s for me.

But those other two starters someone s gonna get those along with a whole bunch of other stuff. I m gonna be giving that stuff away over the next couple weeks as it gets closer to christmas..

So stay tuned for that i have a lot of stuff to give away so a lot of people are gonna be able by the way. We did learn that if one person catches ditto its ditto for everyone well we finally made it here in my game froze. So i ll be right back. We haven t heard of it coming from an evolve to pokemon yet so if you got a ditto from a pokemon that was evolved already let me know we re gonna try to go somewhere with more spawns.

Which means getting in the car and driving there so by the library. Yeah. It s probably one of the highest spawn areas in down. You won t downtown downey.

There s a lot of polka stops. There so hopefully we can find one out there and pokemon are spawning so you guys catch. These let me know if it s ditto because i have 5 10 ks. And possibly a couple five k s some of these came from japan.

So this could be exciting. I mean it s ten cases it s exciting regardless pinsir no i mean it s cool because i got buffed catching it 1532 now. Which is a lot higher than it used to be the hat electabuzz sweet also got buffed. Although jolteon is a better electric type attacker now came from matsushima.

Okay. This is a 5k. Oh abra that s cool too. Because alakazam also got buffed.

Yeah. 639 average used to hatch around 325. And that s a good one that s also from matsushima another 5k. I hope so psyduck yes chances favorite pokemon right there that s for matsushima scyther.

Yeah. Scyther didn t get a huge buff that one s from long beach two more ten ches. I think another pincer mozza shima. But that one s fury cutter.

X. Scissor. Which is actually the good bug type move set for pincer jake s got buff. Too.

Though frost. Breath size shock. Though i would have rather had two ice type moves. But again.

Oh this one s from me sheena maki. Look at some please poliwag poliwrath..

Actually got nerfed a little bit. So that s kind of sad all right we re here in downey s most pokey stop dense area it s starting to get a little darker. But there should be a lot of pokemon out here for us to maybe get lucky with there s a nice little stack right. There already we re really not having any luck.

Finding pg or rattata. Which is honestly something i never thought i would say on this channel. Yeah. But it s all rock and ground types and machop no pg no ratatat.

We need to go somewhere less populated. There were more back where we were earlier we ll spend a few more pokey stops head back to the car and try to find somewhere with more common spawns. So weird to be saying that did i have a lucky egg on earlier when i hatched my eggs without going back someone answered the question did i i m gonna use this police car light a little bit. Here.

There is a rattata on a nearby. What is the embassy suites yep. Well that s kind of on our way back to the car. So.

We can stop by and actually hunt down. A rabbit. Ah. So weird the ratatat d.

Spawned. I can t believe that s disappointing. There s still another one. At that same place is there.

Yeah. Like tracker says. Look. Oh yeah.

There s one. Oh yep same fountain and the other fountain nearby is there a rattata over there it s upon us. We are approaching the polkas stop destiny just spawn it just it s got an egg. He s just waiting on a rattata.

There it is where are you catching it nick. I m like bridal oil or here once we keep walking it shouldn t spawn for you got it let s see nothing no more rattata on sightings really no really well i ll just walk over there with you guys oh. Now i see it okay do we have the same nearby list let me see the only different order. And there s like summer.

There yes so we are all seeing the same pokemon on our nearby list. I m not sure how it chooses what to display because obviously there are more than 9 pokemon around the polka stops here..

But it is showing us the same ones all right this could be the one no one oh well just gonna set this down. And we ll catch some pokemon sweet there s a charmander right back where we parked so we re gonna head back there so it s not always exactly the same but they are pretty similar. I don t want to try this gym. Too i haven t used any of my newly buffed pokemon.

Yet this that s so cool to see machamp at the top hitmonchan site. There and electabuzz all in the gym granted it s a pretty weak gym. But it s still cool to see that okay well there s a pidgeot here. Which actually just got nerve.

Unfortunately did spend a lot of stardust on powering mine up. But you guys that s just something that s gonna happen as they continue to rebalance things so don t get too mad. If you put stardust into a pokemon and then it gets nerfed and it went up 200 cp yep vaporeon. Did get a buff and that s another thing.

