How to Update Fitbit Firmware

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“I m max dalton and in this video. I m going nto talk through how how to update your fitbit device s firmware. Fitbit is regularly rolling out firmware updates. Address bugs and improve performance in its lineup of health.

Tracking devices. Including nthe charge. Flex alta surge and blaze among others you won t be notified of updates on your specific nfitbit device. But you can check for download and install updates in the fitbit app on your npaired smart device the process to update your fitbit device generally ntakes about 10 minutes and now let s walk through the steps to update nyour fitbit device step.


1 install the fitbit app on your apple or android nsmart device the app is available for free step 2 position your fitbit device so that it s within nthree feet of your apple or android smart device step. 3. Launch. The fitbit app.

If you ve recently updated the app or haven t nopened it. In some time you may be prompted to log in with your fitbit account. If you forgot the password associated with nyour. Fitbit account.


There s a link in the description to a video that will help you nreset. It you ll arrive at your fitbit home screen after nlogging in you ll see a progress bar. Start moving across nthe top of the home screen immediately after landing there that illustrates the status nof your fitbit device syncing with the app step. 4.

After the sync is complete you ll see a message nappear to the right of the image of your device. Along the top of the screen that an update nis available tap the name of your device at the top of nthe screen. You ll arrive at the information screen for nyour device. A red bar appears beneath the name and image nof.


Your device. That says tap the red a message appears with instructions to keep nyour fitbit near your smart device while the update is in progress over the next 5 to 10 nminutes tap the red. The next button will change to say loading nand. A progress bar will display directly beneath.

It showing the progress of the update installation. You ll eventually be returned to the information nscreen for your device. Where you ll now see an updating progress bar beneath the name nand image of your device. At the top of the screen.


Additionally you ll also see a progres bar ndisplayed on your device s screen step. 5. After the update is complete a dialog box nappears in the fitbit app. That tells you your device s update is complete tap congratulations.

You ve successfully updated your fitbit tracking ndevice thanks for watching click the video link on the right side of nthe screen to check out another video click the logo on the left side of the screen nto subscribe to this channel to see more great ” ..

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