How To Send An Email Using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

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“This video. We re going to walk through sending your first test email using amazon amazon simple email service. There are three ways you can send an email using amazon using the console using the simple mail transfer protocol interface or using the api for this demo. We ll be using the ses console to send emails from the aws management console.

Let s search for a simple email service now click on simple email service to open the ses console the first thing we need to do is set up an email address that we will be sending from to do this we need to first verify that we in fact own the email address that we are using let s go ahead and click on email addresses on the left right now i don t have any verified email addresses so i m going to click on verify a new email address on the verify a new email address screen. I m going to enter the address that i m looking to verify then let s click verify this email address. A dialog will appear telling us that the verification. Email has been sent to that address when i close this dialog.

We can see that my email address is pending verification. Let s switch over to the email client. Here. I have a new email from amazon web services for the email address verification inside that email is a link that i need to click in order to complete my verification once that verification is complete.


We can go back to the ses console. Now when i refresh my list. You can see that my new email address has a status of verified. Now.

We can go ahead. And send our first test. Email. Let s select.

The verified. Email address. And then click send a test email. In this dialog.


We re given a few options for our email. I can toggle more options to see some additional fields that i can fill out. But let s stick with the fewer options for now first let s choose an email format when you choose formatted ses formats the email for you if you would like to manually format the email you need to choose raw let s go ahead and choose format at first in the to field. I m going to use the same email address.

I just verified if you are a new user of ses. You will only be able to send to verified recipients. Because your account will be in a test environment called. Amazon ses sandbox.

You can later apply to move out of the sandbox to lift the recipient address restriction in the subject let s put ses formatted test and then let s just add some text in the body. Now let s click on send test email back in my email client. I can see a new ses email. If you don t see yours make sure to check your spam folder now let s go back to the ses console.


And send another test email this time i m going to select raw format. I m also going to send this email to the same verified. Address. Again one thing you ll notice is that i no longer have an option to view more options in the subject field is no longer available.

These fields will need to be specified in the message box here. I m going to pay some sample formatted text for this email. Notice that i m specifying. My subject.

Within the message field here at the top. This is also where you would specify some of the other options. We saw earlier under more options now let s go ahead and send this test email in my email client. I now have the new test email and when i open it you can see that the text has been formatted just like we specified back in the ses console.


Let s take a look at sending statistics. The first thing you ll notice is the big blue text box. Telling us that this ses account currently has sandbox access to start sending emails without the sandbox limitation. You will need to click on request a sending limit increase then you ll need to fill out this form to submit a new case.

I m not going to go through that here if we scroll down the sending statistics page some more we have some stats related to our sending limit so we can see how we re doing on our current. Sending limit. I have a few sent emails in here from testing for this video. But i can see i m well under my 200 emails per 24 hour period.

A little further down. We can see some ses metrics. That will show the number of emails delivered rejects bounces and complaints and that s how to send email using amazon simple email service thanks ” ..


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