I want to talk about people are asking why did they buff snorlax. Why did they buff dragonite. They didn t intentionally buff them they changed the formula so that it s more fair to pokemon who have specialized stats either physical or special attack or defense and as a result of that snorlax and dragonite went up a little bit. But you see huge increases for other pokemon so comparatively.

They really didn t get that much stronger in fact a relative to most other pokemon they got a little bit weaker um catch that 26 26 cp on this i m not even worried about it won t say darrow was caught. I m not sure when it says it i haven t seen a video of it yet. I ve only seen screenshots. Yeah.

There is paris this is the pope you stop that charmander is near oh. It s not on my nearby. Anymore. Let s just walk around it and see if the charmander shows up otherwise.

We might have lost our chance well we have this chance though sure you head home we re hungry. We re gonna eat we re gonna play some sun and moon. But how about we ll have incense on the whole time. I mean i will i ll have an incense on the whole time.

Let s go play some sun and moon actually first let s get some pokemon. Then we ll play some sun and moon help. A fellow youtuber also named nick from the channel. What up mc has been kind enough to send me some of his footage of capturing ditto.

So i can share it with you it starts out like any normal piggie encounter. You see the piggie you see the metals appear at the top for normal and flying type. There s no indication that this is a ditto once you catch the pokemon after the stars appear and the pokeball clicks instead of gotcha you see oh and it takes you to a purple screen. Where the pokemon.

Eat just caught transforms and reveals ditto nick has a lot more ditto footage over on his channel including ditto in gym battles. And what happens..

When you fight ditto against another ditto in gym battles. So make sure you check out the suggested video here. If you want to see that the link to the video and the channel is also in the description below so now let s just talk about some things that we know about ditto and its interactions. And its mechanics and how it works in the game.

Most of this information comes from a thread on the silk road. Which i ve also linked to in the description. If you choose data as your buddy pokemon it requires three kilometers to earn one candy dito automatically uses transform against the first pokemon it sees in battle unless that pokemon is also a ditto in that case. The two dittos will just use struggle against each other after ditto transforms in battle if you switch it out it won t transform back ditto.

It will stay as the pokemon that originally transformed into when ditto transforms. It takes the moves and the base stats of the pokemon it transforms into. But it keeps your original dittos level. So if your ditto is higher level than the poke and on that you re battling against it ll actually transform into that pokemon but have higher cp.

Some people are reporting that pokemon hiding as ditto are harder to catch than normal and ditto does have a 16 base capture rate in the games data that s the same as starter pokemon bulbasaur charmander squirtle bulbasaur still in the car now dedos base fleet rate is actually lower than pigeon ratatosk. So if it does use dittos data for that it s actually less likely to run than a normal page of your ratatat would and keep in mind you can get ditto for more than just pg or ratatat. We ve heard reports of crabby magikarp seems pretty common as well zoo bat. I ve also heard that someone caught a metapod which transformed into ditto.

Which means that it can transform from evolved pokemon. Although. We didn t see any video or footage of that happening. So i m not gonna say that that s absolutely certain i think that s about it for what we know about ditto so far it seems like it s pretty common a lot of people have sent me pictures.

There are a lot of reports online of people catching it some people have caught three or four. Already so hopefully i can get my own within the next couple days. And i promise another japan video is coming tomorrow and we are going to talk about the money the donations. Very soon that ll be coming at the end of the japan vlog series.

But since we are talking about ditto today and i did sort of reveal because it wasn t really a secret. But i did reveal it let s give these two away. If you want to win either this ditto squirtle or this ditto charmander just leave a comment with either squirtle or charmander and from those. I will pick one winner for each and send them out you know cute.

These are i did buy the bulbasaur for myself. So whoever gets these it ll kind of be like we re starting our pokemon adventure together now i hope you guys enjoyed this stay tuned tomorrow. Some more japan footage is coming i promise unless something crazy happens again with the game. But until then i ll see you guys tomorrow.

” ..

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