I Played on ALL 8 Servers (EASIEST servers to win on)

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“Guys we have a problem for tonight is way too sweaty right now i ve ve noticed lately that it s hard for a lot of people to catch a so i thought why don t we just explore the other servers and see how skilled everybody is there so i went into all eight different servers in every region and i played to see if i could catch a win on anything else hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you do don t forget to like and subscribe also if you are not using a supporter creator code feel free to use code sends in the forty ninth item shop it does help me out a lot hash tag and let s get into it okay. So the proof how sweaty these games are we re gonna start on na east. Which is the server.

I usually play on i typically get around thirty ping on na east average already let s drop holly hedges. I m feeling holly hedges looks like we got a couple people coming here it should be okay. Though. Oh.

My goodness full shield off the bat was good hashtag. Blessed. My god. This loop ai.

N t too bad the first i could do about that okay maybe i just suck. But we are going to na west next all right well we re chilling around 90 ping right now that s bad. I can only imagine. It s gonna get worse from here as we get further and further away from the us.

Okay. Let s go somewhere a little. More low key. Oh yeah look at that perfect drop.

Let me show. You guys a little secret about this house. We have two barrels here you have all these barrels. And you ll get 100 shield.

No potions needed and down..

Here. There s only 37 left easy close make that 36. Am. I right now haha alright.

What s just a little bit easier alright only 15 left we got this. Easy. Easy. Oh.

My god look at my mat. 6. 9. 6.

7. 6. 9. Nice here fighting mmm supply drop.

Is it worth. It. I think. It is i m dead oh alright so we ve tried any east.

We ve tried na west with no luck. We re going to europe alright. So my things that about a hundred right now let s see this is just about as bad as in a wasp or some horrible and let s go to dirty dirty docks. I ve actually played on eu servers quite a lot and i don t do horrible.

No guns hello..

There not a single gun in here. What there s not one gun. Thank you are you kidding me that one doesn t count i m not done with you europe got shotgun this time. Oh.

I was gonna say dude. No freakin way don t mind me just sitting. In some bathwater. Oh get one palm.

It s let s go get a cheeky start third party here. I come should i push it should i push it push you servers are actually not that bad okay. I m actually a laser. Oh no way no way.

I m winning this fight. I m happy no way no. Way. I.

Close. This no way. I have another med kit dude. Oh oh.

It s sticking for two. Now. Oh. I don t know if i made it there s another med kit.

Though how lucky am i getting right now i m gonna make it i m actually gonna make it there s absolutely no way..

Oh my god i can t build. I can t build or waterfall top six ooh. I see a purple p9 someone s in the house. Not anymore can t believe i m still alive.

No way. I m going to talk to and will not lose killick yes. I m the eu player. I am the gee gees.

We are moving on to oceania servers let s see what it s like all right. I m sitting a little above 200 ping. We actually did manage to find a full lobby. This is a very delayed like a very delayed.

I don t think anybody landed retail would be the fully stacks got full shoe everything s looking good to go here. All building is just not an option. Oh my god they re so bad they re so bad. But i can t shoot or build or do anything on time all right we re gonna push this guy.

Oh. My god i can t hope anything no way. Give. Me heals or give me death heals.

Oh. No what did i do i shouldn t have gone this way. There s bandages. Oh.

I m nuts for one ton..

Okay. If i was on a decent thing. I would have had that easily next is brazil we are on brazil i m between 130 and 150 ping right now we re gonna land sweaty sands. My goal is just to get one kill the thing is roughly the same if not more actually we re at 160 let s try weeping woods.

I haven t gone. Weeping woods. Yet hey. It was a vibe.

I haven t seen more bills and months can i get a shot. Thank you that was definitely oh. This is how it ends no way you there holt have to wait over predict my shots. No no no no no no no sir oh.

It s a sweat other than that guy that server was pretty cake so we re on our last server. Which is middle east. This is most likely gonna have the highest paying. So it s gonna be the most difficult as we go into this last match i just want to reflect on the previous servers.

We played on obviously if we re being real na east is the sweatiest na west. I think the skill is a little lower. But the ping was harder to plan you use servers. Obviously we were able to catch a dub on and everything after that the ping is just ridiculous.

But don t believe the lobbies populated as much so there s more bots and the skill gap is a little greater also if you guys did make it this far. Please drop a like if you enjoyed and subscribe so you know when i upload and i find something i they re gonna shut them please they do just gonna pop this mini pop this fool in his face 33 white sir wow. ” ..


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