iPHONE 6 PLUS Vs iPHONE 6S PLUS On iOS 12! (Speed Comparison) (Review)

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“Is going on everyone so it s been a minute since i did a comparison comparison and i m actually completely lying. It s only been like a couple days. Even a day did i just did the google pixel three excel ones like yesterday. But i want to do a quick comparison pretty much between the iphone 6 plus and the iphone 6s plus and the way this is gonna work out i go over some of the specs.

The camera all that stuff and i m gonna do a speed test and kind of do a little follow up like round up some up of the video basically and tell you which is going on now realistically. I think the iphone 6s plus is a much better phone than the six plus let s just see how much better. It is now if you want to skip to the speed test. I ll put the screen up i ll put a time up right now so you can skip to it go realize.

If you want to go to it. But you enjoy the rest of the video. If you want it s gone now in terms of both they pretty much feel exactly the same in the hand the iphone 6 plus in the 6s plus. Really are the same exact body same exact screen.

Size. Same as x screen type. And pretty much everything. The same now some of the main changes are actually with an inside.

But in terms of what they look like they look exactly the same now one thing with the 6s plus. Though is that it does technically have better aluminum. So it is built better than the six plus. If you guys remember the six plus had been acade and all those types of problems.

But it is fixed on the 6s plus. So it s not gonna bend as easily now if you want you can easily bend this thing with like your bare hands. But the six plus you can even see this one s a little bit. I just realized i m assuming i don t know if you can tell or not.

But this phone is actually bent that s crazy. I did not know that like right here. I don t know if you can see that or not oh. My you can even feel the screen.

That s pretty crazy dude. I mean i m kind of sad about it it just really show up that wall in the camera. But in real life it really looks pretty bent and that s pretty much what was happening i didn t know it was even up to here. But it usually was the center of the devices that was bending.

I m not gonna bend this one. But the 6s plus is supposed to be a little bit better in terms of it. So. That is a good sign.

They both came out a year after each other the 6s and the 6s plus. Actually share the same specs. Just like the 6 plus in the 6 regular version in terms of just the specs inside. But there s a humongous difference between these two though now one cool thing that the iphone 6s plus.

Actually brought was forced touch and a lot of people are gonna say oh for such isn t cool they did to this not and they removed it on the iphone 10 are for no reason. But i use it all the time especially on an iphone like this you re able to force touch into the side to get into multitasking. Obviously you can get into more panels of an app into the settings. If you want to force touch on that you can get into all these different things as well.

And i really like that and i don t know why they took it out on the iphone 10 or i say it in every single comparison iphone video. I do the absence of it on the iphone six plus isn t that horrible. I will say as much as i hate to admit it you can still use the phone. The phone is still completely usable.

It s just a little bit of an annoyance. I mean some things that you might want to do like you can t force such on the side. You can t force it on an app. If you re going to messages or something like that and you can hold it down.

But you can t force it into an app and you can t force such into messages. Things that quickly text back to people. So it is kind of an annoyance and i mean. It s really up to you that is a completely hardware thing.


Though. I heard there were jailbreak tweaks that allows you to actually get into for such and stuff. But i don t know how accurate that was but then again this is older phone. So it s really up to you i don t want to bash.

The six plus because that came out before for such was even made. But it is what it is but just know there is a difference between those two in terms of that. But the funny thing is in terms of software. I was not expecting this a lot of people might say oh they look the same so they re going to be the same.

But they re not the iphone 6s plus will last you longer than these six plus and what i mean by that is i probably would not recommend people to get a six plus right now. But i would completely recommend people to get a 6s plus. And it s not even that crazy of a statement. Just because it isn t there and stuff like that but i still think the success plus is an amazing phone.

It s still a great phone. It s not amazing. It s not like out of this world. But one thing to remember is that the iphone 6 plus did come out of here earlier so because of that the iphone 6 plus is pretty much going to be done on ios 12.

It s not going to get any more software updates. Which is kind of sad. But it s kind of a given you guys should expect it but the iphone 6s plus. Though it s still going to get one more version of ios.

So it s still going to get ios. 13. It s going to get all the ios 12. And it s going to get all the ios 13.

