How to use Skype – Beginners Guide

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“In today s video. I wanted to show you how to use skype so if if you re new to skype or walk you through some of the best option. Skype has to offer skype is basically a video an audio or a chat application and it s available for many different devices from your iphone to android phones to a desktop in this video. We ll look at the desktop version it s actually one of my favorite tools to use for video chatting and collaborating with colleagues so jump into skype comm.

It s owned by microsoft. So you ll get to this page here and you could go ahead and download skype here for your device or you could check here for the different devices that it has right here. But i already downloaded it for my mac here and once you download it again press download. It will download it here to your mac and it will open up once you finish the download process and once you launch guy for the first time you ll have to create an account.

I already have one. But if you didn t have one go ahead and create an account from scratch here this will create a microsoft account that you could use for skype. So it s gonna either ask for your phone. Number or email.

So go through the process. I already made an account here so i m gonna go ahead and click my username here and sign in and this is what the skype window looks like i want to show you some of the most important elements here on top. You re gonna have your name here. And if you click your name you could actually change your status from being active to a way or do not disturb or invisible.

So this is a important thing to know and to be able to change any time your skype username is what s underneath your name. So this is my skype..

Username right underneath my name and then underneath that it says share what you re up to if you use facebook for example. This is similar to a facebook status. So you can either type in or choose. Some of this here as your status.

So if you re in a meeting for example you could do that and it s gonna say i m in a meeting. Here. And you can see your skype profile and things. Like that underneath.

I m gonna just go ahead and click here to get out of there underneath that this is the most important things that you would do on skype. You have your chat box. Here. Your chat icon your calls your contact.

And your notification. So on their chance. These are all the different people that i chat with here and on their calls. These the people i ve had calls with on skype.

This is my contact list. So everybody that s been connected with me on skype is here and at any time on there any of these i could start a new chat call or show on by pressing this plus sign and say..

New group chat or new chat or new private conversation. Same with call. I could press and choose a call to start a new call and if i wanted to add another contact and i have their skype name. I could press contact find the people and invite them to my skype here to have a conversation with them and notification is gonna just show you some of the things about skype such as new updates here and as always it has a search option where you could search for people groups or messages all right over here.

I m gonna excited that and if you click this recent chat you could sort by different time or messages that are on red. So that s the option here that s basically everything on this side that you need to know and you could click this dot section. Here to get a dial box here where you call any number here using skype. Now this will take some credits.

So this is not the free portion of skype. But you could make calls international here very easily to any mobile device and you could get credit here for that. But if someone else is using skype. These should be all free options.

Here that you re gonna be using. So let s go ahead and start a message here so i m under the chat icon and i could always go in the middle here and start a conversation. I could always click that and search for someone to chat with but in this case. I m just gonna go under the chat icon and press.

The plus sign here to start a new chat. So i ll say new chat and then i have to choose someone i want to chat with this actually has a bot so this is a tech app bot..

I could ex i could start this conversation with a bot here and here on your messages. Take a look at some of the things that you ll be using most often type your message here. So this is obviously a simple chat box. So if i type a message here.

The other person can reply to me by doing the same thing on there this chat box. And you have a bunch of different options for sending files. Transferring money video messages and everything even sharing a location here. And when he gets sent to someone this little icon shows up that they read the message that received the message here so now they could reply back that s what s going on on the bottom.

You also have your emoji icon to choose a bunch of different emojis give stickers and so on on top these are the these are the things that i use the most you have your video icon to start a video call you could start an audio call with the telephone icon and you could add other people and make this. A group chat. So right now. It s a single chat between me and the tech app.

So as you can see this chat box. I just asked it how are you and you responded to manis typing. When it types he usually gives you this message. So now i could start the video chat.

The audio chat or turn this into a group message. These are the options..

I have and as i mentioned before i could always send it different types of files here you could even drag and drop files into this like images and pdfs and it will send it to them so that s a basic overview of using the skype app on your desktop again it s pretty much the same on windows or on mac. This is the desktop version the mobile version is a little bit different. But the same fundamental features applies so here s an incoming call coming from the video. So i could press that and start a call in this case.

I m gonna press decline here and decline that call so that s what happens when someone calls you in this case. It was the chat pod trying to contact me i hope you found this quick video useful please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for videos just like this posted every single day on this channel. And i hope to nally found out what works the best. I know there s some like pre shame oils or some of them that are like the wet to dry ones.

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