LG TV 32 inch 2019 32LM620BPUA LED 720p Smart with HDR 32LM62 model number

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” s it going here we got the lg tv 32 inch 2019 model here is is the box has a hdr technology model number right there as you could see here this is a remotely come voice also you re able to use the magic root from the lg tv. But you are not able to use a pointer. Because it s not compatible with this tv. Other than that you could raise the volume.

The magic remote which original remote that it came was this one this is just from the other tv. We have as you can see we also control it the apps. If you want to go on disney click on it another unique feature about this tv is it s white other than um just standard black or silver gray from the edges. As you can see now for some gameplay.

But before i get to the gameplay. I ll show you the back of the tv sides of the tv..

All that stuff the bottom here is the power and off button. She could see he could control this volume. All i gotta do is hold it for this minion to pop up so to move it you just press on it and if you wanna choose the valium or ten or whatever you just hold it press and hold okay one two. There you go you have an option you could have the sound.

If you want the sound to be on when you turn on tv or turn off or you could choose to have it not make any sound all right here s the side with the tv at the leg stance on the side over here usb. 1 usb. 2. Also hdmi one.

What s the arc and to it we got. Four antenna cable..

Oh. Yes hdmi three. So practically three hdmi is on this tv. Which is really nice in case.

Any of you guys are wondering what the hdmi arced stands for is for your soundbar to hook up the hdmi to the sambar to the tv for better sound quality. No i m just gonna show you guys some gameplay. I m just learning. The bucks do all the work pert there s a nice decent tv.

If you have any kids a perfect tv for your kids. I wanna you have the standard remote that it came with you just think you got enough flicks on there amazon prime you click on this for your apps needs it to navigate do i guess yes all right..

I know there s cool feature about this tv is that this thing has a web browser on the tv so you could look up stuff on the internet now i m gonna show you the more details about this tv in a moment now if you want the full screen on here just click up here and boom drag it down like so okay so i m still on this tv here. I m showing you more details about this tv. So it s 720p 32 inch led hdtv hdr got it at best buy right. Now it s on sale for one 3999.

You save 60 bucks. There are some more details about this tv and everything you need to know it s right here. Sixty hertz and sorry looks like this and in camera. But in person you won t see all that fuzziness on this tv here are the measurements.

So here. We got the rest of the stuff and details and you know in case you guys want to know so has wi fi s obviously..

This is a smart tv. Here s the audio tech. Mots and look at that it has like five stars on it so you gotta say. It s a pretty damn good tv.

Then and now here s a running tindall switch. So you could see how the tv looks and there s a water bottle alright guys thanks for watching and uh maybe you re making up your mind if you want this tv or not i say go for it it s a great tv. ” ..


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