Now depending on how bad. I was 13 is they could go and actually extend it out a little bit longer. I don t know the possibility of that they have a tendency of doing it sometimes with the iphone 5s they extended it but with the 6s plus. I could see it honestly if i was 13 as bad or if they want to keep it longer they could because the iphone 6s plus.

Honestly like is not slow at all usually they stop supporting devices if they re slow or whatever the 5s definitely is not being supported the iphone 6 plus is definitely not being supported all those phones have one gigabyte of ram. But with an iphone like the iphone 6s plus. I could totally see them extending it it s really up to them. But really in terms of that the 6s plus.

Whichever way you look at it is still going to last you longer in terms of software updates than the iphone 6 plus. Now in terms of the camera sensors we have an 8 megapixel camera on the iphone 6 plus and a 12 megapixel camera on the iphone 6s plus. Now believe it or not every single iphone. Even the newer ones.

All have 12 megapixel sensors. So they actually haven t increased that size. Which is okay because those cameras are much better than this but the iphone 6s plus camera is not bad at all it s actually very very decent. I ll tell you one thing the iphone 6 plus one huge disadvantage of it was that you weren t able to shoot 4k videos on it which honestly in 2014.

Not a lot of people were shooting 4k on it. But it s still like one cool thing to have it s a nice thing to have we were able to shoot 1080p at 60 frames per second. But that s pretty much it where s on the 6s plus. Because of the extra megapixels not only does it support oh is what s these six plus also supports.

But you were able to shoot 4k at 30 frames per second and 1080p at up to 120 frames per second. So that is a pretty big advantage. My opinion so in terms of both the 6s plus is still very very good the 6 plus isn t horrible. But i would say the 6s plus is definitely at least like a seven and a half out of ten or even at like a seven out of ten to seven a half out of ten.

The 6 plus is probably like a 5 and a half out of 10 and including the front cameras the iphone 6 plus had a 12. Megapixel camera the iphone 6s plus has a 5 megapixel camera and in terms of both i mean just from the megapixel count alone. I would still assume the iphone 6s plus is better. But honestly like i don t really see that much of a difference.

I mean they re both pretty decent. But i would still prefer these 6s plus just because of the more megapixels and because of those more megapixels. You re able to shoot 1080p on the front camera on the 6s plus. Where you re not able to do that on these 6 plus.


Now in terms of the performance and the app opening speeds and everything we ll go ahead and do those in a second. But let me just run through the specs with you real quick the iphone 6. Plus had the apple a8 chip a dual core cpu clocked at 14. Gigahertz.

And one gigabyte of ram with the iphone. 6s. Plus had the apple a9 chips that a dual core cpu cut to 18. 4.

Gigahertz and 2 gigabytes of ram. And in my opinion. I already am going to assume the 6s plus is going to nail the 6 plus out of the water. But you have to remember that the iphone 6 plus.

Only had one gigabyte of ram. I think the iphone 5 and have one gigabyte of ram so that is a very low amount and ios device in my opinion should have at least 2 gigabytes of ram. And if you have 2 gigabytes of ram you pretty much future proof yourself. But i m kind of curious you know this is more so than just a comparison between a 6 plus and a 6s plus.

This is a good person between a 1 gigabyte of ram and 2 gigabytes of ram. So let s actually see how they perform so we have the 6 plus on this side and the 6s plus on this side. And i might actually move the camera around or actually hit this for that. But it s all good.

The content is still the same so let s go ahead and make sure everything is clear down in the back. So i got a close one out ok. I cleared out both of them all apps should be updated as you can see real racing. 3.

Is still the same on both so let s go ahead and load up some simple apps. Let s go under the camera. 3 2. 1.

Ok. I don t know i made a really weird sound. Maybe. The 6 plus.

6s. Plus. Was faster. Let s do photos.

3. 2. 1. Ok.

I think i might have been uneven in the clicking them must have calendar 3 2. 1. Definitely faster on the iphone 6 plus. 6s plus.

Sorry let s do male 3 2. 1. Again much faster. And that s really like pretty crazy.

My opinion. Let s do maps 3 2. 1. Again much faster on the iphone 6s plus.

And now we re kind of seeing the speed. I guess in the beginning. It was a little rocky a su. O clock.


3. 2. 1. Again.

I can see that it. Opened up a little bit. Faster on the iphone. 6s plus.

Let s do weather 3 2. 1. Again it just opens it up like immediately on the iphone. 6s.

