Kuina s Death Confirmed? One Piece Vivre Card #2

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“And welcome to the ground line review your source for everything one piece. So it it s been a while since we ve done one of these. But today we going to be continuing our exploration into the obscure and detailed world of one piece by covering the second half of the vivia card starter set once again all credit goes to the library of ohhara for the translation. The link to which will be in the description below.

But let us commence the session with the ephah memorable karinna now i find it odd that we didn t actually know this already. But her card reveals that she was 11 years old at the time of her death. But on a more intriguing note. The card does in fact mark kawena as officially dead.

I take special note of that because there are a ton of theories and thoughts out there that do concern kawena being alive and possibly being too shaggy and you d think this piece of information might settle that argument once and for all. But sadly it kind of doesn t the main problem being that data books have been known to lie to us in the past. As data. Book green stated that sabah was indeed dead.

Which was of course prior to his reintroduction series. So just because queen is mark dead. Here. Does not mean that she may not be alive later on also her favorite food was milk and fried eggs fun as for her father kosher oh.

He is fifty years old and was born on the 4th of may better. Known as star wars. Day his favorite food is eating watermelons. Which is more of an action than a favorite food.

But specifically eating watermelons beside the dojo. Though so consuming watermelons under any other condition may be highly unacceptable. Although. The main point of interest for koshiro is that his place of origin was not shemanski village.

Where his dojo is but rather somewhere else in east blue. Which is very interesting because it would imply that he is not from juana as many popular theories may be thinking at the moment. Speaking of intriguing origin..


So apparently buggy the clown was born somewhere in the ground line. Which i guess makes a lot of sense. Because he was recruited on rogers journey. Then again so was shanks and he s from west blue.

So i suppose buggy just stayed in east blue after rajas execution. Then for a whole 22 years and this might sound crazy. But all memes aside it really does make me wonder. If there was a point.

Where buggy was actually decently. Powerful and living the easy life in east blue for 20 years. Just made him incredibly soft well so i should know this is buggy spree. Time skip card.

So it doesn t feature anything about being a warlord or the pirate dispatch squad. Instead it gives us much much more important information being the buggies favorite food is hotdogs om nom nom nom nom moving to buggies crew. We have mr. Mochi who was 29 years old the same age as me recording this video currently and seeing where he is in life versus.

Where i am in life definitely makes me feel that a little bit better about my life choices. Also his favorite food is pickles. Who does that unlike. His captain emerges home is somewhere in east blue.

And he is surprisingly tall comprising 197 centimeters and finally merges card also confirms that he does not have a bounty mojo sign ritchie also gets his own feature. But the only new information. We learn about him is that his favorite food is meat. No particular kind of meat style of cooking or favored side dishes.

Just plain old meat. His side has also stated being around 2 meters purposely vague. I guess because he s a very very inconsistent kitty when it comes to his size in the series rounding out the buggy pirates is kobashi and while this is not new information..


He is listed as the chief of staff of the buggy pirates. Which i did not know so hey. That s cool. He is 34 years old once again making me feel great about my life choices.

And he also hails from east blue with his favorite food being delicious popcorn. Very carnival like actually all of the buggy pirates seemed to favor carnival food except for pickle dude. And here. We also have mayor boudoir.

Who loves salmon and is apparently 75 years old. That s actually way older than. I thought. He was and makes me feel even worse about that one time where luffy smashed his head into a wall.

Although. I do have to say all the respect in the world for a 75 year old man who decided to stand up to a bunch of pirates on his own. But you know who s even older shoo shoo well in dog years anyway. Sure shu is 14 years old which equates to about 78 years of age.

And some interesting facts about shoo shoo apparently he has no blood type because he s a dog. Which is odd. I always thought the dogs had blood. But i guess i was wrong also you ll never guess what his favorite food is it s dog food alright.

Now we moved to a section on characters who weren t deemed important enough to receive their own card. So they very much have more condensed data files and we find ourselves starting with whoops up and wouldn t you know it we didn t learn a single new thing about him so we re going to slap him with the boring stamp. The lord of the coast also makes an appearance here and the main thing we learn about him is that his birthday is on september 14th. And it s really nice to know that sea kings have birthdays.

I can just imagine them gathering for a little get together with party hats and ice cream cake. Then there s an joe who is one of the pirates present for rogers execution. And one of many who was very much moved and inspired by his words interestingly enough..


He also shares a birthday with the pirate king being january 1st. Now as for one of my personal favorite characters covered in this edition. Its mon star. Spelt mo n.

St. Ar. Rather than monster. So if you look very carefully.

This is the guy who is with the red hair pirates in quino s bah. But it turns out he s from east blue. So it would seem that at some stage redhead paris just came across him. And he joined right or no.

It s unconfirmed. If this is the same monkey. We ve seen with them in more modern times. But it s extraordinarily likely also his birthday is on november 21st the very same day as alleged singer carly rae jepsen going a bit more obscure there are two characters from fuchsia village.

Detailed here being gillard the fishmonger and chicken his wife who quote unquote helps him at the shop. Neat. They were both born on the 7th of march and the 8th of february respectively. And while no age was given.

I m going to go ahead and say old moving along and we have three characters who you re all probably quite familiar with and the names were actually reeled in a previous start a book blue. I think it was but i d long since forgotten all of that so here we have epic or epic. Or and public. Oh and what the via card data book reveals is that these fine gentlemen and they were all born on september 2nd in east blue getting close to the end now.

But we have some new information on sorrow. Who if you ve forgotten was helmut as pet wolf that zorro killed in chels. Now and the whole reason..


Why he was imprisoned on the wood thing so there you go if anybody ever says that nobody dies in one piece before ice let s all just remember this innocent. Yet ravenous and very dangerous wolf and just a side note on that very interestingly in the manga. Sora gets slashed. You know like a swordsman might deal with something but in the enemies are actually throws a stool at him and well that s apparently enough to end soar.

Which is a death. Sir ridiculous. It s almost as bad as someone being killed by falling down some stairs in any case. What was at the point of the skin.

All right sora was born on november 22nd in east blue. But he doesn t have a birthday anymore due to the whole death thing and finally we have the incredibly obscure mickey. Oh. Ito.

The man who has only ever appeared in wanted posters worth a whopping 1 million yen. That s right not barry as this guy is actually worth 1 million yen this is because mickey o ito is a real person and was an assistant with oda on the manga series verona kenshin. But the new information revealed about him in vivier card is that his birthday is on march 26. Which i guess may or may not be his real life birthday and his hometown is east blue.

But that pretty much does it for this edition of one piece vivia card. If you enjoyed this video and the content. This channel produced in general and please do consider donating to the ground line review patreon because the support of all of your amazing people is what continues to make this channel possible also do check out my teespring store. If you re interested in shirts.

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This has been the grand line review. And i ll see you ” ..

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