I Got a $50 iPhone 5S!

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” s up guys is ivf of a heated amex. The brand new video for you you all and today. We are doing an unboxing of the iphone 5s from walmart basically. If you didn t know straight talk is doing this like sale thing.

Where they are selling a 16 gigabyte. I phone 5s that is refurbished for 50 dollars. Just fifty dollars flat out is locked to their carrier of course. I don t care cuz.

It s an iphone 5s refurbished for 50 dollars. It s dirt cheap it just came in today. I got the phone. The day the sale started my friend liamri vac go subscribe to his channel link his channel down below.

He messaged me screaming lucas. There s a sale for the iphone 5s for 50 by walmart and he sent the link to me. And i just literally screamed and just bought it i think around a lot of you guys have been asking me about it and stuff. Which yes.

I did buy it i bought the white model. So let s begin opening this thing because i want to see this phone hopefully i can do an actually good job at opening this phone one of these days. I need a new table just for pure unboxings because i can t unbox stuff for i just can t i just can t for whatever reason. So we can just kind of break this open.

So. Here is um..

I want to give you guys a very good and detailed view of this so that way you guys can actually see what s inside the box. So we ll open this up. We ll open this up and of course. We have our little like paper here.

And it comes inside another box here. So we ll set that to the side and oh. That s the phone obviously this is the details of it straight talk prepaid apple iphone 5s 16 gigabyte cdma smartphone 4999 but with everything it cost it 349 so overall this phone is just dirt cheap its refurbished. And i am really excited we can move this box off to the side because we don t really need it anymore.

This is the main attraction. I am actually curious to know if this phone comes with the original box or not so we re about to find out so we re going to open up from this side. And then open. Oh.

This is upside down for make a. Oh it comes with some 90 day warranty. Nice. It doesn t look like it ll come with the original box.

I don t care if it doesn t let you know nope. It doesn t but here it is of course this i should probably not show that s just more documentation for the phone. So here is the 5s of course. So we ll we ll look at that later we also get the charger which i will be using most likely soon some earpods which i will most likely be using soon and the charger.

So good stuff really alright so the phone looks to be already opened up so we can just slide this out. This phone is actually in really good condition..

Guys say. Oh i want to look at the screen. Here. Yeah.

It s perfect really i love it let s turn it on and see what ios version it s running. I m sure it s not set up yet but i m liking this this thing is beautiful so far geez here is the moment. We ve been waiting for get started. So.

It s running ios. 10. Um. Let s let s look in.

Here i m actually really curious to know what this must be. 103. Yeah. Oh no i was wrong.

Ten point three point. One okay. So i can t jailbreak it whatever i don t really care. I m just going to probably put ios 11 on this thing.

The beta test it still don t know i m going to do exactly. Though..

Now. I know this phone is technically network locked to straight talk. But one of my viewers is wondering if i could at least try and put in my sim card since i do use verizon they were just wondering since they have verizon what would happen if i put inside my verizon sim card into the straight talk phone. So i ll do this on video just for you and anyone else.

That s really wondering if they can if they have a verizon carrier. I ll do the favor for you so here. We can just pull out folks to be just a generic sim card. This focus is really bad when it comes.

These tiny little things so there s the generic sim card. We can go ahead and just put this in there my focus doesn t love me. Anymore okay put that sim card in and we can see what happens at least right. Let s see let me turn the phone on no sim art.

No service. Okay activation required dismiss get started eh. Oh. No all right well that s what it does okay so those of you that wondered what would happen when you put the verizon sim in it just does that it just doesn t let you use the phone.

Without we re with that center with a verizon sim. So i guess i can t use this as a main phone. Which i m kind of okay with okay well that is the 50 iphone 5s here refurbished. It s actually in a really good condition.

I know the camera doesn t show all of its beauty. But perfectly good condition..

I put a little mark there it s just dirt. I m assuming right there pull out there on here already it s already getting dirty in my hands screens in perfectly good condition. The whole phone works fine really i love this phone. Thank you guys for watching hope.

You enjoyed and i know a lot of you guys were begging. Me to get a new iphone 5s at some point. So we got a 5s back in here. And don t worry i will be installing ios 11.

Beta on this phone just to give it a shot you guys are begging me to try out ios 11. And 10 and all this stuff so don t worry i will be doing videos on ios 11. And maybe 10. I m still deciding if i want to keep this thing on 10 or 11.

When the official ios 11 comes out still exciting. So i might do a video poll about that but thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed and go ahead and follow my instagram and twitter. If you d like is at the apple buyer no spaces. They ll be in the left corner of the video.

Thank you again and ” ..

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