Plus. Let s go ahead. And do stocks. 3 2.

1. Again just gets right into it even though. This is still loading and stuff. I ll go ahead and redo it too just so you guys don t think i m trying to be biased.

Or anything else who stocks again 3 2. 1. And again as you can see it gets right into it pretty cool stuff. Let s do notes.

3 2. 1. It gets like immediately almost not immediately. But it loaded up faster.

Those reminders. 3 2. 1. Ok kind of glitch on both.

But oh that was a close one. I don t really know which one was faster. But you guys will be able to see it let s do news 3 2. 1.

And of course. I gotta get that thing in it. But i will reload both of them so we can get a little bit more of a 2 news again 3 2. 1.

As you can see much faster and like i said both of these are in the same. Version they re both on ios 12 twelve point 01. For that matter let s do itunes store three two one come on okay faster on the iphone 6s plus. Surprisingly i didn t think i was ever gonna a little bit okay let s do app store three two one again much faster on the iphone 6 plus 6s plus.

I keep getting is confused let s do ibooks three two one okay faster on the iphone 6s plus. Again and still took a while to load on the iphone 6 plus let s go ahead and do it s going to move to the second page you guys already know the 6s plus is gonna beat it let s do the watch app. Three two one and the iphone 6s plus beat set yet again no surprise. There let s go ahead and do real race.

Let s go to twitter three two one yep 6s plus beats it again this one takes a while to load up it s a even the same page. It s pretty crazy let s go snapshot three two one again faster on the iphone. 6s plus. Let s go ahead.

And do facebook three two one again faster. The one extra gigabyte of ram is pretty insane. I would say and also the chipset those are youtube s three to one now. I think i m already logged in here.


I don t honest i don t know but you know it s already technically loaded. Yeah. Okay you can see that it s already loaded on the iphone 6s plus. Where wasn t on the iphone 6 plus.

Let s do fruit ninja three two one hopefully i don t get any pop ups here. I just download. It always get it like such an annoying pop up let s just see what happens no we good all right okay. It s on this one okay.

But you can see this one loaded up way faster than this one and this is like a very basic game. It s not like extremely heavy or anything like that and you can see how choppy. It is on here now much smoother was on that one not slowed up real racing 3 3. 2.

1. Now. This is gonna be pretty interesting because this is a pretty having intensive game. And you can see we re already ahead on this one and i pretty sure we re gonna load up into the game.

Faster on this one as well now i think i m further in this game than in this game. So technically speaking this one my booted swim faster. But you can see through the loading screen. Oh this won t even be that but i think i was already in this game.

Which is pretty interesting just because that one is so much faster you can see like the difference. Here like this one is like miles ahead of this one no pun intended i know they re driving cars. But no i m not trying to like but okay now this one s fully into the game. This one was into the game once a car booted up so pretty insane stuff.

I m pretty happy about it. Let me show you guys the multi core score real quick. Three two one. I don t know why i did that but so we have a multi core score.

I ll wait until this one is but this one s. Okay so we have a t. 1000. 1 or 60 on here and 100007 and 17 on the iphone 6s plus.

So overall the iphone 6s plus is going to be faster. But one little sad thing i want to note. Though is that even though this iphone 6s plus is better overall. I would say technically speaking the iphone 6 plus does kind of have better battery life than the iphone 6s plus.

And it s not because it s like better at software management or anything like that it s literally just because the iphone 6 plus has a bigger battery and the 6s plus. Which is kind of sad. But i think it s definitely okay too i mean the 6s plus is definitely a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion than these 6. Plus.

You should definitely consider getting a 6s plus than the 6 plus. And yeah. I mean you can see from here not only from the speed perspective. But literally just unlike everything features camera everything.

It s like awesome. And that is pretty much it i will leave a link in the description for 6s plus. If you want to pick it up i would definitely recommend picking a success plus up over a 6 plus. But yeah.

That s pretty much it if you have any questions or anything like that leave it down in the comment section below hit that like button that ll mean so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber. We get really does counsel me so much you guys could hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter. My instagram my second channel oaf alpaca. I do a lot more ios comparison so if you guys like this type of video to almost 99 like the videos on my other channel as well so definitely check that out but more importantly than everything else i love every single one of you guys hopeful guides you guys in the next video peace all day long ” .


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